Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Schadenfreude Juunishi Ice Cream

hair: KMH F127(kumibou.mayo) at Japonica
outfit: AGATA mode Hana Kimono (sora.tatham) at Japonica
hand: *katat0nik* (sick girl2+ / Slink / LT) BENTO Prosthetic Hand (katat0nik.pidgeon)
skin: [Luv:Ya] SARANG skin (banilacoco.francois)
eyes: {S0NG} :: Eyes (funeral.plutonian)
head: *6DOO* Human mesh head HUCI-01 (ondo.mode)
body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Original (siddean.munro)

Happy year of the rat!  At the Okinawa New Year Festival, ice creams molded into the shapes of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.  All ice creams have a bento pose to be worn in left or right hand (attach to the hand you prefer and they will pop into place), or rez at 1 LI each.  You can also find a free rat cookie, for the year of the rat, there.

Find then at the Okinawa New Year Festival until January 12.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Schadenfreude Kagami Nezumi and Kagami Mochi

Japonica is open for a winter new year round!  It is the year of the rat coming up, so a couple of rats are posing as the traditional lucky kagami mochi...replacing the mochi, kagami nezumi.  1 LI each piece, includes the rats in the offering tray, the two rats holding the orange separately, and the offering tray 三宝 and paper 四方紅 , together and separately.

The more traditional take is available as well, proper 鏡餅 kagami mochi.  Again 1 LI each for the stacked mochi and orange in or out of the offering tray, plus paper and tray, so you can set up different options if you desire.

Find them at Japonica until January 12 7am SLT.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Schadenfreude Sweater Piglets

This Year of the Boar, I'm bookending with piglets.  They started the year in Japanese kimono, and are ending the year comfy cozy in sweaters at the Okinawa Christmas Festival.

Like the kimono piglets, you can carry them around with you, or rez them at 1 LI each (and scale them up some and they still stay at 1 LI- they are a bit small at given for ease of carrying!)  Also like the kimono piglets, you can touch them and pick a pig coat- pink piggy, white with black heart shaped spots, or stripey little baby boar.

There is also a little free gift of jewelry at my booth (for you, not your piglet.  I do not condone piercing little piglet ears).

Okinawa Christmas Festival is open until December 26.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Schadenfreude Cozytime Mugs


Mugs of warm drinks for staying in, Snug as a Bug, at Collabor88.  The peppermint cocoa mug is full of a pepperminty white hot chocolate, and has a mug with raised hearts in 10 colours.  The apple cider mug has scooped up some of the spices added, and has a mug with raised stars in 10 colours.  Mugs can use each other's mug HUDs- so the peppermint cocoa can have stars, and the apple cider can have hearts, if you prefer.

Each include 2 versions- one with a bento hold to carry around with you, and one to rez at 1 Land Impact that will give temp rez mugs (in a random colour) to hold to anyone.

This December at Collabor88 until January 6th!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Schadenfreude Curled Ornament Tree

Wire ornament display trees for SaNaRae!  Each tree is 1 LI, there are versions with and without a few ball ornaments to get you started.

curled ornament trees

There are three styles of tree to choose from- a wall mounted version, and two tabletop styles, one with an extra base and one without using the bottom row to stand on.  Each is 1 land impact at given size.  There are distressed and shiny metal options for the trees, as well as a number of painted colours in brights and pastels.  The ornaments have two sets of textures with colour options- a matter style and a shinier style.

And a gift waiting you in my snowman!  Join the free SaNaRae group, and click the snowman for a reindeer piglet.  To carry or rez at 1 land impact each, touch for texture change options of piggie pink, heart shaped spotted, and stripey baby boar.

reindeer piglets

At SaNaRae from November 26 at 11pm SLT to December 16.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Schadenfreude After the Party

The After Paripi Fair asks what do you do after the party?  Me, I'm all about recovery- party hard and you'll need it!

mr hangover

Hydrate!  And some aspirin for that headache, and turmeric drink for the general hangover.  Mr. Headache Go Away! (頭痛さん 失せろ!) brand aspirin comes with an empty bottle, a bottle with pills, and a bottle fallen on its side.  Mr. Hangover Go Away! (二日酔いさん 失せろ!) brand turmeric is full of curcumin and vitamin C to combat your hangover.  Each individually is 1LI, and a set of the three bottles together at 1LI is also included.

snail facial

While you're there, hunt in the square for the snail facial, to rejuvenate your skin after your hard night out with delicious snail mucus.

The After Paripi Fair closes November 24!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Dulzura Boots

dulzura soft pack

Cozy over the knee boots to warm up your legs for this Autumn Comfort Collabor88.  The Dulzura boots come in 12 soft velvets, or a pack of all of them together.  The pack also lets you mix toes and heels to the same or different options, as you prefer.

Fits for:
Slink Physique Original and Hourglass
Maitreya Lara (experimental)
Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus
Female Standard Sizes xs, s, and m

Alpha layer included for Standard Sizes and BoM.

This November at Collabor88 until December 6th!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Schadenfreude Treat Buckets

happy halloween!

Most of these have been out for a bit, but a couple of them have only been available a couple of days!

There are so many treat buckets this year.  This might be my way of dealing with too much stress (ugh) and getting sick too much this year (it's been ridiculous, at least 3 times in the last couple of months?  And the air quality with the fires is messing me up even when I'm not sick-sick, I'd be cool with that stopping now, but at least I haven't been in real danger from it, unlike some poor people!)  But match your bucket to your costume!

the treat buckets

ANYWAY.  I do treat buckets every year.  They are free, and meant to be carried around.  Anyone can touch it to get a weird toy or candy.  It's all very silly, and it's tradition, since the very first year of Schadenfreude.

Basic bucket.  Elephant, on the dresser, as usual.

For my group members, a green bucket- activate your tag, sit on the mini elephant in the head of the big elephant you walk into, it'll take you to the super sekrit hidden group room, wherein waits the bucket.

For the members of the (free!) I (heart) the Starlust group, there's a purple bucket in the trailer.

For hyasynth's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds members, a bloo bucket.  In her house, "hidden" (in plain sight, somewhere inside the house).

For *katat0nik*'s group, a pink bucket!  Go to her sim, hop out of the store onto the ground.  Again: plain sight.

And then a few that do not require any groups this year!  Most of these events end REALLY SOON, so hurry.  CADERU ends in the early morning SLT on Halloween even!

I have a Linden home, one of the trailers!  You can find a grey bucket when you come to trick or treat.

A black bucket with red eyes awaits you at my booth at Hallow Manor.

A purple with neon green lurks at my booth at Panic of Pumpkin.

A crowned bucket is at my booth at CADERU.

And a crowned pink bucket at my booth at Gothical!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Schadenfreude Vitreous Peonies

Eyeball versions of the Vitra Peonies, for Hocus Pocus!

vitreous peonies

The Vitreous Peonies also come with chokers with the flower at either side, flowers for your hair, and a metal cascade (this time drippy, not necessarily with blood coloured gems, though that's an option!).

Hocus Pocus is a mainstore event, find the ghost (he's on the dresser in the elephant, not much to find!) say "hocus pocus" (no quotes) to him in open chat, see if he gives you this!  If he doesn't, you can come back tomorrow, or buy it now for 50L.

Hocus Pocus runs October 25-November 9, after which this will go to full price.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Schadenfreude Spooky Cupcakes and Vitreous Peonies in Heart Vase

Hallow Manor opened at noon today, and you can find some cupcakes there. 

spooky cupcakes

The spooky cupcakes come with 6 toppings to choose from, each with three flavours of frosting (6 in the pack, the cupcakes that share icing styles can borrow from the other).  The bat candies come in three colours, the pumpkin candies come in three colours, and the eyeballs come in 3 candies or three colours of realistic eye.  You can also pick from a number of striped cupcake wrappers and 6 optional plates.  With and without plates, all can be worn or rezzed with temp giver versions to feed your guests.

There is also a hunt going on at the Manor!   You can buy a HUD for 50L and hunt for keys and choose the prize you desire, pay a little more to skip the hunt part and go straight to the prize, or splurge for the great big HUD that unlocks them all.  My reward awaiting you is the Vitreous Peonies in a Heart Vase.  The petals are like the Vitra Peonies, but instead of oversized pearls, the centers look at you, with three eyecolours to choose from.  The heart comes in various metal options, including painted red, pink, white, and black.

vitreous heart

At Hallow Manor until November 1!

Schadenfreude Boney Shelves and Flederbat Banners

At Panic of Pumpkin, wall shelves held up by skeletal arms, in 5 lengths. The left and right arm brackets are also included.  Texture change with shelves and bones you can mix and match in pastels, bright colours, and 2 woods, plus a glass shelf, extra bone and metal arm options.

boney shelves

And my day for trick or treating is almost here! Knock on my door between October 18 at 8am SLT and October 19 at 8am SLT, say "trick or treat" and get these bat banners!  1-2 LI each, with 8 coloured options that you can mix or set all the same.

flederbat banners

Panic of Pumpkin is open until November 1, Japan time (so 8am SLT).

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Schadenfreude Sweet and Gothic Crowns

A pair of crowns for Gothical.  Each enclose a rose, and also include versions without the rose, and also plain without the decoration down the ribs.  All are texture change with crown metals in bright and more tarnished options and roses in brights and pastels (both natural and unnatural).

The Sweet Rose Crown has ribbons and ruffles- the ribbons come in a selection of pastel and bright colours, the ruffles can be white, ivory, or black.

The Gothic Rose Crown is a bit more aggressive, studded with spikes.

(item credits on flickr.)

Crowns can also be rezzed for decor, of course, and are 1 L1 each at the given size.

At Gothical until November 3 at 7am SLT.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Haunted Arrhythmic Heels

To Dance with Death this Collabor88, high heeled platform shoes with skeletal hands for the heels.  The Haunted Arrhythmic Heels fit high female feet for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya- and will require third party feet to wear.  There are also unrigged versions included, if you wish to attempt to adjust for any other bodies, but they are too high for System feet!

haunted arrhythmic heels

There are 14 options for the shoes, 7 dark solids and 7 patterns.  (Yes with the side toes and top toes, Bones have 7 toes in the feet.  but it looked too stark one way or the other without, and three tops on top just looked wrong!  So, 7 toes, it's just a touch of polydactyly.)  All include a HUD to change the textures of the skeletal hands- to assorted bone, metal, and black plastic options.

This October at Collabor88 until November 6th! 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Schadenfreude Andromeda Antlers

Fallen Gods is another year older!  12 years of beautiful skins in SL.  There is an anniversary market this year again, and I'm taking part.

andromeda eikthyrni antlers

andromeda ceryn antlers

The Eikthyrni and Ceryn antlers are all dressed up in stars for the zodiac.  There are 3 versions of the antlers included- with small hanging metal stars, with small hanging crystal stars, and just looping chains with nothing hanging.  Antlers include 13 texture options- gold, rose gold, and silver tips in black, brown, blue, and purple; plus a bonus solid untipped black.  Chains and stars include a bundle of options, stars can be all changed to the same, or mixed with up to 6 different star options on each antler.

In the rooftop courtyard at Fallen Gods for the month of October.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Schadenfreude Skull Fruit Bowls

skull fruit bowl set 1

For SaNaRae, skull bowls filled with your choice of 4 types of fruit- pomegranates, pears, apples, and persimmons.  Pears have two options, yellow and pale green, which can be mixed or set to all one colour, apples have the options of red and green, and can also be mixed or set to all one option.  The skulls have 18 options- shades of bone, metals, and ceramic options.

It is also SaNaRae's birthday celebration, so there is a free gift! Monster apples, with and without eyes (well, eye), in green and red apples.

monster apples

At SaNaRae from September 26 at 7pm SLT to October 16.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Schadenfreude Leaf Wagashi and Halloween Persimmons

CADERU is having a game for the autumn!   Grab a HUD, play through the story, get a bunch of prizes- the website previews all the prizes as well as new releases there.  I enjoy playing the games every time, they are super charming and adorable, and I'm happy to be participating as a prize giver for the first time this game!

halloween persimmons

The Halloween persimmons come with or without witch hats (green or purple hat bands), on plates and not, and have a HUD that lets you decorate their faces with stickers of a selection of eyes, noses, and mouths.  Each is 1 land impact.

leaf wagashi

The leaf 和菓子 wagashi are your gift for completing the story- japanese sweets shaped into 2 leaves, and will temp give copies to any who touch them, also including versions of the leaves to wear or rez as decor.   Each leaf, the plate alone, and the leaves on a plate with or without a skewer are 1 land impact each.

CADERU is open until October 31 at 8am SLT.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Celestial Teacups

the heavens in a teacup

Teacups for Collabor88.  The moon in a teacup, a star in a teacup, a heart in a teacup, and the sun in a teacup.  For this release, what you see is what you get, not scripted whizbang- I've been doing poorly (which is an understatement, I've been pretty much incapacitated for about a week, unable to manage much of anything).  Scripted whatnot may be added later...but not soon.

This September at Collabor88 until October 6th!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Schadenfreude Vitra Peony Choker&Hair Flower, and Ribbons

Flowers and ribbons for Whimsical!  Translucent ribbons to tie around your neck, your wrists, and your ankles, and wire veined translucent flowers for your neck and hair.

schadenfreude vitra peonies

The hair flowers come linked together and separate pieces, so you can arrange them however works with your hairstyle.  There is also a trailing metal piece to accent in with them if you desire.  Flowers have glassy translucent petals, which you can also make solid with the HUD for a different look, or if they conflict with other alphas you are wearing.  The choker has a version with the flower to each side.

schadenfreude vitra ribbons

Ribbons tied around your neck, wrists, and ankles.  Neck ribbon has the ribbon tied on each side, wrist and ankle ribbons include left and right sides.  Ribbons can be made solid for a different look, or if you are having alpha conflict issues.

At Whimsical until September 18!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Mahina's Moon Lamps

mahina's moon lamps

Metal crescent moons, filled with crystals, made into lamps, in two versions.  The Mahina's Moon lamp is a crescent moon tilted upright, the Mahina's Moon Bowl lamp is a crescent moon on its back looking up.  6 metal options, and multiple crystals in two styles, choose from the HUD.  Touch to light and extinguish an accent light.  1 Lamp Impact each lamp at given size, and a fair bit larger.

This August at Collabor88 until September 6th!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Schadenfreude Katoributa

katoributa key

蚊取り豚 mosquito pigs for the Okinawa Summer Festival.  Traditional ceramic pig shaped incense holders, known as katoributa or kayaributa, to hold coiled incense that repels mosquitoes.  You can touch the incense to pick a colour (green is traditional, but there are other scents in other colours, as well as non mosquito repellent coiled incense), and touch the pig to light or extinguish it, with smoke rising from the eye holes.  Except for the rack, which is 2 LI, each is 1 LI.

There is also an uberpack of all of them in copy format, if you want them all/don't want to worry about losing no copy versions.

At the Okinawa Summer Festival, August 2-August 31!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Schadenfreude Fruit Smoothie Jars

fruit smoothie jars

Fruity smoothies in glass jars for SaNaRae!  A pack of 6 refreshing fruits, blended down so you don't have to chew, topped with some solid fruit so your jaw doesn't feel totally left out.  Wear or rez- they have Bento holds to carry around, or you can rez temp givers at 1 Land Impact each, for display and to let your guests join you.  The straws are texture change, with a rainbow of solid and striped options as you desire.

At SaNaRae from July 26 at 7pm SLT to August 16.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Schadenfreude Gashadokuro Sake Barrels

gashadokuro barrels

More 菰樽/飾り樽 sake barrels for Japonica!  A bundle of bones from a giant hungry skeleton, to choose from or assemble in a stack- set all to the same, a random mix, programmed sets, or choose each individually.  You can mix these with other sets of sake labels for even more options.  They come in a few stacks as well as single unstacked barrels, so you can line up your displays as you please.  At about .65 meters tall per barrel (including ropes- a standard 4-to size, holds 72 liters), each object is 1-2 LI, for up to 6 barrels at once.  Extra shading options included for the obsessive for more stacking- left, right, or both shadows for next to each other, top shadows for stacked under more.  Blank textures for the outer woven covering are included for making your own variations- both around the back and the front design.

And a free gift at the venue, an eyeball floating in blood in a masu cup!  For display, 1 land impact.

eyeball in masu cup

At Japonica, July 1 - July 21, Japan time.  Remember though, Japan is most of a day in the future from SLT, so it closes in the morning July 21 SLT.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Cat Eye Glasses

cat eye glasses

Glasses for Collabor88.  4 styles of cat eye glasses- traditional cat eye glasses, scalloped bat eye glasses, spikey phoenix eye glasses, and notched wing chickadee eye glasses.  All come in your choice of 20 plastic frames; brights, pastels, and tortoiseshell; with clear glass and black sunglass lenses.  One piece objects for easy stretching, and objects with separate arms for fine tuning your fit.

This July at Collabor88 until August 5th!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Schadenfreude Summer Sake Barrels

For Japonica, decorative 菰樽/飾り樽 sake barrels to display!  They come in a few stacks as well as single unstacked barrels, so you can line up your displays as you please.  The summer set includes 6 designs, you can set all to the same design, randomize a mix, or choose individual barrels to change.  At about .65 meters tall per barrel (including ropes- a standard 4-to size, holds 72 liters), each object is 1-2 LI, for up to 6 barrels at once.  Extra shading options included for the obsessive for more stacking- left, right, or both shadows for next to each other, top shadows for stacked under more.  Blank textures for the outer woven covering are included for making your own variations- both around the back and the front design.

At Japonica, July 1 - July 21, Japan time.  Remember though, Japan is most of a day in the future from SLT, so it closes in the morning July 21 SLT.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Schadenfreude Inflatables- Skull, Angel, Bat

pool toys for summerfest

Some shiny vinyl fun in the water for Summerfest!

A skull shaped inflatable pool, with 6 texture options for the pool itself (3 sugar skulls, plus white, pink, and black), and 8 colours of water to choose from (including weirdos like purple and green).  There are a few versions of this- they can cast lights reflected off the water or not if you prefer, and they are 2 to 4 LI (at least 3 LI for the lights) depending on how many people you want to sit on them- if you want the maximum of 4 people, you need the 4 LI version.  SL sits are a little weird and not always helpful.

The rest all come in the same palette of 16 shiny vinyls to mix and match- pastels, brights, black, and white.  They have optional insets that have a very slight glow to them, and can be turned off if you want them solid instead.

The pool rings/inner tubes come in 2 sizes- you can wear the small one around your waist, and you can rez and sit in both sizes.  There are softly rotating floating versions, and vehicles that you can swim around in in system water.

The drink holders can be used at land or sea- they have floating rotating versions and static for land.  They come with and without a can to hold, each can has 2 flavour options in the same HUD as the vinyl controls.

And wings for you to wear to match!

At Summerfest until July 7!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Schadenfreude UFO Lamps

ufo lamps

UFO lamps for this 1960s Space Age Collabor88.  Texture change with options of candy coloured plastics and light bulbs, and some metals.  Each lamp is 1 Land Impact, with 3 heights of floor lamp, 3 drop lengths of ceiling lamps, and 2 heights of table lamp.  The pack of all of them also includes a couple of bonus UFO toys, without the light stands.

This June at Collabor88 until July 6th!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Schadenfreude The Borbs

For The Arcade this month of June, The Borbs!

The common Borbs are 1 LI each, rares are a bit more as they are more bits.  All Borbs can be held as they are in your left or right hand (the Borb Bao set is boxed, unpack it to find a piece for each hand), or rezzed.  They can also be unlinked!  So you can have chubby Borbs hanging out with you not nesting in your food.

At The Arcade this June!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Metal and Nugget Bangle Bracelets

bangle bracelets

Two sets of bracelets for Collabor88.  Both sets include 5 widths of bangle, to wear separately or to stack as you wish.  They both are texture change with your choice of 5 metals, the nugget set also has 6 stone options.  Change them all together or select sections to mix.

This April at Collabor88 until June 6th!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Schadenfreude Teacup Bunny

teacup bunny key

Bunnies hanging out in teacups (and a teapot) for SaNaRae!  In the gacha, you get what you see- a bunny in a piece of a tea service.  The jackolopes in the stacks can have their antlers hidden to be proper rabbits.  All can be attached to carry around, or rezzed at 1 Land Impact each. Bunnies can also be unlinked and separated from their cups, if you so desire to put their little bunny butts elsewhere.

You can also get a copy set of all the bunnies!  The copy set also comes with more- all the pieces to "round out" the set, that didn't fit in the gacha.  Teacups each come with or without saucers (except the Sakura teacup, which is both handleless and saucerless), empty or full of tea, and a stack of each.  The teapot also comes closed, and with an opening lid that is full of tea.  The teapot comes in 3 metal options, as do the crowns on the bunnies, and all the cups except Sakura also have a number of options.  Bunnies themselves also come with more options- there are lops in the copy set!  Everything is texture change with a HUD to customize with all the options, including all the bunnies and jackolopes.

All copy pieces can also be held- cups, saucers, teapot and bunnies in those each have a set hand to attach to.  Bunnies alone not in cups can be held in left or right hand- just attach to the hand you want and they will adjust into position.

At SaNaRae from April 26 at 7pm SLT to May 16.
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