Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Candyman, Candyman...Candyman!

I've been working on this...for quite some time. It's turned into a rather complex project, as I can. not. leave. well. enough. alone. I did dial it back a lot little, as I was having severe issues with testing (because it reacts differently when I own it than it does to anyone else).

But! I has a bucket.

You can has a bucket too. Visit the store in La Reina and check out the big coffin gift box, and it will gift you with your very own free bucket.

Wear the bucket, and then touch the bucket, and encourage others to touch your bucket. The bucket shall grant people a gift upon touching. This gifts are sundry, but every item given by the bucket is intended to be worn. Of course, there is the candy, of assorted types- lollypops, peppermint twists, liquorice taffies, apples (which may or may not be inhabited by worms), all sorts of sweeties. However, the bucket also has random little costuming goodies.

Candy Corn fangs. Show that vampire you're not afraid! Alternately, if you are one, show you're not afraid of tooth decay, by bedecking your treasured meal tickets with festive sugary bling. (No actual bling included. I don't do bling.)

My very first flexi thingie ever, and one of my first hats. This is entirely for comedic value, as it is silly, ridiculous, simple, and flops all over the bloody place when you walk. I dare you to keep a straight face.

Another early hat, this one curls around to eat your head. I did not guarantee these would all be quality gifts. But they do amuse me!

A simple little lolita crown. At the time I made it I rather liked it, but I've progressed to more intricate things. Also, it is free!

Some shiny black horns for you. I believe it should go without saying that all of the costuming bits are modify (I tend to toss even freebies that are no mod, especially attachments), so you can texture them however you desire.

And more horns! This time in a devilish red stripe.

These are, of course, just a sampling of the bits you'll find in the bucket, because the bucket is full of love.

The bucket also listens to you, and upon /13 tot, /13 trick, /13 treat, or /13 trick or treat, you will hold out the bucket, and say "Trick or Treat!" audibly and in chat. Upon /13 dark the lighted face will extinguish, and /13 light turns it back on again.

(Hair with the witch hats and the black horns is ETD Airy, because my mohawks do not suit the witch hats.)

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