Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stripe Pants, and whoops I forgot about Jerry

So I'm slower than molasses when it comes to finishing things. I've been tweaking the &@$%ing sculpted cuffs on these for...months (seriously...the white ones? The first pants I ever made. I wore them exclusively for months until they made me feel a little too circusy all the time and made something more versatile). Note to self: trying to stripe match attachments = insane. And there was something else I was really hoping to get done by Mardi Gras, well, ha. Happy Mardi Gras, anyway! Make sure to party hard!

Striped Pants in a variety of colours, separately, or in a grand old fatpack of all of them plus the black on black, which are a fatpack exclusive.

I've been loving silent sparrow's Midnight Circus as much as I knew I would, but I've got this weird thing about wanting yet more matching bits. I mean, it isn't as if it's a skimpy set to begin with, with 2 tops and gloves and bloomers and skirt and boa and more more more, but while I was working on the striped pants now, recoloured that would go quite well with the top...So, groupgift! Join the Schadenfreude Enterprises group for the Stripe Pants in Midnight Circus (I forget how long ago my last random thingie was, there might be something else in there too). (I usually don't pimp my group, nor do I really really use it as much as I should, I forget new product announcements half the time even.) The Midnight Circus, as well as having darker black (you know, usually my blacks are darker than everyone else's, but not in this case!) stripes and the dirtier white stripes (if you haven't noticed, Ghost is a purely desaturated white, with no brown or blue overtones...and I'm anal about my colours), also has black piping along many of the seams to echo the piping on the top.

What horrible lighting in this picture. Please forgive my crappy photographer skills, and forgetfulness to make it sunrise. But look at those fabulous feathers! Midnight Circus is not part of the sale right now, it's on the first floor, go left as you walk in, then around that corner to the right. And make sure to visit the magnificent build at silent sparrow before it becomes something else! All those lovely gear and bird windows.

(Credits in the above and ads: Top, boa, and gloves are Midnight Circus by silent sparrow; eyes are, as always, Miriel; shoes are the fabulous Succubus by ::69::, which are going around the blogosphere because they are indeed awesome and even made me break my "no no mod shoes" rule that regularly makes me cry; tats are Monstrosity by Etch'd; as well as the bottoms to my Platform Boots in the back view because the (ahem, no mod) bows do stick out a little bit in the back though I'm wearing them still anyway; necklaces are the free Mardi Gras beads you can pick up at my shop in one of my early variants, I think they current have hot pink as the front knotted necklace in honour of LR; hat and earrings are things that I'm trying to get my ass in gear about and finish. Ha ha, not that you can tell at the angle in the picture, but that's something of a pun regarding the earrings.)

Also, I totally forgot to introduce you to Jerry. If you've been by the shop recently, he's the big skull on the top shelf, and he is also featured in earrings that I released a bit ago and totally forgot about announcing.

(That's the Tableau graveyard in the background, so we're continuing to be Mardi Gras appropriate.)

If you're still with me, be sure to swing by La Reina for your free Mardi Gras beads (wear them, and anyone can touch them for a necklace of their own!), which is where this stuff is also all out (alternately, you can get the pants from OnRez here, and Jerry earrings here). Valentine stuff gets its own post shortly.

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