Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Electro-cutes: Neckties

Bright obnoxious neckties featuring the Electro-cutes, matching all the patterns for the dress. They come in a traditional long tie, and also included in a short punk/lolita tie with chains and safety pins. Sold separately by pattern, or in a fatpack, which lets you change the whole shebang at a touch with the HUD, of course- and also works with the other necktie fatpack set, so you can make any of those become the short tie versions as well. Like the previous ties, all versions come with and without attached oxford shirt collars, with a colour change HUD to change to any of the oxfords.

(Miriel eyes, no longer available; Schadenfreude Oxford shirts in a variety of colours; Schadenfreude August hair on him, unreleased hair on her; unreleased skin, jewelry, and pants)

At the elephant!

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