Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lookbook 1

Everyone should be happy SL doesn't have smell-o-vision, as Allegory would stink- she doesn't change clothes all that often. But I do, upon occasion, end up putting together things that I really like, and may start a bit of an occasional record of particular looks I'm fond of (or, you may never see one of these again...who knows. I've still got 9/10s of the Starlust to go in my tour =p). You're likely to see a lot of ~silentsparrow~ (as I wear...a LOT of ~silentsparrow~), and of course a fair bit of my own stuff, although I'll probably only show it when mixed with other things. However...I am almost always in my platform boots, I've got a collection of footwear that I never wear!

This set all revolve around the short jacket from ~silentsparrow~'s Lottie. I really do often wear shirts, this set notwithstanding. And I managed to use poses from different posemakers for each picture, weirdly enough.

1) When Lottie first came out I started putting together this look- House of Munster had come out with a deathhawk not too terribly long before. Allegory's not one for dresses all that often (although she's rather fetching in Lottie), but this jacket is just perfect with the ankh detail on the back and I've had a hard time taking it off. Aconite shares the same brocade pattern, so I filched the cuffs to wear with Lottie's jacket, instead of wearing the more floaty sleeves that come with Lottie. The ~silentsparrow~ tattoos might possibly have something to do with the shirtlessness....

2) hyasynth's rezday party had a bloody sparrow theme, so I went inventory diving for blood appropriate ~silentsparrow~ gear (searching for "blood" found the other arm bandage). The Aconite bandage corset was an obvious choice (I considered Sweeney, but wasn't coming up with how to mix it I off the tattoos. Er, yeah, there's that shirtless reason again), and dyed the 'hawk red for the occasion. The skin, of course, was obvious- few skins other than mine feel like Allegory, most change her features (and skin tone) too much to be her, although they are quite fun for when I dress up as not-me. The pants are from the redux of House of Leaves, which was a great set when it first came around, and even better now...and I'd be wearing the jacket still if it weren't for that whole pesky tattoo thing- I shall again, of course, it's got lovely cutouts and leafiness.

3) My current look- I....have not seen my face in days. Which is not so helpful seeing as I'm wearing a prototype makeup to see what needs to be changed. The mask is from the Drowsy horror festival (which is AWESOME- there are a lot of really fun free and inexpensive things to take home with you, as well as awesome cute new releases, and the whole thing is put together wonderfully well, as expected, of course- set up with lots of little things to find), modded a bit- the yellow and red mask with the heart was not so Allegory- but mixed with one of the other masks, it's perfect (I

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Electro-cute jewelry, Boon-mee, Boon-nam, and Zelly

The RFL deep purple oxford and tie set is going poof tomorrow- perhaps all RFL vendors are, so make sure to snap up everything you need!

New this week at Schadenfreude, the jewelry set to go with the Electro-cutes (finally!), and 3 hairstyles.

The Electro-cute jewelry comes in all 9 Electro-cutes, in sets of necklace, earrings, and bracelets; as well as in a scripted fatpack that lets you mix and match cameos on each, as well as coming with hairbows with 24 ribbon colours, pre-fitted for Nekomi, Boon-mee, and Boon-nam, and separate singles.

(Miriel eyes; Schadenfreude Boon-mee hair and Electro-cute dress; unreleased skin; pose by Lazy Places)

The Electro-cute fatpack also now includes 3 more cameos, the Electro-spooks, and skull decorated earrings and necklaces. If you already have the Electro-cute set, wear your updater balloons to be sent the new kit with all the new bits!

Boon-mee is a short ponytail style with shaggy v-cut fringe:

(Miriel eyes; Schadenfreude Electro-cute dress and jewelry on purple; katat0nik ice cream dress and Violet Voltaire Gutter Glitter jewelry on pink; unreleased skins; poses by Lazy Places and Lotta)

Boon-nam is sibling to Boon-mee, with short flat fringe- both Boon-mee and Boon-nam come in the fatpacks for either.

(Miriel eyes; Schadenfreude Electro-cute dress and jewelry on pink; katat0nik ice cream dress and Violet Voltaire Gutter Glitter jewelry on purple; unreleased skins; poses by Lazy Places and Lotta)

Zelly is a pulled back 'hawk, which comes with three variants. I like the ones without the top ponytails for wearing with hats.

(Miriel eyes; Pig Unisexy Dungarees and Unisex Jacket and layering tee on him; tintable shredded shirt you can fish up in the Starlust motel pool on her; unreleased jewelry and skins, poses by Penny Dreadful Arcade)

Hair is now exclusively available on the marketplace.

Also, if you want to take a side trip to the new session of Hotel Dare (I have nooooo idea where that landmark will drop you, but it's in the right vicinity! The elephant head, as well as lots of other neat goodies, are in the lego building, which is in the general vicinity of my big pink elephant there), which opened this weekend, you can find a pink elephant head:

(~silentsparrow~ tudor.rose tattoos, Schadenfreude webbeater)

Items in this post blogged for other looks:
Skull Electro-cute necklace, at Kami-no-aisuru
Skull Electro-cute necklace, at Achariya
Owl Electro-cute necklace, at Achariya

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Electro-cutes: Neckties

Bright obnoxious neckties featuring the Electro-cutes, matching all the patterns for the dress. They come in a traditional long tie, and also included in a short punk/lolita tie with chains and safety pins. Sold separately by pattern, or in a fatpack, which lets you change the whole shebang at a touch with the HUD, of course- and also works with the other necktie fatpack set, so you can make any of those become the short tie versions as well. Like the previous ties, all versions come with and without attached oxford shirt collars, with a colour change HUD to change to any of the oxfords.

(Miriel eyes, no longer available; Schadenfreude Oxford shirts in a variety of colours; Schadenfreude August hair on him, unreleased hair on her; unreleased skin, jewelry, and pants)

At the elephant!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

August, Augustine, Cinder, and Jinx

4 new hairstyles. Fatpacks, of course, come with the HUD that lets you change any bit of it to any of the choices so you can mix your own as well as choose from all the options.

August is very loosely based on the second hair I built for me (the first one is just a total wreck with alpha flicker), a chunky messy floppy 'hawk, though it's been refined quite a bit since then. Both left and right sides come together, as sometimes you want to show off one side of the head, and sometimes you want to show off the other. Or, ok, sometimes I want to show off head tats or earrings on one side or the other...

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; [][]Trap[][] Heart skins; Schadenfreude Houxin and Bixin, created for the aforementioned awesome skins; unreleased earrings)

Augustine is a version of August that covers the entire head, a messy short style with body.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; ~silentsparrow~ Voltaire suit on him; ~silentsparrow~ bunting set on her; unreleased skins)

Cinder is a razorcut A-line with fringe, with a dyable undercut hiding under the back- the single packs come with mini HUDs to change that to any solid haircolour, the fatpack lets you choose whether to change the fringe, the undercut, and/or the rest of it to any of the options (including the tips on the undercut). It also comes with tips flipped both ways, with the transition being nearer the roots or the tips.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; Versteck dress, Kunstkammer Sugar Skull necklace, and Schadenfreude Langwidere Spellbound skin on red; hyasynth Tiramisu for Crimson Shadow batpunk and retired Fleur skin on the black with purple)

Jinx is a somewhat messy bob-like haircut, yet another of the random bob experiments (maybe just a teeeny bit like what happens when I try to give myself a haircut). The tips come flipped in both directions on this one as well.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; ~silentsparrow~ Severina suite and Balderdash Whiskey and Plum necklace on purple-black; Thimbles Daddy's Girls shirt on red; unreleased skins)

These hairstyles are now available only on the Marketplace.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Electro-cute dresses

Bright colors and a floofy skirt make up the Electro-cutes (hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ once again comes to my rescue when it comes to naming things).

(Miriel eyes no longer available, Schadenfreude Nekomi hair, Lucent heels and buckle platform boots, unreleased skin and jewelry, poses by Lazy Places and Luth)

The singles come with a tank top (and dress top) with a graphic- I don't use a tablet much, I mostly use the mouse, but this was a fun little exercise in playing with the tablet again that actually worked out well. (Historically tablets and I do not get along, as they seem insistent that I actually shake like I have Parkinson's, and I tend to disagree. I think I've gotten to the point that isn't a problem anymore though!) There's also a plain tank top in a contrasting colour (to match the graphic) you can wear for layering, and a skirt with a petticoat to match.

If you go for the fatpack, well, there are 3 extra graphic tops in there, the plain tanks in the full 7 colours, and a HUD controlled skirt to let you mix and match the over skirt and petticoat to whatever you please.

The alligator and fish tank tops (just the tops, not the rest of it) are also in fishing around the elephant for those fisher(wo)men looking to sink some time in (and, of course, you'll find them all out in the elephant himself).

This isn't the last you'll see of the Electro-cutes- I'm wearing the matching jewelry in the photos, but it's not quite out and released yet!
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