Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boris skins, and assorted Treats!

The male counterpart of Elsa, Boris, is finally out. Same stupid overboard selection of options (although a little less this time!), same tones, same general stitchings although some of Boris' differ a tad- he also has two stomach options, for the bodies you stole that hit the gym more often.

All of the Face heads from Elsa carry over, as I rather like them, and was wearing them with my manvatar before I finished the bods (so long as I covered up!) There are also sets of 4 classic monstery heads, 2 pairs with and without hair drawn on (those all come with a mod shape for adjusting your square headishness); and a set of more general manfaces, while they can be shaved, I'm quite fond of the 'staches.

In other sp00ky jackassery, I'm suuuuure by now you've seen the ghost hunt. I'm number 3. And have a couple of pieces of furniture in it. Make sure to sit on the tables!

While you're in the elephant, you might notice the empty kitty treat bucket sitting next to the table (which is one of the tables in the ghost! That chair comes with as well). Grab yourself a treat bucket, wear it, click it. Encourage others to click your bucket. Fly brooms into walls and lakes (or maybe that's just me?), wear really silly accessories, eat candy until you're sick (and maybe drop dead. Didn't your parents teach you not to take candy from strangers?)

Also, there's a bloo pumpkin sitting at the table as well. In it there are 2 sets of lightning jewelry, and a notecard. There's a mini trick or treating across all the Schadenfreudes, there's a pumpkin at each one, and the notecard has LMs to all of them. Hop around, and get a full set. The last set is at the Trick or Treat Fair, in the 5L Unicef pumpkin- along with a set of neck bolts, and:

Yes, you too can have been the victim of medical experimentation, and be a head in a jar. Turn your AO off (walking can mess it up due to the way animations work). You may find that you want to adjust your height- if you're floating, you may want to take off your clothing layer shoes (your attachments should probably go as well really!) and make yourself a tad shorter (and/or your legs shorter), if you're embedded in the ground (which is less likely, as I'm not uber tall), adding a bit of hidden height should do the trick.

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