Monday, October 29, 2007

Black Coffin ring

I made it a bit ago, wore it for a couple of days, and then promptly forgot about it.

A simple black coffin ring, with a silver cross inset. The ring uses the normal ring scripts, of course.

In stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dear Reviewers

I don't have a blogger list, for a number of reasons.  I love seeing things blogged!  I just don't do blogger lists, or review copies beyond some events.  I totally do respect that blogging is expensive, even with promotional copies, and I'm sorry, but this is what works for me.

p.s. I do love to chat (though I'm not actually good at it- you'll probably have to carry the conversation!), so do feel free to talk to me anyway!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Blood Rubies

The extra piece to Blood Rubies, the Y Incision necklace. Also dresses up pretty nice, and is only creepy if you work it in that direction. Sized for my skinny little bod, so please IM me if you would like it sized to your shape!

(Hair is Spanish Jasmine by Calla, Dress is Grand Opening Gown by DG Innovations)

In stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Furniture by Max Ennui

Before I resurrected Schadenfreude after years of dormancy, Max was Schadenfreude. Ages ago, he set up a little shop with his furniture, and I've been trying to lure him back to selling recently. Finally I convinced him to take up a wall in the shop in La Reina, for his spooktacular coffiny wrought iron.

And I'm totally going to have to rearrange the shop(s) soon, it's getting too cluttered. I may try to put a divider in, although I have to be awfully careful not to mess with the ability of people to be able to move around.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greetings Fashion Planet!

Greetings fashion planet feed readers. Have you gotten your free treat bucket? You can pick it up from the great big coffin gift box in La Reina! (Yes, I'm still in Pumpkinhead by the talented Rikka Koi of Crimson & Clover. I do love this hair.)

Last night I installed my new floor in La Reina. I'm quite fond of it, and with the lovely windfall of good luck today, I believe she likes it too. I thought she might appreciate the pink beaches.

I have a brand new store at Le Cadre'! I've still got to decorate and such, but then it took me a bit at La Reina as well.

And lastly, new release! Gorgeous dropped by my roof after visiting Versailles, dressed to the nines, and we started talking about the extravagance of, and what it led to, and the lack of either of us having a slit throat tattoo for Halloween...and well, this was born:

The pieces along with it just sort of happened...for some reason, Titus Andronicus came up three times in two days recently, so I had bloody hands on the brain. Of course, you rename the set and don't wear it at Halloween, and it can actually be pretty classy. In stores, and OnRez. It's sized to fit my tiny wrists, so please do contact me if you'd like the bracelets in a better size for you.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brand new bucket!

Well, not all that much really. But, if you got a bucket before today, swing by and get a new one. Now filled with more stuff! I had wanted to included a rainbow of witch brooms, but vehicle code was making my head hurt. When I finally got it working today, I put a bunch in the bucket (and there are those and more in the pink cauldron outside the store- it's the only place to get the 4 pink ones!), and knocked out the one other (very silly) thing I'd decided to put off till next year, but as long as I was doing the rest, I decided to finish it up too.

The amazingly awesome pumpkinhead hair is a limited edition from Crimson & Clover, by Rikka Koi. I adore it enough to actually have hair on the sides of my head! Also, her shop is insanely adorable.

If you want to see some real comedy, watch me try to fly on the broom. I've never gotten the hang of SL vehicles!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Candyman, Candyman...Candyman!

I've been working on this...for quite some time. It's turned into a rather complex project, as I can. not. leave. well. enough. alone. I did dial it back a lot little, as I was having severe issues with testing (because it reacts differently when I own it than it does to anyone else).

But! I has a bucket.

You can has a bucket too. Visit the store in La Reina and check out the big coffin gift box, and it will gift you with your very own free bucket.

Wear the bucket, and then touch the bucket, and encourage others to touch your bucket. The bucket shall grant people a gift upon touching. This gifts are sundry, but every item given by the bucket is intended to be worn. Of course, there is the candy, of assorted types- lollypops, peppermint twists, liquorice taffies, apples (which may or may not be inhabited by worms), all sorts of sweeties. However, the bucket also has random little costuming goodies.

Candy Corn fangs. Show that vampire you're not afraid! Alternately, if you are one, show you're not afraid of tooth decay, by bedecking your treasured meal tickets with festive sugary bling. (No actual bling included. I don't do bling.)

My very first flexi thingie ever, and one of my first hats. This is entirely for comedic value, as it is silly, ridiculous, simple, and flops all over the bloody place when you walk. I dare you to keep a straight face.

Another early hat, this one curls around to eat your head. I did not guarantee these would all be quality gifts. But they do amuse me!

A simple little lolita crown. At the time I made it I rather liked it, but I've progressed to more intricate things. Also, it is free!

Some shiny black horns for you. I believe it should go without saying that all of the costuming bits are modify (I tend to toss even freebies that are no mod, especially attachments), so you can texture them however you desire.

And more horns! This time in a devilish red stripe.

These are, of course, just a sampling of the bits you'll find in the bucket, because the bucket is full of love.

The bucket also listens to you, and upon /13 tot, /13 trick, /13 treat, or /13 trick or treat, you will hold out the bucket, and say "Trick or Treat!" audibly and in chat. Upon /13 dark the lighted face will extinguish, and /13 light turns it back on again.

(Hair with the witch hats and the black horns is ETD Airy, because my mohawks do not suit the witch hats.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Mother's Eyes

You may have noticed a decrease in the tiny population recently. Schadenfreude Enterprises knows nothing about the cause of such troubling matters, but wishes to express their concern.

In completely unrelated matters, new releases for Halloween. I've been wearing these, ahem, glass eyes a lot recently, what with the upcoming holiday and all especially.

"I have my mother's eyes. At home in a jar."

Available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Shop!

I've set up a new shop in La Reina- currently both my shop and the sim itself are in the process of being built, but I've got a start of it with things from the Jewelry Exposition.

I'm really excited! And I've started putting pumpkins and jack o'lanterns all over for Halloween.

Since I have a permanent location, I've also started listing on OnRez. Eventually everything in the store plus should be on there, although I've only started boxing things up for it. Aside from it being easier for my to list 5 million variants without having to make the shop space for it, you get things in cute little gift wrapped boxes if you order through OnRez (if you buy at the store you get a folder with the items so you don't have to unpack, so that way is quite a bit more convenient- excepting rings, which will still need to be taken out of the ring box, as they are bundled with instructions as well).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New metals, booth

I've opened up a tiny booth in Ohana Isle. It's very small, at only 10 prims, so obviously, not much is on display. I went to Ohana Isle in the first because I heard about the treasure hunt last month (they do them once a month, and they last a week, freebies hidden all over), and I fell in love with the place. It's got a lot of very strong Disney theming (Haunted Mansion wallpaper, Club 33, great big Mickey sorcerer hat buildings, a shop that specializes in the mouse ears you can get in the Park), and, even more awesome, they do a lot of Halloween theming, I caught them just starting to set up, and it just keeps getting better. So even though they've got a waiting list on anything of any sort of decent size, I wanted a place there!

I'm changing the metals available on the metal changing items- old gold, gunmetal, and iron have been added (old gold is the gold I used to use which is a little antiqued, the new gold is a bit brighter, gunmetal is a darker silver, iron is an alternate black that isn't quite so shiny. Pewter has also changed to be a little less shiny). If you have any pieces purchased before, contact Allegory Malaprop, and I'll set you up with the new metals. I'm waffling on whether I should try to contact everyone and offer them the upgrade...I might still do it at some point, but I don't want to annoy people. Especially since it's stuff most of them probably don't really care about.

Everything in here is still available directly from me, even though there's now even less out there in world. I've got the face the whole OnRez listing prospect at some point, so things don't have to be bought directly from me, but I keep getting distracted by making new shiny things (especially Halloweenish shiny things. I'm currently deep in obsession with a freebie that I have to finish so it can actually be given out before Halloween). I've got such a ferret attention span when it comes to the annoying little details of running a shop (because, see, I don't actually care about that aspect of it, I'm in it for the fun of making random thingies)...honestly, if it weren't for that whole pesky having to pay for space thing, I'd probably just end up giving most things away. I'm totally going to forget to pay my rent, I'm sure. At least 10 prims means less clutter pulling out and sorting my Lost and Found.
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