Friday, March 28, 2008

silent sparrow - Coronis

silent sparrow strikes again, this time with an utterly fabulous brocade ballgown, with oh so many options (including a shorter skirt for those so inclined). hyasynth is completely and totally fearless when it comes to patterns, and Coronis is certainly no exception. The grand skirt is huge, fabulous, and full of sumptuous layers (I just adore how it undulates with my hovering AO). The gloves have the most fabulous buttons and also have the leaf motif that carries on around the entire outfit, and there are no fewer than 5 corsets (two long sleeve, and two no sleeve, overbusts, alternating with a semi transparent midsection; as well as a waistcorset), a great short jacket, bloomers, socks...and everything else a girl could want (even the underwear is so lovely). This is the ash, which is black, black as my dark and tortured soul. (Although really, with brocade like this, it can't actually be that bad a soul, can it?)

I just heard about prodigiosus II, and wow, gorgeous. Pictures do neither the place nor the outfit justice, truly.

Of course...hyasynth gives us pretty frocks, and what do I do? Climb the nearest tree. But look at the lacing on the back there! Fabulous.

And the short jacket and the bloomers, letting my tomboyish side start to come out here- although hya tempts me to reveal far more skin that I would tend to otherwise.

(Yes, I know, I'm very sordid. The tree told me so.)

These dresses match the gentlemen's suit that was just released (which also comes for the ladies, for those of us who are far too likely to rip our pretty frocks because we can't stay out of trees). Here is ash, with only one of the ridiculous number of tails options. Seriously, it's a challenge choosing! The set comes with two shirts with jabots, one of that colour scheme, and one the beautiful black, as well as a vest one can wear with or without the jacket over. These jabots are fabulously painted, very rich. As you can see, the suit set has both the same brocade and the gorgeous leaf detailing and buttons.

Heh. I really do have to blog other things, but hyasynth is far too prolific...and tempting.


Achariya Rezak said...

*grin* agreed. have you played with mixing up the suit and suite yet?

Allegory Malaprop said...

Oh yes, the corsets are delish under the jacket! And the "men's" shirts are a lovely more demure option with the skirts.

Alyx Sands said...

I just got both suit and gown yesterday and am looking forward to hours of mixing and matching.
My AO jump looks really fab with the long skirt....I went somersaulting all around the place for ten minutes yesterday!

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