Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I finally got a subscriber dealie- so I decided to reward people for giving up a group slot, the old group would become a VIP group. Mostly because I'll feel guilty this way and give them things more often. Because I'm random, in the notice archive you can currently find:

Scary Witch hats in Christmas and Hanukkah stripes
(with and without spiders, that can be changed with the HUD from the full version of the Scary Witch hat, though it will not change the hat since you couldn't change it back!)
Scary Holidays!

Colour change via HUD Scary Santa hat, 2 texture change feather tails, and 4 pairs of mismatched socks
more xmas group gifts

The Santa hat is also out for purchase in the shop, on the table with the more traditional Santa hats, in transfer and copy versions, so you can choose just for you, or to give to a friend. The copy version comes with a HUD that lets you easily see all the options- the transfer version has a touch menu instead so you don't have to worry about losing track of one of the pieces.

And they are also with this year's stocking! Full of lots of bizarre randomness, as always, there are a couple of new hidden treats this year for the patient/obsessive.

Picture shamelessly stolen from Achariya,
who I'm sure will let me get away with it!

(hya's beautiful boy bookends of Sobriquet and boy Ach are both in antlers one can get out of the stocking. It's like a TARDIS and can hide some rather large things)

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