Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a bad bad keep up on my blogginger.

This was the stuff from, um, a bit ago. Before the last few posts and I just haven't gotten to it. (I've been going back and forth between new computer of awesomeness, and old laptop of actually-has-Photoshop-as-I-can't-find-my-disksness, so I've been extra bad at keeping up lately as I wanna plaaaaaay on the machine on which I cannot _do_ anything.)

One of the first things I made with prims when I returned to SL (when I could actually see when I first joined SL my computer at the time didn't really like objects, at all) was an ankh. When I rebooted Schadenfreude at the Jewelry Expo a few years back, one of the things that I had was this ankh necklace. It was all, of course, normal primitives, jammed together to make a somewhat pleasing shape- which I've kept for the most part, just better. I've been meaning to update is for quite a while, and finally got myself motivated to actually _do_ that, so the new one is sculpted and I baked some pretty shiny textures for it, in normal and zany colours. (HUD change ankhs to whatsoever you desire, as usual!) It comes as a set of two necklace lengths and earrings, or separately:

(her: Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair; ~silentsparrow~ tats and prim corset; Schadenfreude top, skin, eyes
him: ~silentsparrow~ tats; Schadenfreude hair, skin, shirt, eyes
poses by Luth and Lazy Places)

The earrings come with just the single hoops with ankhs for each ear, and also in sets with rings and studs up the ears.

(hair with short necklace is Clawtooth by Clawtooth; all else Schadenfreude, a mix of released and unreleased
poses by Luth and Lazy Places, and maybe a Long Awkward Pose in there)

There are mensized versions in there to get the menfolk started as well. Also, the necklaces and the set have WILD.Released cards, so you can get bonus stuff! (Including the prize from me, which includes Mer-Elf ears that feature these ankhs as well.)

At the elephant, as usual.

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