Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I finally got a subscriber dealie- so I decided to reward people for giving up a group slot, the old group would become a VIP group. Mostly because I'll feel guilty this way and give them things more often. Because I'm random, in the notice archive you can currently find:

Scary Witch hats in Christmas and Hanukkah stripes
(with and without spiders, that can be changed with the HUD from the full version of the Scary Witch hat, though it will not change the hat since you couldn't change it back!)
Scary Holidays!

Colour change via HUD Scary Santa hat, 2 texture change feather tails, and 4 pairs of mismatched socks

The Santa hat is also out for purchase in the shop, on the table with the more traditional Santa hats, in transfer and copy versions, so you can choose just for you, or to give to a friend. The copy version comes with a HUD that lets you easily see all the options- the transfer version has a touch menu instead so you don't have to worry about losing track of one of the pieces.

And they are also with this year's stocking! Full of lots of bizarre randomness, as always, there are a couple of new hidden treats this year for the patient/obsessive.

Picture shamelessly stolen from Achariya,
who I'm sure will let me get away with it!

(hya's beautiful boy bookends of Sobriquet and boy Ach are both in antlers one can get out of the stocking. It's like a TARDIS and can hide some rather large things)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stumblebum Brigade!

The Stumblebum Brigade is coming to town again, bringing with them exclusives only available this weekend, 12:01am SLT Saturday morning to 11:59pm SLT Sunday, after which they go poof and will never be seen again. Sunday night, the Brigade will disappear until the next time (with the holidays, that won't be until January!), when there will be entirely new exclusives.

This week there are 10 new designers participating, and two of them have been plotting behind the scenes.

Plotting in pink!

The offerings of hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ and Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude are coordinated pinks and blacks- Knitty sweaters and armwarmers with happy cavorting pink elephants and matching starry jeans from the former, and subtley spooky bat themed Strix corset, Striges skirts, and Moroi jacket from the latter.

My offering, the skirts, corset and jacket, in the pink that matches the batkinis, Jerry's Flight collar, the wings and the shoes (yes, I've been hoarding them):

Sunday night they go away, never to be seen again, so if you want them, you have to act this weekend! Get mine at the elephant, and grab a notecard with LMs to the rest of the Brigade while you're there!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Christmasy

A small glass bird to perch upon your shoulder (or head, or wherever one chooses!), touch to colour change, transfer for giving a cute little bit of cheer to a friend.

Glittery tinsel trees, for decorating: they come in a variety of colours, and in a rotating and hue shifting version, with assorted settings you can monkey with.

tinsel trees

And a gacha machine, finally! I've been meaning to have a gacha for a while. I've got some of the stuff for it but haven't finished all I was thinking about doing in the first go (I'll probably end up adding more later anyway, but still, I need to start out with something!) This is not the gacha I've been thinking about, this is geared just towards Christmasy, a gacha full of ornaments. The machine itself is a little tree on a post.

The bird is at the gifthaus, the purple Turnip Homes house at the base of the elephant. The trees are at the tree farm on Horst. And there's a gacha both places!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've been puking winter all over the Starlust

New wintery things from Schadenfreude! I made snowflakes this year, 10 different designs. They're sort of like the snowflakes we made as kids, folding pieces of paper up into six sections and cutting all the layers at once. However mine have hidden designs too (which, yes, I admit, I've been trying to hide in them ever since I was a kid, but I wasn't anywhere near as good at it then and mostly made squinty little devil faces with pointy ears then).

The snowflakes come framed in 2 different versions- one has a handmade light blue paper backing in front of which the snowflake is suspended, the other has no backing and is just the snowflake suspended in glass, the wall behind will show through. Both versions are 3 prims, so not too terribly hard to use for decorating.

And! All 10 designs are also available in matching lanterns! These are also 3 prims each, and cast a light that can be changed by the owner by touching it- it can be turned off entirely, it can be made still, or it can jiggle back and forth a bit with the wind.

All the snowflakes and lanterns are out in the new gift hut, a purple Turnip Homes tea house, sitting on the hill with the elephant. Everything in there is transfer for giving to friends, since it is that time of the year, after all!

Mako Kungfu has blogged them here- and you can actually see the glow there (since my shaders are still not playing nice).

Also, the tree farm is back up sprawled across Horst. Mopsie's a bit navigationally challenged this year, so I hope you enjoy smacking into the ice cream and/or the unicorn as much as I do (in fact...I kinda....don't want to fix it).

New this year at the farm are 2 prim fir trees.

Head over to the elephant, but don't go up the stairs! The gift hut is outside near the elephant, as is Mopsie whose dearest wish is for you to hop on her back and ride her to the tree farm. Her sister Flopsie would love to escort you back.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

50L Fridays!

It's my week for 50L Fridays again, and this time you get a few things!

Firstly, a pair of vests, in red, and green, because it's that time of the year.

And, the cat mask I was wearing for a chunk of October. When sculpts first came out, my first thought was "oooo, skulls!" (and thus were born Jerry, Clarence, the unnamed little dudes made into ornaments, and a bunch of other silly little guys who will probably never be finished but were fun to prod at), and my second thought was "oooo, masks!" The second thought I didn't really follow up much- at first I just wasn't happy with what could be done under the limitations of sculpts, and there already is an awesome mask source, Illusions. Eventually I figured out another way to make them that got by my biggest problem (eye holes!), that had its own fun pitfalls. I finally got this one "done" as much as it is because the unicorn needed a Halloween costume...and then argued with myself about finishing it, and kinda sorta wanted to sneak out a sneaky preview as is since who knows when (or if, honestly!) I'll ever really get done what I'd like to do for it. And...this 50L Fridays came about and I said "well, why not!?" The mask is out in both copy/no trans and trans/no copy versions, so you can get one for yourself and mod to your heart's content without worry, or give a gift to a deserving friend.

And then, not for 50L Fridays but it finally got me to finish it and do the ads and junk: a striped vest to match the Stripey Patchmas pants. Just because!

All out in elephant, of course!

After the event is over, items will be available on the Marketplace.
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