Thursday, March 20, 2008

RFL Clothing Fair

I'm currently at the RFL Clothing Fair (in Autumn, at the moment), and boy howdy, that's a lot of lag. There aren't even that many people here (fewer than 20 in each sim, no one actually near me most of the time), and yes, I'm here attachmentless- goodbye AO, flight feather, and Tiny Empires; hello duckwalk, lime green system mohawk (with really creepy eyebrows when they aren't drawn on, I'll have to fix that), and bare feet. My settings are dialed all the way down (some round things look very unintentionally funny as hexagons). And still, I can barely swim through the treacle.

I'm sure all the scripted vendors aren't helping in the least, but I'm a little shocked it's this bad. I've been busting my ass on other things, so this is my first trip, and, sadly, I don't think I'm actually going to be able to see everything.

But! I didn't wait for the Clothing Fair to open to get one of silent sparrow's contributions, I popped right over to her sim the moment it was released. Claire de Lune, in mint. So, so, so very pretty. It's got all this brilliant delicate embroidery in it, and the most scrumptious mother of pearl buttons.

I went to Versailles, as it seemed a bit fitting- I've really got to have more delicate makeup for it though. And better shoes, if I'm going to try to stretch period to be able to kind of sort of slide in there. Mind you, dressed like that, I'm no doubt a courtesan. (I copied the lace sleeves and plopped some on the end of the capris- badly, because I was in a bit of a rush, so I'll adjust later, yay for copy/no trans RFL perms! Ok, even though I do usually wear it with big boots.) Even though it may not be a mohawk, and far more pastel than my normal fare, I love the hair. I sort of vaguely feel like a ridiculously foppish incarnation of the Doctor. I'm in ur timeline, being historically inaccurate. (Shoes Aphodite Creations, Vintish maybe? Yeah, sorry, my suckage brought about by trying to post and lag shop at the same time.)

Al here got in on the action a bit with the silver, which is one of the regular release colours.

There's also a special RFL colour of Spider Babies, but, the lime here is far more my style. (I ran off to Victorianna Castle for these, as it's sort of the opposite in colours, all white and red.) It has these brilliant fades, a great waist corset, and beautiful bows all over the place.

The bloomers are from the licorice set, which is also way too awesome for words. (Some day, maybe, I'll finish my brollies, but don't hold your breath.)

Some of Violet Voltaire's jewelry and crown are quite fitting accessories when exploring your gothic lolita side at the castle.

And look at that bow on the back! It's just plain perfect.

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