Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More ears!

I've finally gotten around to gauged versions of the Mer-Elf and ungauged of the Fey ears, so all styles now come in both:

(hair: Gritty Kitty, Clawtooth; Philotic Energy, Clawtooth; Bryce, Clawtooth
~silentsparrow~ Batty suit shirt, Schadenfreude Sugar Sugar and Electro-cute necklace; Schadenfreude Ghostbat beater; ~silentsparrow~ Rotten Severin jacket and Schadenfreude Oxford; ~silentsparrow~ henley
all skins and eyes by Schadenfreude)

The Fey Ears with plugs and with spirals also both come with 2 sets of ears, just the plugs or spirals, and also with some plain rings up the ears. If you have them already, put on your updating earmuffs to get them!

Out at the elephant!

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