Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alternative Fair

There's an Alternative Fair going on right this very minute on the center of the Nomine/Snatch quad, until May 2. Lots of great designers with goth/loli/neko/cyber/etc. styles, so if things a little less mainstream are your speed, this is the fair for you.

All the participants of the fair have special items out to benefit the fair charity, Nothing but Nets, who provide mosquito nets for families in areas of malaria danger. Malaria is not a fun disease- it is the leading cause of death and disease worldwide. It's only curable if caught early enough- and then only if you have access to the treatment, which most of the families helped by Nothing but Nets do not have (and, they would just be at risk for reinfection each time, living in areas of danger). My mother caught malaria when visiting South America as a teenager, but is lucky enough to have had access to modern medicine (and better nutrition) so fatality wasn't an issue, however not lucky enough to have realized that was what it was, until it was far too late to be cured (it's much like a flu at onset). To this day, she has periodic flareups, days of high fevers and lethargy, mitigated but not stopped entirely by quinine.

There is a new Electro-cute available at the fair, teal with a skunk:

(PUDGE Satanic Dance Party 2009 hair, a splice of white and blue black; ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus bathands!; Schadenfreude Electro-cute skull undies, Audrey skin only at Little Horrid Hill, unreleased eyes, and ears to be released soon; Lazy Places poses)

And, for the boys, a pair of 'beaters with the skunk:

(Lazy Places Liir hair; Schadenfreude Cupcakeflake eyes, Orpheus skin, old group gift pants, new group gift plugs, and unreleased belts; poses by Luth)

(The skunks will soon be added to the Electro-cute jewelry fatpack, for those of you with those, I just need to slog through the coding first.)

Come on over and see the fair!

After the event, items will only be available on the Marketplace.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


(~silentsparrow~ Lysi [WILD prize] and Lysander outfits; Discord Designs Katherine [WILD prize] and assorted Schadenfreude hair; poses by Lazy Places)

WILD.Released ends this weekend! So it's time to get your cards stamped and turned in for your prizes! All the prizes for this event will be gone and you won't be able to get them at any price once the event ends, so act now if you want them.

I've still been playing with my skins (because I'm insane), and if you wear the updater included with the ears, you can get the new skins as well. They're fairly subtle changes, but the nose should be a bit more suitable to more shapes now.

You can see all the participants and their prizes at the WILD.Released blog.

There will also be a party tomorrow to celebrate the end of the event! Some of the designers will be making appearances at times (I'm going to try to swing by if I have the time, but I don't really have a set schedule for SL time, and things so often come up when I am around...so it may or may not happen). It'll be going from 6pm to midnight, so there's a lot of time to stop by!

Friday, April 16, 2010

50L Friday!

Another 50L Friday from Schadenfreude, this time with socks and a vest!

A four pack of striped thi-hi socks with an assortment of colours:
(SMERSH Those Shoes)

And yet another vest! I rarely make things in yellow, yellow doesn't really exist in my world. But sometimes, I try anyway!
(Schadenfreude/Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair; Nomine/Schadenfreude skin; Pig shirt; Scribble pants/Schadenfreude manties undies)

At the elephant, as usual, where you can also pick up a handy dandy list of everyone this week.

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More ears!

I've finally gotten around to gauged versions of the Mer-Elf and ungauged of the Fey ears, so all styles now come in both:

(hair: Gritty Kitty, Clawtooth; Philotic Energy, Clawtooth; Bryce, Clawtooth
~silentsparrow~ Batty suit shirt, Schadenfreude Sugar Sugar and Electro-cute necklace; Schadenfreude Ghostbat beater; ~silentsparrow~ Rotten Severin jacket and Schadenfreude Oxford; ~silentsparrow~ henley
all skins and eyes by Schadenfreude)

The Fey Ears with plugs and with spirals also both come with 2 sets of ears, just the plugs or spirals, and also with some plain rings up the ears. If you have them already, put on your updating earmuffs to get them!

Out at the elephant!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The tightrope walker is back, with her floofy petticoated skirts and miniskirts. Pieces are available in a variety of ways: the dress and high waisted skirt come separately by colour with 2 petticoat options each, the miniskirt and tubetops come separately by colour, all pieces are divided by colour with a HUD for the petticoat to choose from all 9 multicoloured petticoats and solid white (HUD also works with the Electro-Cute uberpack, so you have yet more petticoat options if you happen to have that)!, and uberpacks of all colours of the dress and highwaist skirt, and of the tubetops and miniskirts.

(~silentsparrow~ Batty cuffs, Chapiteau lockets, Gutter Glitter pasties; temporarily released and now temporarily unreleased for now skin, unreleased hair, knee high Cirque Socks; various poses from Lazy Places, LAP, and Luth)

You can find these at the elephant, of course! The Cirque Sock gacha from the Black Bacchanal is also out in the basement, so you can try your luck some more! And there's a new group for Gachas, Gacha Madness, that you might want to join for some sock trading.

p.s. Sorry for the confusion, Allegory's inability to spell after a week of 5 hours or less sleep a night led to me dropping the second u and calling them Funamble, not in the actual items themselves, but in the vendors and vendor ads and promos until one morning while nowhere near the computer it suddenly occurred to me that I'd started spelling it wrong at some point! Taxes + early morning workmen = I have not the brain, I are teh dumb.

Candy Flanagan dresses up in Funambule as an adorable clown
Gidge and Casja wear Funambule (and other stuff) on Achariya's blog
And then there's Achariya herself!
A lovely picture of Abby in the noir

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Spring!

Sugar  - 01

Spring has sprung at the Starlust. I'm a little late cluing you've in, but you've probably already heard: there's an Easter Egg hunt going on until the 9th here. The eggs are....not terribly hard to find.

Sugar  - 02

hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ has once again joined me in our prizes: the dress I'm wearing is in my egg, and the socks we are both wearing are in hers (along with a few others!)

Sugar - 03
(lyrics from Nature Boy by Nick Cave)

Sugar - Allegory Malaprop

We're in an assortment of other things by us both (some of which you can't have yet, sorry!), as well as the fantastic shoes from SMERSH that we've both been spending a lot of time in (yay for fatpacks!), her horns are by Illusions, tail is by Gritty Kitty, eyes are MalContent, cuff is Violet Voltaire, and these fantastic birds we are posing with are new from Ana_Mations and are the. cutest. thing. ever. The poses are all built into the birds, so we didn't have to futz around with posestands.

(and that adorable bunny mask is from Split Pea!)

Start at the Starlust Motel! There are eggs on most of the Starlust sims, and it ends tomorrow night!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a bad bad keep up on my blogginger.

This was the stuff from, um, a bit ago. Before the last few posts and I just haven't gotten to it. (I've been going back and forth between new computer of awesomeness, and old laptop of actually-has-Photoshop-as-I-can't-find-my-disksness, so I've been extra bad at keeping up lately as I wanna plaaaaaay on the machine on which I cannot _do_ anything.)

One of the first things I made with prims when I returned to SL (when I could actually see prims...as when I first joined SL my computer at the time didn't really like objects, at all) was an ankh. When I rebooted Schadenfreude at the Jewelry Expo a few years back, one of the things that I had was this ankh necklace. It was all, of course, normal primitives, jammed together to make a somewhat pleasing shape- which I've kept for the most part, just better. I've been meaning to update is for quite a while, and finally got myself motivated to actually _do_ that, so the new one is sculpted and I baked some pretty shiny textures for it, in normal and zany colours. (HUD change ankhs to whatsoever you desire, as usual!) It comes as a set of two necklace lengths and earrings, or separately:

(her: Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair; ~silentsparrow~ tats and prim corset; Schadenfreude top, skin, eyes
him: ~silentsparrow~ tats; Schadenfreude hair, skin, shirt, eyes
poses by Luth and Lazy Places)

The earrings come with just the single hoops with ankhs for each ear, and also in sets with rings and studs up the ears.

(hair with short necklace is Clawtooth by Clawtooth; all else Schadenfreude, a mix of released and unreleased
poses by Luth and Lazy Places, and maybe a Long Awkward Pose in there)

There are mensized versions in there to get the menfolk started as well. Also, the necklaces and the set have WILD.Released cards, so you can get bonus stuff! (Including the prize from me, which includes Mer-Elf ears that feature these ankhs as well.)

At the elephant, as usual.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Black Bacchanal

I promised Friday you would see more: here's more! And after the Black Bacchanal, there will be yet more!

The Carnival has rolled into town, to silent sparrow, in The Rookery floating high above the sim. Once you teleport to the sim, you will see large mushrooms in the courtyard. Those will take you flying high to The Rookery, if you but sit upon them.

At the Bacchanal, you will find a host of goodies from a selection of designers. From me, you will find a few things:

A skin! Yes, again with the occasional skin releasing. I'm close to getting to a proper skin release, promise.

(Gutter Glitter pasties from ~silentsparrow~, poses by Luth and Lazy Places, eyes/ears/hair/undies from Schadenfreude)

A dress and assorted bits!

(cuffs and socks from ~silentsparrow~, soon to be released but only out in purple for the Bacchanal yet, arm tats from ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera set; poses by Lazy Places, Luth, and LAP; hair/skin/eyes by Schadenfreude)

The rest of the Cirque colours will be released after the Bacchanal is over, of course!

And, a gacha! I love gachas, it's gambling because you want the one you want....but it's also gambling that guarantees you a prize anyway! Transfer so you can give away your duplicates, and cajole friends into trying their luck and bribing them with ones they don't have for ones you don't have.

(SMERSH shoes of holycrapawesome, ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tats that are obviously ones I love hard, pose by Lazy Places which rocks for the posings and more is coming soon)

The Black Bacchanal is March 31-April 2, after which the participants will be returning to their respective homes.

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