Saturday, January 28, 2012

Changeling Ears

A new ear style, small and subtle, but still pointed- to almost pass as human. In 4 styles to start with, I'll be filling in the rest as I go!

(Clawtooth and Fashionably Dead hair; ~silentsparrow~ henley; unreleased skins, eyes, and necklace by Schadenfreude)

(MADesigns and Clawtooth hair; Schadenfreude and Tres Blah skins; Pig and Katat0nik clothing; Lolapop necklace)

(lamb and Clawtooth hair; clothes, jewelry, eyes, and unreleased skins by Schadenfreude)

(Fashionably Dead and Clawtooth hair; Pig and ~silentsparrow~ clothes; eyes and unreleased skins by Schadenfreude; all poses by Imperial Elegance, {TERHO}, and aDORKable)

As with the rest of the ears- lifetime updates, including tone additions when they happen.

Out at the elephant, as usual.

1 comment:

Ezerbet Nitschke said...

I bought the ears with spiral horns maybe a week or so ago. Though I've changed outfits & skins several times since then, I can't bring myself to take the ears off!

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