Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ki2 Sale!!

I've been in a weird mood in SL today, and have been walking around in uncharacteristic things. With Achariya's recent post, I've been trying to break out of my colour "safe" zone a bit, and been dressing up in random other colours (it still feels weird, to see Allegory in other things. And other hair).

Hence, I'm wearing RED. Ki2 just released a mess o' mini dresses, and they are all double plus cute. They've got great depth shading on them, and are an awesome wardrobe staple. Also, everything at Ki2's Sensual Productions store is half off this weekend, excepting these new minis, so run on over for some hott sale action!

dress: Ki2 Red MiniDress
tights: Ki2 Funky GrapelTights
hair: Cupcake! Deceit
necklace: Decollage Bubblegum Pearls (this may not be still available)
shoes: Tesla Elise2 Red (oh evil Lucky Chair, I have prevailed!)
hat: Schadenfreude Aviary Riding Hat, because everything's better with bird bones
pose: PUDGE Cory Feldman's mistress

1 comment:

Achariya Rezak said...

ooh, sexxeh allegory!

I'll have to go hit up Ki2 for yellow for tomorrow :D

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