Sunday, April 11, 2010


The tightrope walker is back, with her floofy petticoated skirts and miniskirts. Pieces are available in a variety of ways: the dress and high waisted skirt come separately by colour with 2 petticoat options each, the miniskirt and tubetops come separately by colour, all pieces are divided by colour with a HUD for the petticoat to choose from all 9 multicoloured petticoats and solid white (HUD also works with the Electro-Cute uberpack, so you have yet more petticoat options if you happen to have that)!, and uberpacks of all colours of the dress and highwaist skirt, and of the tubetops and miniskirts.

(~silentsparrow~ Batty cuffs, Chapiteau lockets, Gutter Glitter pasties; temporarily released and now temporarily unreleased for now skin, unreleased hair, knee high Cirque Socks; various poses from Lazy Places, LAP, and Luth)

You can find these at the elephant, of course! The Cirque Sock gacha from the Black Bacchanal is also out in the basement, so you can try your luck some more! And there's a new group for Gachas, Gacha Madness, that you might want to join for some sock trading.

p.s. Sorry for the confusion, Allegory's inability to spell after a week of 5 hours or less sleep a night led to me dropping the second u and calling them Funamble, not in the actual items themselves, but in the vendors and vendor ads and promos until one morning while nowhere near the computer it suddenly occurred to me that I'd started spelling it wrong at some point! Taxes + early morning workmen = I have not the brain, I are teh dumb.

Candy Flanagan dresses up in Funambule as an adorable clown
Gidge and Casja wear Funambule (and other stuff) on Achariya's blog
And then there's Achariya herself!
A lovely picture of Abby in the noir

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