Friday, March 28, 2008

silent sparrow - Coronis

silent sparrow strikes again, this time with an utterly fabulous brocade ballgown, with oh so many options (including a shorter skirt for those so inclined). hyasynth is completely and totally fearless when it comes to patterns, and Coronis is certainly no exception. The grand skirt is huge, fabulous, and full of sumptuous layers (I just adore how it undulates with my hovering AO). The gloves have the most fabulous buttons and also have the leaf motif that carries on around the entire outfit, and there are no fewer than 5 corsets (two long sleeve, and two no sleeve, overbusts, alternating with a semi transparent midsection; as well as a waistcorset), a great short jacket, bloomers, socks...and everything else a girl could want (even the underwear is so lovely). This is the ash, which is black, black as my dark and tortured soul. (Although really, with brocade like this, it can't actually be that bad a soul, can it?)

I just heard about prodigiosus II, and wow, gorgeous. Pictures do neither the place nor the outfit justice, truly.

Of course...hyasynth gives us pretty frocks, and what do I do? Climb the nearest tree. But look at the lacing on the back there! Fabulous.

And the short jacket and the bloomers, letting my tomboyish side start to come out here- although hya tempts me to reveal far more skin that I would tend to otherwise.

(Yes, I know, I'm very sordid. The tree told me so.)

These dresses match the gentlemen's suit that was just released (which also comes for the ladies, for those of us who are far too likely to rip our pretty frocks because we can't stay out of trees). Here is ash, with only one of the ridiculous number of tails options. Seriously, it's a challenge choosing! The set comes with two shirts with jabots, one of that colour scheme, and one the beautiful black, as well as a vest one can wear with or without the jacket over. These jabots are fabulously painted, very rich. As you can see, the suit set has both the same brocade and the gorgeous leaf detailing and buttons.

Heh. I really do have to blog other things, but hyasynth is far too prolific...and tempting.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exciting new things are coming

Grand opening this weekend! I jumped the gun a little. Grand opening next weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

RFL Clothing Fair

I'm currently at the RFL Clothing Fair (in Autumn, at the moment), and boy howdy, that's a lot of lag. There aren't even that many people here (fewer than 20 in each sim, no one actually near me most of the time), and yes, I'm here attachmentless- goodbye AO, flight feather, and Tiny Empires; hello duckwalk, lime green system mohawk (with really creepy eyebrows when they aren't drawn on, I'll have to fix that), and bare feet. My settings are dialed all the way down (some round things look very unintentionally funny as hexagons). And still, I can barely swim through the treacle.

I'm sure all the scripted vendors aren't helping in the least, but I'm a little shocked it's this bad. I've been busting my ass on other things, so this is my first trip, and, sadly, I don't think I'm actually going to be able to see everything.

But! I didn't wait for the Clothing Fair to open to get one of silent sparrow's contributions, I popped right over to her sim the moment it was released. Claire de Lune, in mint. So, so, so very pretty. It's got all this brilliant delicate embroidery in it, and the most scrumptious mother of pearl buttons.

I went to Versailles, as it seemed a bit fitting- I've really got to have more delicate makeup for it though. And better shoes, if I'm going to try to stretch period to be able to kind of sort of slide in there. Mind you, dressed like that, I'm no doubt a courtesan. (I copied the lace sleeves and plopped some on the end of the capris- badly, because I was in a bit of a rush, so I'll adjust later, yay for copy/no trans RFL perms! Ok, even though I do usually wear it with big boots.) Even though it may not be a mohawk, and far more pastel than my normal fare, I love the hair. I sort of vaguely feel like a ridiculously foppish incarnation of the Doctor. I'm in ur timeline, being historically inaccurate. (Shoes Aphodite Creations, Vintish maybe? Yeah, sorry, my suckage brought about by trying to post and lag shop at the same time.)

Al here got in on the action a bit with the silver, which is one of the regular release colours.

There's also a special RFL colour of Spider Babies, but, the lime here is far more my style. (I ran off to Victorianna Castle for these, as it's sort of the opposite in colours, all white and red.) It has these brilliant fades, a great waist corset, and beautiful bows all over the place.

The bloomers are from the licorice set, which is also way too awesome for words. (Some day, maybe, I'll finish my brollies, but don't hold your breath.)

Some of Violet Voltaire's jewelry and crown are quite fitting accessories when exploring your gothic lolita side at the castle.

And look at that bow on the back! It's just plain perfect.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Revenant Dress and Suit, Geraldine Corsetdress, new shop!

I've opened up a new shop in Haute Couture, and in honour of the opening I've released three new sets I've been working on:

The Revenant suit for men (and, well, I've been running around in it myself a fair bit) comes with 12 jacket variations (tails/no tails, open/closed, open laced sleeves/closed laced sleeves/sleeves removed waistcoat), pants with optional sculpted cuffs for wearing with the underwear layer, a button-down shirt with a skull button, and 2 short fingerless gloves. Here's the noir, sepia and ghost later behind the cut I hope works:

(booN's NMR32 hair, Miriel eyes)

The accompanying outfit for the ladies consists of 2 corsets, over which a layer with tintable laces can be worn, 3 skirts (two of which have layers of torn bits and lace underneath), 2 pairs of long fingerless gloves, and a cropped shirt. Also in noir, sepia, and ghost, here's the sepia:

And Geraldine, a corsetdress with lacing down the back of the skirt, and optional netting skirt addons. Both the underbust and overbust corsets can also be worn as just corsets, without the skirt. I may release more colours in the future, I've been having quite the hastle getting things uploaded lately, currently noir, crimson, azure, and thistle are available:

(PUDGE's The Jill hair, Miriel eyes, Maitreya slinky stilettos)

And behind my first ever attempt at a cut so I don't expect it to work, the other colours of Revenant.

The suit:

The ladies outfit I'm calling a dress even though it isn't because I'm totally burnt out on this after all the refusing to upload the assert server was pulling:

And a quick guide to layers, because the contents may be sort of daunting (yeah, I'm obsessed with all layers, even the ones that seem useless):
Men's, left to right:
The closed sleeves jacket on the jacket layer (I think it might have been open, but who can tell from behind, the tails on the skirt layer, the shirt on the shirt layer, the pants on the underwear layer, sculpted cuffs
The closed open sleeves jacket on the jacket layer, the sleeve cuffs, the shirt on the shirt layer, the pants on the underwear layer, sculpted cuffs, long fingered gloves
The open waistcoat on the jacket layer, the shirt on the shirt layer, the pants on the underwear layer, sculpted cuffs, short fingered gloves
The shirt on the jacket layer, the pants on the underwear layer, sculpted cuffs, short fingered gloves
The open closed sleeves jacket on the jacket layer, the sleeve cuffs, the closed waistcoat on the shirt layer, the closed jacket bottom on the pants layer, the shirt on the undershirt layer, the pants on the underwear layer, sculpted cuffs, short fingered gloves
The open open sleeves jacket on the jacket layer, the sleeve cuffs, the shirt on the shirt layer, the pants on the pants layer

Ladies' left to right:
Overbust corset on the jacket layer, miniskirt on the underpants layer, ballgown skirt, longer gloves
Underbust corset on the shirt layer, corset bottom on the pants layer, tintable underbust laces on the jacket layer, miniskirt on the underpants layer, miniskirt prim, shorter gloves
Shirt on the shirt layer, miniskirt on the underpants layer, miniskirt prim, shorter gloves
Shirt on the undershirt layer, underbust on the jacket layer, miniskirt on the underpants layer, lolita skirt, shorter gloves
Shirt on the undershirt layer, ovderbust on the shirt layer, corset bottom on the pants layer, tintable overbust laces on the jacket layer, miniskirt on the underpants layer, miniskirt prim, longer gloves

Oh! And a semisecretbonus thingie- the gloves are with the corsets. For all but the underbusts with Geraldine, you can lengthen the sleeves when you wear them on the shirt layer, to add some sleeve poof if you want to wear a jacket over. (Same sort of theory as the glovelet cheaters on the shirt layer with the tuxedo corsets.) Also, I just hate looking at all that dead space that isn't used, it makes me itch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fashion Show

Tomorrow (the 19th), at 4pm, three new outfits will be unveiled (two for the ladies and one for the men, although I've been running around in the men's crossdressing on and off, myself), in a fashion show for the official opening of the Haute Couture sim.

I'm, erm, hoping to actually have vendor pictures and them set out and stuff when it's over, but we'll see. The asset server has been a spoiled little brat and been throwing temper tantrums at me a lot recently.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creepy Carny Skins

I hadn't originally planned to rerelease these. It was a great lucky thing at the time- just as I was beginning on the skins I had in mind for these ads, I heard about Another Fundraiser getting started, so I switched to using Eloh's templates so I could also release them for charity. I hadn't actually planned to sell them period, until I found out about Another Fundraiser.

However, I've been getting a number of IMs asking for them recently, which has made me reconsider putting them out again. They are up for a fair bit more than they were then- and this is going to be my policy when it comes to charity things (policy subject to change with no notice at my whim, of course), that, if I do release them after the charitable event, they will cost more (any sort of limited edition thing, of course, won't be released again). This is more incentive to you to participate in the charity!

These both retain Eloh's skintones, in Le and Re, and, as they are also mod, you can switch out body parts to mix and match (if you don't want the tattoos and nailpolish, for instance).

The stunning eyes, are, of course, by Miriel, whose new sim is opening soon!

Available in Juicy. OnRez will probably follow sometime tonight or so.

(I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of the RFL clothing. I have my eye on the green silent sparrow Claire de Lune, especially.)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Book meme

I was tagged by the ever lovely hyasynth of silent sparrow.

So the rules are…
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I read a lot of horror. Horror short stories, especially, are my bedtime reading (yeah, I'm weird), but I've gone through all my short stories (I have a tendency to get halfway through a book and then just read all night when I have book books, hence the short stories!), so I'm on a novel and trying not to read for 6 hours when I ought to be sleeping, as per my norm.

"Accepted, after all this time, that his sentence - regardless of the behaviour of journalists, or anyone else for that matter - hadn't been in any way unjustified. That that he'd received he's amply deserved. As though he were, at long last, confessing:
-His pathetic little cries! I had no right to harm Michael!"

Winterwood, by Patrick McCabe

This episode of no context theatre doesn't really give you much insight to the book itself. Although conversely, it is an important theme to those who have read it (in part because it's something that he returns to a good way, actually, as it shows his state of mind).

I shan't be tagging anyone, you seem to be doing quite alright on hitting everyone without me! (Actually, Kiki, if you read this, you're tagged. As are Apatia Hammerer, Gogo, and Melanie Kidd, because I haven't seen any of you answering it yet. Wow, that's even almost 5.)

Real content and stuff...sometime. I've still got my nose buried in a few projects that will see the light of day sometime soon (cross fingers). And! I think I've got my viewer working pretty well again, so I'm far less gloomy about that.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Problems with SL

I've had a lot of viewer problems recently. The regular viewer and the RC have slowly gotten worse and worse (the regular viewer became completely unusable, I moved to the RC, which was good...for a little bit, and then it too constantly crashed). I switched to WL, and dialed the settings down, and had a far more stable viewer than I've seen in about a year. Maybe ever. (The Beta Grid is still quite substantially more stable, but even it had a lovely crashfest yesterday.)

However, with the decision of LL to combine the RC and the Windlight viewer, I appear to no longer have the option of using the Windlight viewer. As of today, when I was forced to switch from the WL viewer to the WL/RC, I can't even _start_ SL in that viewer, it crashes before I even get to see a login screen. "Default settings have been set to recommended levels for your system" and crash. (I've filed a jira, but, considering how many crash reports there that were related to the other problem were effectively ignored and quite obviously not fixed, I am in no way optimistic that it will do any good whatsoever.)

I'm back on the regular viewer, because at least that I can log in to. However, it's still massively crashy. I may not be able to even use it for long (I switched to WL because it was less than 5 minutes in SL before a crash, and that's with me not moving my camera or my avatar in any way. If this continues, I'm effectively being locked out of the platform).

This is especially frustrating as I've been working on a number of projects, including items for a fashion show on the 18th. I've not given up entirely on SL yet, and am trying to find ways to continue, but at the moment I'm extremely pessimistic (having just crashed, again).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ki2 Sale!!

I've been in a weird mood in SL today, and have been walking around in uncharacteristic things. With Achariya's recent post, I've been trying to break out of my colour "safe" zone a bit, and been dressing up in random other colours (it still feels weird, to see Allegory in other things. And other hair).

Hence, I'm wearing RED. Ki2 just released a mess o' mini dresses, and they are all double plus cute. They've got great depth shading on them, and are an awesome wardrobe staple. Also, everything at Ki2's Sensual Productions store is half off this weekend, excepting these new minis, so run on over for some hott sale action!

dress: Ki2 Red MiniDress
tights: Ki2 Funky GrapelTights
hair: Cupcake! Deceit
necklace: Decollage Bubblegum Pearls (this may not be still available)
shoes: Tesla Elise2 Red (oh evil Lucky Chair, I have prevailed!)
hat: Schadenfreude Aviary Riding Hat, because everything's better with bird bones
pose: PUDGE Cory Feldman's mistress
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