Friday, June 21, 2019

Schadenfreude Inflatables- Skull, Angel, Bat

pool toys for summerfest

Some shiny vinyl fun in the water for Summerfest!

A skull shaped inflatable pool, with 6 texture options for the pool itself (3 sugar skulls, plus white, pink, and black), and 8 colours of water to choose from (including weirdos like purple and green).  There are a few versions of this- they can cast lights reflected off the water or not if you prefer, and they are 2 to 4 LI (at least 3 LI for the lights) depending on how many people you want to sit on them- if you want the maximum of 4 people, you need the 4 LI version.  SL sits are a little weird and not always helpful.

The rest all come in the same palette of 16 shiny vinyls to mix and match- pastels, brights, black, and white.  They have optional insets that have a very slight glow to them, and can be turned off if you want them solid instead.

The pool rings/inner tubes come in 2 sizes- you can wear the small one around your waist, and you can rez and sit in both sizes.  There are softly rotating floating versions, and vehicles that you can swim around in in system water.

The drink holders can be used at land or sea- they have floating rotating versions and static for land.  They come with and without a can to hold, each can has 2 flavour options in the same HUD as the vinyl controls.

And wings for you to wear to match!

At Summerfest until July 7!

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