Saturday, September 21, 2019

Schadenfreude Leaf Wagashi and Halloween Persimmons

CADERU is having a game for the autumn!   Grab a HUD, play through the story, get a bunch of prizes- the website previews all the prizes as well as new releases there.  I enjoy playing the games every time, they are super charming and adorable, and I'm happy to be participating as a prize giver for the first time this game!

halloween persimmons

The Halloween persimmons come with or without witch hats (green or purple hat bands), on plates and not, and have a HUD that lets you decorate their faces with stickers of a selection of eyes, noses, and mouths.  Each is 1 land impact.

leaf wagashi

The leaf 和菓子 wagashi are your gift for completing the story- japanese sweets shaped into 2 leaves, and will temp give copies to any who touch them, also including versions of the leaves to wear or rez as decor.   Each leaf, the plate alone, and the leaves on a plate with or without a skewer are 1 land impact each.

CADERU is open until October 31 at 8am SLT.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Celestial Teacups

the heavens in a teacup

Teacups for Collabor88.  The moon in a teacup, a star in a teacup, a heart in a teacup, and the sun in a teacup.  For this release, what you see is what you get, not scripted whizbang- I've been doing poorly (which is an understatement, I've been pretty much incapacitated for about a week, unable to manage much of anything).  Scripted whatnot may be added later...but not soon.

This September at Collabor88 until October 6th!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Schadenfreude Vitra Peony Choker&Hair Flower, and Ribbons

Flowers and ribbons for Whimsical!  Translucent ribbons to tie around your neck, your wrists, and your ankles, and wire veined translucent flowers for your neck and hair.

schadenfreude vitra peonies

The hair flowers come linked together and separate pieces, so you can arrange them however works with your hairstyle.  There is also a trailing metal piece to accent in with them if you desire.  Flowers have glassy translucent petals, which you can also make solid with the HUD for a different look, or if they conflict with other alphas you are wearing.  The choker has a version with the flower to each side.

schadenfreude vitra ribbons

Ribbons tied around your neck, wrists, and ankles.  Neck ribbon has the ribbon tied on each side, wrist and ankle ribbons include left and right sides.  Ribbons can be made solid for a different look, or if you are having alpha conflict issues.

At Whimsical until September 18!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Mahina's Moon Lamps

mahina's moon lamps

Metal crescent moons, filled with crystals, made into lamps, in two versions.  The Mahina's Moon lamp is a crescent moon tilted upright, the Mahina's Moon Bowl lamp is a crescent moon on its back looking up.  6 metal options, and multiple crystals in two styles, choose from the HUD.  Touch to light and extinguish an accent light.  1 Lamp Impact each lamp at given size, and a fair bit larger.

This August at Collabor88 until September 6th!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Schadenfreude Katoributa

katoributa key

蚊取り豚 mosquito pigs for the Okinawa Summer Festival.  Traditional ceramic pig shaped incense holders, known as katoributa or kayaributa, to hold coiled incense that repels mosquitoes.  You can touch the incense to pick a colour (green is traditional, but there are other scents in other colours, as well as non mosquito repellent coiled incense), and touch the pig to light or extinguish it, with smoke rising from the eye holes.  Except for the rack, which is 2 LI, each is 1 LI.

There is also an uberpack of all of them in copy format, if you want them all/don't want to worry about losing no copy versions.

At the Okinawa Summer Festival, August 2-August 31!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Schadenfreude Fruit Smoothie Jars

fruit smoothie jars

Fruity smoothies in glass jars for SaNaRae!  A pack of 6 refreshing fruits, blended down so you don't have to chew, topped with some solid fruit so your jaw doesn't feel totally left out.  Wear or rez- they have Bento holds to carry around, or you can rez temp givers at 1 Land Impact each, for display and to let your guests join you.  The straws are texture change, with a rainbow of solid and striped options as you desire.

At SaNaRae from July 26 at 7pm SLT to August 16.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Schadenfreude Gashadokuro Sake Barrels

gashadokuro barrels

More 菰樽 sake barrels for Japonica!  A bundle of bones from a giant hungry skeleton, to choose from or assemble in a stack- set all to the same, a random mix, programmed sets, or choose each individually.  You can mix these with other sets of sake labels for even more options.  They come in a few stacks as well as single unstacked barrels, so you can line up your displays as you please.  At about .65 meters tall per barrel (a standard 4 to size, including ropes- holds 72 liters), each object is 1-2 LI, for up to 6 barrels at once.  Extra shading options included for the obsessive for more stacking- left, right, or both shadows for next to each other, top shadows for stacked under more.  Blank textures for the outer woven covering are included for making your own variations- both around the back and the front design.

And a free gift at the venue, an eyeball floating in blood in a masu cup!  For display, 1 land impact.

eyeball in masu cup

At Japonica, July 1 - July 21, Japan time.  Remember though, Japan is most of a day in the future from SLT, so it closes in the morning July 21 SLT.
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