Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer (Fruit) Punch

(bar table by Stockholm&Lima, beach hut by Trompe Loeil)

This month's Collabor88 is welcoming the summer, with a pop of colour.  I decided that the best thing about a tropical summer retreat is the drinks.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for cocktail swords.

The drinks can be held and sipped (2 fisted drinking is a-ok), and there are rezzable versions that give out temp rez drinkables to whoever touches them.  The plastic markers and swords and umbrellas and straws are texture change with a HUD, 10 options for each.  All glasses have markers because a) they are the other best thing about fancy drinks, and b) you wouldn't want to lose track of which one was yours, would you?  (Also figuring out how to design the octopus so it could hang from multiple arms was pretty fun.  The mermaid isn't quite the standard design and can be hung off a glass by her tail too, though I only put them on lounging upright.)

(retro buffet by floorplan, beach hut by Trompe Loeil,
lazily stitched together photo by please don't make me take more pictures again)

There are non alcoholic bubbly summer sodas- melon and root beer are floats, the rest are garnished by their flavour.  Each one comes in versions with and without the cocktail umbrellas.

And for those who prefer to spike their drinks, some cocktails garnished with fruit bits.  Each drink has versions with the fruit stabbed by cocktail swords, and versions stabbed by umbrellas instead.

The uberpack of them all also includes empty glasses of each glass type, and separate markers, swords, and umbrellas, for putting on other drinks.  Or having tiny pirate fights.

There are also earrings of each of the markers and the swords,so you can match your drinks.

(Stargazer skin by fashionably dead)

Be a (virtual) lush at Collabor88!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kiwi at The Arcade

X skin and ribbon necklace by fashionably dead
makeup by Luxuria
tattoos by ~silentsparrow~ and katat0nik
socks by ~silentsparrow~
wrist straps by katat0nik
hair with hat by Lamb
choker by Quirky
dress by pixicat
boots by lassitude&ennui
skull and alchemy necklaces, bracelets by Schadenfreude
pose by Imeka

Arcade has rolled around again, and this time there are chubby little flightless birds to accompany you- animated kiwi that can stand around, sit, or wander.  You can wear them- on Center, they become follow pets, toddling on the ground next to you.  On Left or Right Hand, you can hold them out, cupping them as they sit and wiggle, or stand on your palm.  They also enjoy perching on Shoulders.  (You can, of course, also attach them to any other point, however they will only remember the positioning for those 5 points when they have been moved from point to point.)

You can also rez them- they will stand around or sit on command, and can also be told to wander around in a set radius.  If you want them to stay perfectly still with no wiggling, they can also be told to do that.  They are mostly very obedient.  Mostly.

Some kiwi have accessories- hats or crowns or wings or mustaches or windup keys- those kiwi are 2 Land Impact.  Naked kiwi (*gasp!*) are 1 Land Impact, you can also trade many (but not quite all!) of the accessories with other kiwi- just make sure you put things in exactly the same place on the new kiwi, and in the same scale!  They will give notecards that tell you more info when you choose that in the dialog.

To be found at The Arcade this month, with so many other amazing goodies as well!
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