Friday, February 29, 2008

New hat and jewelry set

I'm not entirely certain why I'm bothering to update the blog, because I can't get into either of the fashion feeds. iheartsl is down entirely, and world just keeps bumping me to the general feed.

No, you don't understand. I'm missing my sweet delicious crack here. I'm going into withdrawl. I usually scan the feeds multiple times a day.

But anyway, I doubt most people actually come _here_, and instead see me feedscraped. So this post may well disappear into the ether.


First, the Aviary Riding Hat. This is sort of evolution of a top hat here, this is an interim step on my way to my top hats. I hadn't drawn any lace for it yet, and eventually did, so here you go. All the textures are greyscale, which means it takes tints beautifully- there are a few tints thrown in for you, as well as a probably-very-confusing crashcourse in how to tint it yourself.

Koijini is the first thing to feature my new magic changey HUD, as well as the first time I'm actually using metal textures. I kind of prefer shiny, due to the fact it's way more dynamic than textures can ever be- but on the other hand, I'm stuck using the Windlight viewer now, and it took me a while to figure out how to turn shiny on! (Long story: short form being SL no longer likes my graphics card as of update a few weeks ago, and has become Monsier Crashypants with anything else...and I've really been scraping the bottom of the barrel on viewers when it comes to "anything else." Fingers crossed, WL actually lets me use SL without crashing in under 5 minutes, or turning half my face red and sculpties into huge amorphous blobs.)

But right. Back to Koijini. 3 metal texture choices, as well as untextured, 8 tints for all that, black or white pearls, and red/pink/orange/green/2 shades of blue/2 shades of purple choices for beads. The HUD makes it simple- just poke at blobs of colour with the appropriate label underneath and the magic happens (pearls take a while to cycle through due to thre being so many of them and trying to keep lag down- I may bite the bullet and go slightly more lag potential next time to try to keep that down- it still isn't _much_). If you want to change earrings and not necklace or vice versa, click on the label for the thing you don't want to change to grey it out (or again to reactivate). So, bunches of options, and a nice clean interface that you'll probably see on other things as well (since that was the whole point of taking ages developing it!)

Koijini has a second necklace in the box now, with skull and heart dropping down instead of the cross, for those who aren't so hot on crucifixes. Also, sneakypreview of that one is available in the Schadenfrude Enterprises group archive- it's only in one colour, but with the HUD it changes along like the rest!

Aviary Riding hat: hair is Valarie by Pudge; neck is a teeny weeny sneak preview of part of a hugeass thing I'm working on for a sim opening in 2 weeks
Koijini set: hair is Niela by Philotic Energy, which may well kill me with adorable as well as awesome colour change flowers; top is brokenhearts from silent sparrow
I'm lazy and unlinking in this entry, since I always do these writeups out of world.

I'm obviously trying something different with ads, trying to be a little cohesive here. It'll probably last a week before I decide it's too confining and get bored with it. (Ok, more than, seeing how infrequently I put stuff out for you people. I've got to get over my release fear.)

Hop on over to Juicy to see the newthings- La Reina's had a namechange, so same location, just a rose of any other name, etc.

I'm even wordier without my fashion feed crack. I neeeeed you fixed soon!

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Nissa Nightfire said...

Hi Allegory! I'm missing iheartsl too, and its the only feed I'm on!

I love, love, love this necklace!! It fits me perfectly -- was obviously made for me! Can't wait to put together a look for it :)

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