Saturday, January 28, 2012

Changeling Ears

A new ear style, small and subtle, but still pointed- to almost pass as human. In 4 styles to start with, I'll be filling in the rest as I go!

(Clawtooth and Fashionably Dead hair; ~silentsparrow~ henley; unreleased skins, eyes, and necklace by Schadenfreude)

(MADesigns and Clawtooth hair; Schadenfreude and Tres Blah skins; Pig and Katat0nik clothing; Lolapop necklace)

(lamb and Clawtooth hair; clothes, jewelry, eyes, and unreleased skins by Schadenfreude)

(Fashionably Dead and Clawtooth hair; Pig and ~silentsparrow~ clothes; eyes and unreleased skins by Schadenfreude; all poses by Imperial Elegance, {TERHO}, and aDORKable)

As with the rest of the ears- lifetime updates, including tone additions when they happen.

Out at the elephant, as usual.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Allegory's Attic- Mesh Frames

I'm releasing another full perm kit- most things I keep for my own use, but occasionally there are things that I think might be useful to others, that I'm not so attached to I can't bear to part with. This is another set of frames, this time mesh. Each frame is one object, including a shadow, the artwork (or whatever!) in the frame, and the back piece...yeah, I have no idea what to call these things. You know, the back of the painting or the like.

They come in 4 aspect ratios, square, 3:4, 2:3, and 1:2. They degrade gracefully in non mesh viewers to boxes, with the front on the front and the back in the back (the aspect ratio is a little off, and they will be larger boxes than they appear in a mesh viewer, because they will include the size of the shadow). The front, back, shadow, and frame itself are all different textures, so you don't have to do anything special with what you're putting in the frame. They come with the shadow already applied (being mesh, you will get the actual objects, not things to apply to objects like sculpts!), and a shade map you can export for making your own frame textures.

They are one land impact prim at the size included- in fact, link two of those together and they will become only one prim in land impact (Land Impact is kind of an awkward way to refer to it, don't you think?). You can stretch them quite large before a single frame becomes more than one land impact prim, larger than a standard SL avatar (not that giant baby though. I think they'll be two land impact prims at giant baby size, at least! But, giant baby was bigger than most houses, so...)

Like the other builder kits, the frames are only available on the Marketplace. You can see them in person at the elephant though- I've started putting some of my vendors in them (so far, the DeVeres are in them, the chandelier, and random things in the basement and Baba Yaga's house). I'm nesting again.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rustic Chandelier Quartet

The full version of the chandelier previewed for the last Fifty Linden Friday is out. It has 9 colours of candles possible, and comes with a selection of lighting choices, in always on and touch to turn on and off versions (as well as always extinguished, and without candles entirely). The versions with particles are a little primmier by nature, but the particles only add a little to the flames, and are not required for them. There are also versions with projector lights- which will only show off their advantages if you have shadows turned on in your preferences, with projectors enabled- that allow the candles to cast shadows.

The chain and ceiling hook are a separate object, so the chandelier can be suspended by a different method. It also has separate texture faces, so by making sections transparent, you can shorten it, or add another piece to make it longer.

Available, of course, at the elephant.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pearl DeVere

(Credits on Discopomp)

There is an event running January 1-8, Etheria, with jewelry designers who chose a clothing designer to work with them. I am honoured to be Lolapop!'s choice, and we chose to interpret the Painted Lady theme as a rather successful lady.

I drew my inspiration in particular from Pearl de Vere, the soiled dove of Cripple Creek, Colorado. Options were somewhat limited for a woman who went West, and many chose to capitalize on their feminine wiles in the new and exciting land of possibilities. Pearl's girls were paid well, had nice clothes, and were considered the most beautiful women in camp, from at least some of the gentlemen's opinions who frequented their services (and paid the quite high fees! At one point it was $250 to spend a night with one, at a time when $3 a day was a good wage for a miner). All good things must come to an end though, and on June 4, 1897 Pearl threw her last party- after which she overdosed on morphine taken to help her sleep. Like a number of the painted ladies at the time, Pearl's family thought that she was a dressmaker, and only found out her true profession after she died.

The DeVere sisters come in 6 colours of damask brocade, with a rigged mesh bustle skirt, and a rigged mesh bustle, to move with you. Please do try a demo of the skirts, as rigged mesh cannot be edited to fit- there are two sizes included, a slim size for the waif of an avatar, and a fluffier version for those who prefer to pad their bustles a bit more. There is an optional alpha mask that can be worn with the long skirt- it can do away with the clipping issues on more extreme (and less ladylike, tut tut) poses, but I didn't bother to wear it most of the time. The underthings have ruffles that peek out (Pearl and Hazel come with ivory, the rest with black), under the bloomers, out of the sleeves, and at the bustline- those are sculpt, and can be edited to fit your shape, and include matching lace thigh hi stockings.

(Clawtooth hair; Lassitude&Ennui boots; jewelry by Lolapop!, of course; aDORKable and Imperial Elegance poses; Schadenfreude skin, unreleased makeup and eyes)


To go with DeVere, LolaPop! created a rose and pearl cameo set, with white or black pearls, named Cosette. Both can be found at Etheria, alongside all the other participants!

After the event, it will be at the elephant.

Discopomp, of course
Guen channeling a young McGonagall in DeVere
Acha and Jackal in DeVere and those amazing Selene boots
Desiree in DeVere for Etheria
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