Friday, May 17, 2013

Into the Woods

 This month's Collabor88 is "rain or shine"- so, of course, umbrellas were a necessity.  I've had these pagoda style parasols built for sculpts for quite some time before mesh was released (and even longer before that, I've made ones for myself out of old traditional prims when sculpts weren't even a hint yet- one of my early early projects before I first started Schadenfreude on La Reina), and was never quite happy with how they would have to be shoehorned so I didn't finish them.  But now, mesh means I can finally have my strange umbrellas in a state I can actually accept.  The parasols come with 3 hold poses for holding right handed, and two for holding left, so you can take your pick of which works best with your shape and AO.

To go with them, there are dresses that share the same lace pattern- in keeping to the theme (...sort of), I drew a lace pattern that starts out on the bodice with rain clouds raining down onto trees, then through a forest of flowers to more trees and deer heads at the lower hem. The parasols share all but the upper section of the lace pattern (the clouds and rain) to match.  (I'm quite fond of this pattern, it might end up on a wall in the elephant some day as well.)

And to wear under your dress on those colder rainy days, there are 3 pairs of leggings and matching knee high socks, in lightning, suns, and clouds patterns.

All to be found only at Collabor88 the month of May!

The full release of the dresses and the rest can now be found at the elephant.
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