Friday, October 31, 2008

Strigoi Mort

A companion to Strix, Strigoi Mort is more bat themed formalwear, this time a tuxedo for the boys (or deliciously crossdressing girls). It's got...a lot of options, because I'm insane and need to be stopped. There are a number of bowtie options, there are 2 different bat ties (one more bowtie-y with flexi alphas, one with sculpt batwings) scripted to colour change white and black, and 2 skull ties in just white (since, after all, for the most formal occasions, it's white tie!), as well as the tophat also having batty bits that can be black or white. Vests and shirts (with sculpt collars and cuffs) and gloves in black or white, again so you can go uber formal if the occasion calls for it, or do some mixing for contrast. The trousers have the traditional stripe down the side in the lighter trim of the lapels, echoing the overskirt of the ballgown for Strix. 2 different tails options as well, scalloped bat wing edging, or non alpha and super pointy, and 2 different jacket cuff options. look in the contents, and there's a lot of stuff. And that's not counting all the stuff I packed up because it was maybe less useful.

Out in, you guessed it, the elephant

(Eyes as always by Miriel, Hair is Faris by Philotic Energy, skin is Alabaster Boris Black Stache Half Chop Upper Chop Lower)

The man or the monster

Frankenstein is, somewhat erroneously, used to refer to the monster of the Doctor's creation (somewhat, as, while the monster is never named, he is Victor's "son", and therefore assuming his surname is not entirely unacceptable. However, his namelessness is actually part of the point), after all, "the monster" isn't particularly descriptive to tell you which monster is being referred to, is it? Strix and Strigoi Mort aside, you have probably noticed I've been on a bit of a Monster kick this year. Comments I make about stabbing people aside (as well as desires, let's face it), I'm really not vicious enough to be a vampire, by half. I'm far more to be the tragic (handstapleforehead) and pathetic Louis type, subsisting on rats while everyone is snickering at me behind my back.

First you have the Doctor, the archetypical Creator, Victor Frankenstein. Victor's gotten the short end of the stick in characterization over the years. He wasn't mean, or evil, he was, simply, young and stupid. Afraid of death, to the point of obsession, barely more than a teenager- and we all know how stupid we were when we were young. You think you can live forever, even when you really know you can't, the reality hasn't really sunk in. He had lofty dreams for this creation of his, to be an Adonis...and instead was greeted by an abomination. Any creator knows that crushing defeat when you look at what you've done...and it's _not_ good. And, after all, this was his first attempt, he'd not learned from trial and error how to achieve his goals.

Mind you, when we're talking resurrecting the dead, trial and error takes on a bit more weight than when it's simply painting over a canvas, or throwing away a sheet of paper (or dragging a Photoshop file into the trash). Even those not actively making things for Second Life, you're still in the position of Victor, you've created this avatar, this other creation. Now, our creations, they don't have "souls", free will, the ability to wander off without us. We haven't given them life yet, as that's so much harder. But is it really such a bad thing to aspire to?

The other creation is, of course, the procreation of the species. Victor created himself a son, just not really under traditional methods. But just as real children have their own minds, and don't always do what we want, the Monster had its own feelings upon its creation. Not that it helped that it was shunned at birth- but then, that happens to "real" children too upon occasion. And they usually don't look kindly upon it either.

Of course, Victor's rejection was a bit different from just an unfit parent- he was looking at a creature that was something else entirely, a travesty of nature. Add on the fact we're talking a generation not desensitized by horror movies, and you might be able to imagine his reaction. And, in truth, even in one with one, we think it seems ridiculous and silly that people panic and freak out, but that's because we know it isn't real. The lizard brain takes over when it happens to you, fight or flight or dissolve into a gibbering pile.

But in truth, I've still always been more on the side of the Creation. What can I say, I've always liked monsters. And he wasn't really evil either- he didn't really grasp right and wrong fully, he was, well, rather pissed that his dad freaked out and ran away, and while he was in the body of a full grown man, with the brain of one, he wasn't that person any more, he was a new being, born at that moment. Babies don't really get concepts we see as automatic, is it any wonder he didn't either?

The Monster is also an outsider by nature- his very appearance makes people shun him. We judge with our eyes first, even if we don't want to admit it, and, well, when you're talking an 8 foot tall monstrosity, it's a little different from "Oh, but I'm not racist!" (or "that boy in black must be a devil worshipper"). Again it's the lizard brain that says "this is not right" and tried to protect you from danger- regardless of whether there really is one, it's instinct.

After all that, is it any wonder he wasn't all sunshine and light? After all, the whole concept of death held an entirely different meaning for him as well, being a resurrected being, murder wasn't the same hurdle it would be to a mere mortal.

After all, what he wanted more than anything else, was just to not be alone in the world. Misanthropic tendencies aside, that's what most people want if they are honest with themselves, someone to share their lives with. In the book, the second creature is never finished, Victor destroys it, to not bring more of what he sees as evil into the world. The movies created the iconic Bride, as part of the classic series that cements the Monster's sympathetic side. She, of course, is horrified as well, retaining enough instinct to know what's "right" and what's "not right" in humanity, even if she is not right herself. And then, of course, there's all the _other_ subtext running through that movie (and the little people in jars).

The mythos has taken the imagery and used it in different ways, in the way that culture virally creates itself. Just like vampires, the Monster is a part of our cultural heritage, our oral history that, even though it's written down, still can change and recreate itself in strange and beautiful ways, as we all add pieces of ourselves to it.

The Monsters are our own imperfect creation, we are all flawed in our own ways, and while not all of us create, all of us were created.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boris skins, and assorted Treats!

The male counterpart of Elsa, Boris, is finally out. Same stupid overboard selection of options (although a little less this time!), same tones, same general stitchings although some of Boris' differ a tad- he also has two stomach options, for the bodies you stole that hit the gym more often.

All of the Face heads from Elsa carry over, as I rather like them, and was wearing them with my manvatar before I finished the bods (so long as I covered up!) There are also sets of 4 classic monstery heads, 2 pairs with and without hair drawn on (those all come with a mod shape for adjusting your square headishness); and a set of more general manfaces, while they can be shaved, I'm quite fond of the 'staches.

In other sp00ky jackassery, I'm suuuuure by now you've seen the ghost hunt. I'm number 3. And have a couple of pieces of furniture in it. Make sure to sit on the tables!

While you're in the elephant, you might notice the empty kitty treat bucket sitting next to the table (which is one of the tables in the ghost! That chair comes with as well). Grab yourself a treat bucket, wear it, click it. Encourage others to click your bucket. Fly brooms into walls and lakes (or maybe that's just me?), wear really silly accessories, eat candy until you're sick (and maybe drop dead. Didn't your parents teach you not to take candy from strangers?)

Also, there's a bloo pumpkin sitting at the table as well. In it there are 2 sets of lightning jewelry, and a notecard. There's a mini trick or treating across all the Schadenfreudes, there's a pumpkin at each one, and the notecard has LMs to all of them. Hop around, and get a full set. The last set is at the Trick or Treat Fair, in the 5L Unicef pumpkin- along with a set of neck bolts, and:

Yes, you too can have been the victim of medical experimentation, and be a head in a jar. Turn your AO off (walking can mess it up due to the way animations work). You may find that you want to adjust your height- if you're floating, you may want to take off your clothing layer shoes (your attachments should probably go as well really!) and make yourself a tad shorter (and/or your legs shorter), if you're embedded in the ground (which is less likely, as I'm not uber tall), adding a bit of hidden height should do the trick.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am a part of the Rezzable's Crimson Shadow show, alongside an amazing selection of other designers.

The pre party was today, the show itself is tomorrow at 2pm, I hope to see you there (ok, so _I_ may not even be there, I'm not sure yet!)- there are a bunch of really neat new designs!

My contribution is Strix, bat elements for a vampire stronghold:

There's a lot darkly romantic and seductive about the vampire. Imagine being a creature that lives forever, completely unfettered by the rules of society that keep us in check. In fact, not only do you not have to follow them, you are required, by your basic needs, to break them. You can't really care about people, truly see them as companionship, because you exist as a predator- a step higher than them in the food chain. It's a role that forces you into being a bit of a sociopath, the inability to really _care_ about how your actions impact on other people, simply as a survival mechanism.

On the other hand, you do live alongside them to a degree as one of them- so you have to put on a show of being "human", also as a survival mechanism.

You know, this really sounds a hell of a lot like my first boyfriend.

There's also a lot tragically romantic (which, well, doesn't sound like him at all) to a being that exists just outside of society, who lives forever but can't really truly touch humanity- and to have once been human, so the memory there taunts of all the things you can't have.

But, on the other hand, you're young and sexy forever, and spend your nights bringing home the cutest thing in the bar. So never seeing another sunset or being able to work a day job is not really all that bad.

(Hair: Darkchyld by Old Gravy, find them in Retrology)

Strix comes with a bat corset and matching panties, a shrug that can be worn with or without gloves extending them or the gloves alone, hotpants with a bat zipper pull that also serve for preserving your dignity with the short skirts, a garter belt with silver bat clasps, batwinged stockings, pasties shaped like little bats, capes in 2 lengths, 2 sets of wings, long glitchpants for under the ballgown skirt, the ballgown skirt scripted to adjust for sitting, 6 shorter skirts, and a heavy dose of insanity, although I think that last part is just for me.

Only available at Crimson Shadow Rezzable until November 9th.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elsa skins

I think, by now, people know I'm horribly and completely insane. If you didn't before, here's some proof for you: my new skin project. More Frankenstein's monster options than any one person could ever want. Well, ok, except kinda me, as I have a weird thing for monsters.

Face has somewhat face transplant stitching, with dramatic makeup and drawn on long angled brows and a chin dimple. I think this one is my favourite, but then, I like over the top. The stitches can also be brilliantly subtle with hair that has full coverage, just vaguely hinting from certain angles with scars along the jaw. Smile has smokey eyes and shiny vinyl lips on all but the red "Smoke" tone, with stitches making you have a bit of a gruesome smile. Lobotomy has a line of stitching where they may have removed your brain (or replaced it, you never know!), and a pastel line of makeup with smaller shiny lips. Eye has mismatched eyes (and eyebrows) with 2 tones of makeup.

There are 4 upper body options- intact (no stitches), neck (just neck stitches), chest (y-incision, spine, shoulderblade, and arm stitches), and chop (a number of semi chaotic stitches running across the torso. Chop also features no nailpolish, while the rest are shiny black). And 3 lower body options, intact (again, no stitches), leg (one set of stitches on each leg), and chop (multiple leg stitches, as well as on the bum, hip, and tummy, again no nailpolish, the rest are shiny black). All 12 body combinations are included with each head (times two, counting the fact the lower bodies come in both anatomical and "doll" options).

While the examples here show 4 tones, only the pale tone is currently available. Setting up 480 skins damn near broke me (you get 2 skins with each purchase, ladybits and no ladybits, for your wardrobe malfunctioning pleasure). There are currently a halfassed 4 demos, see: setting up skins broke me, so if you want to see something in person, ask me. Those should at least give you an idea of how it will fit your shape.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Good Doctor

The first (and we shall hope not the last, as I'm trying to get things done!) Halloween set from Schadenfreude. Because there's a little bit of mad scientist in all of us.

(skins: Schadenfreude Elsa and Boris; hair on her: Veronique, on him: unreleased and probably staying that way because it is too much of a pita to fit to different head shapes :/)

Long labcoat, short jacket, pants, gloves, assorted sculpted prim addons, goggles that flip up and down at a touch, and a pair of eerily glowing potions for your experiments.

In the elephant, in the basement.
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