Thursday, March 8, 2018

Schadenfreude Carnivorus Plants in Animal Skulls

carnivorous plants

Hand drawn carnivorous plants in animal skulls to keep in your greenhouse for Collabor88.  Each skull comes in bleached and a bit yellowed, with an insect eating plant potted in a hole cut in the cranium.  The Felis (cat) skull has a Dionaea muscipula (Venus flytrap- touch it and one of the traps will close!), and the Equus (horse) skull has a Sarracenia leucophylla (white pitcher plant).  Houseflies are included for feeding, so they can thrive.

At this March round of Collabor88 until April 6.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Bunlets

herald of spring

Bunlets for The Arcade, little bunnies to carry around in your arms (with bento pose), or rez on your sim at 1 LI each (they are mod, and will go a bit larger than given size and stay 1 LI).  All commons have 2 texture options on touch, unicorn and jackolope have 3 texture options each, and the basket has a few options for eggs and bunlet pairs.  All commons, the unicorn, and the jackolope can be held in left or right hand, attach to either and they will pose and adjust automatically.  The rare basket of bunlets is held over the right forearm.  The jackolope's antlers can be shown/hidden, the wings and unicorn horn can be removed and traded with other bunlets.

bunlet key

Exclusively at this March round of The Arcade, you will also get a pair of bunlets in eggs  in addition to your 25th gacha purchase.  They can both be held in left or right hand with included poses, and have a number of texture options on touch for eggs and bunlets.

bunlet reward

At The Arcade this March!
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