Monday, January 20, 2020

Schadenfreude Love Choco Bows

A tasty Valentine at CADERU of bows with fake chocolate hearts and dipped strawberry centers.

Modify to size as you wish, and wear anywhere.  Find them at CADERU until February 29@7am SLT.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Schadenfreude Rose Mori Eyepatch

hair: [monso] My Hair - Daisy (morphine.janick)
collar: Hotdog - Distressed ruffle collar (haydenaragon)
tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ Vasilissa Tattoos (hyasynth.tiramisu)
eyes: {S0NG} :: Andi~ Eyes (funeral.plutonian)
head: LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Neve (mallroy.cowen)
skin: LAQ ~ Valentine skin (mallory.cowen)
body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original (siddean.munro)

For a Vulnerable round at Collabor88, a rose eyepatch. Texture change with 24 assorted colours of roses to choose from, pluswhite, black, pink, and red roses each with edges of silver, gold, and rose gold; pearl, coloured, and metal skulls; and a few metal options for the chains.  Plain options with just the roses without the dangling skulls and chains are included, as are options for either eye, and a few choices of optional chain to strap it around your head for easier editing for a more exacting fit, if you find your head shape doesn't work out of the box.

This January at Collabor88 until February 6th!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Schadenfreude Juunishi Ice Cream

hair: KMH F127(kumibou.mayo) at Japonica
outfit: AGATA mode Hana Kimono (sora.tatham) at Japonica
hand: *katat0nik* (sick girl2+ / Slink / LT) BENTO Prosthetic Hand (katat0nik.pidgeon)
skin: [Luv:Ya] SARANG skin (banilacoco.francois)
eyes: {S0NG} :: Eyes (funeral.plutonian)
head: *6DOO* Human mesh head HUCI-01 (ondo.mode)
body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original (siddean.munro)

Happy year of the rat!  At the Okinawa New Year Festival, ice creams molded into the shapes of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.  All ice creams have a bento pose to be worn in left or right hand (attach to the hand you prefer and they will pop into place), or rez at 1 LI each.  You can also find a free rat cookie, for the year of the rat, there.

Find then at the Okinawa New Year Festival until January 12.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Schadenfreude Kagami Nezumi and Kagami Mochi

Japonica is open for a winter new year round!  It is the year of the rat coming up, so a couple of rats are posing as the traditional lucky kagami mochi...replacing the mochi, kagami nezumi.  1 LI each piece, includes the rats in the offering tray, the two rats holding the orange separately, and the offering tray 三宝 and paper 四方紅 , together and separately.

The more traditional take is available as well, proper 鏡餅 kagami mochi.  Again 1 LI each for the stacked mochi and orange in or out of the offering tray, plus paper and tray, so you can set up different options if you desire.

Find them at Japonica until January 12 7am SLT.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Schadenfreude Sweater Piglets

This Year of the Boar, I'm bookending with piglets.  They started the year in Japanese kimono, and are ending the year comfy cozy in sweaters at the Okinawa Christmas Festival.

Like the kimono piglets, you can carry them around with you, or rez them at 1 LI each (and scale them up some and they still stay at 1 LI- they are a bit small at given for ease of carrying!)  Also like the kimono piglets, you can touch them and pick a pig coat- pink piggy, white with black heart shaped spots, or stripey little baby boar.

There is also a little free gift of jewelry at my booth (for you, not your piglet.  I do not condone piercing little piglet ears).

Okinawa Christmas Festival is open until December 26.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Schadenfreude Cozytime Mugs


Mugs of warm drinks for staying in, Snug as a Bug, at Collabor88.  The peppermint cocoa mug is full of a pepperminty white hot chocolate, and has a mug with raised hearts in 10 colours.  The apple cider mug has scooped up some of the spices added, and has a mug with raised stars in 10 colours.  Mugs can use each other's mug HUDs- so the peppermint cocoa can have stars, and the apple cider can have hearts, if you prefer.

Each include 2 versions- one with a bento hold to carry around with you, and one to rez at 1 Land Impact that will give temp rez mugs (in a random colour) to hold to anyone.

This December at Collabor88 until January 6th!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Schadenfreude Curled Ornament Tree

Wire ornament display trees for SaNaRae!  Each tree is 1 LI, there are versions with and without a few ball ornaments to get you started.

curled ornament trees

There are three styles of tree to choose from- a wall mounted version, and two tabletop styles, one with an extra base and one without using the bottom row to stand on.  Each is 1 land impact at given size.  There are distressed and shiny metal options for the trees, as well as a number of painted colours in brights and pastels.  The ornaments have two sets of textures with colour options- a matter style and a shinier style.

And a gift waiting you in my snowman!  Join the free SaNaRae group, and click the snowman for a reindeer piglet.  To carry or rez at 1 land impact each, touch for texture change options of piggie pink, heart shaped spotted, and stripey baby boar.

reindeer piglets

At SaNaRae from November 26 at 11pm SLT to December 16.
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