Friday, March 15, 2019

Schadenfreude Sakura Pearl Kanzashi

簪 hairsticks and barrettes for Orientilika.  There are 20 options for metal petals and 33 for the pearls, in the centers and dangling.  Individual flowers can be chosen to change to mix colours within pieces.  These are a less spooky option to the Sakura Mori Neo Kanzashi, which feature pearl centers carved into skulls.

(credits on flickr)

Orientilika is open until April 7 at 8am SLT.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Grydde Tables

grydde tables

Wood tables for Collabor88, with study pedestal and trestle bases and diamond inlay designs in the tops.  Each table has a HUD with your choice of 5 wood shades.  There is a small square table, most suitable for display though large enough to seat 4 for dining.  The round tables come in 2 sizes, small (more useful for a display or side table) and large (which can also be used as a dining table seating 4).  The two rectangular tables include leaves to extend them, and built tables with leaves- the dining table up to 2 leaves, the banquet table up to 3 leaves.  Each includes all the pieces as well- the base, each side to slide back as far as necessary, and 2 leaves, as separate pieces to arrange as you desire.  The dining table seats 6-12 people with the extensions, the longer banquet table seats 10-16.  The longer two banquet tables (2 and 3 leaf options) are 2 LI each, the remainder of the pieces are all 1 LI each.

This February at Collabor88 until April 6th!
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