Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greetings Fashion Planet!

Greetings fashion planet feed readers. Have you gotten your free treat bucket? You can pick it up from the great big coffin gift box in La Reina! (Yes, I'm still in Pumpkinhead by the talented Rikka Koi of Crimson & Clover. I do love this hair.)

Last night I installed my new floor in La Reina. I'm quite fond of it, and with the lovely windfall of good luck today, I believe she likes it too. I thought she might appreciate the pink beaches.

I have a brand new store at Le Cadre'! I've still got to decorate and such, but then it took me a bit at La Reina as well.

And lastly, new release! Gorgeous dropped by my roof after visiting Versailles, dressed to the nines, and we started talking about the extravagance of, and what it led to, and the lack of either of us having a slit throat tattoo for Halloween...and well, this was born:

The pieces along with it just sort of happened...for some reason, Titus Andronicus came up three times in two days recently, so I had bloody hands on the brain. Of course, you rename the set and don't wear it at Halloween, and it can actually be pretty classy. In stores, and OnRez. It's sized to fit my tiny wrists, so please do contact me if you'd like the bracelets in a better size for you.


Nivaya Barbosa said...
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Nivaya Barbosa said...

Woo!! On the Fashion Planet feed! Go Allegory! Also, everything else that's awesome about that post. <3 Can't wait till I'm back in game so I can continue grabbing everything you produce...:D

Niv xxx

(yeah I fail at commenting elegantly and without compulsively deleting...BLAH!:D)

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