Monday, July 1, 2019

Schadenfreude Summer Sake Barrels

For Japonica, decorative 菰樽/飾り樽 sake barrels to display!  They come in a few stacks as well as single unstacked barrels, so you can line up your displays as you please.  The summer set includes 6 designs, you can set all to the same design, randomize a mix, or choose individual barrels to change.  At about .65 meters tall per barrel (including ropes- a standard 4-to size, holds 72 liters), each object is 1-2 LI, for up to 6 barrels at once.  Extra shading options included for the obsessive for more stacking- left, right, or both shadows for next to each other, top shadows for stacked under more.  Blank textures for the outer woven covering are included for making your own variations- both around the back and the front design.

At Japonica, July 1 - July 21, Japan time.  Remember though, Japan is most of a day in the future from SLT, so it closes in the morning July 21 SLT.

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