Monday, February 11, 2008

broken hearted sparrow

Even though it's pink, and it has hearts on it, I couldn't stop thinking about silent sparrow's brokenhearts. It's seasonal, but candies and treasure hunt and belt aside, I'm not big on Valentine's Day...I can't say I've ever had a good one with a significant other (the best was probably with the sociopath, when we weren't even dating, so yeah, not exactly my favourite). But, time is running out to be able to get it, as it's one of the pieces that will be retired as soon as the redesign is up (and they've already started terraforming! Now you can't go beyond the sale section in the basement, the steam tunnels are almost entirely gone).

The first time I was at silent sparrow, I saw someone wearing the blouse from this set. I was utterly taken by it then, although I had no idea where it came from, or anything about it, at the time.

I've been living almost entirely prim free lately (I still can't give up my AO, which, of course, is actually worse than a lot of things, but duckwalk, argh)- no jewelry, system unboots (I might have to actually try to make a texture for them, but the heel shape doesn't really give a lot to work with), and even system hair, although I put on the prims to take these photos (and noticed that yes, I was chugalugging more, so off they went again). You see, SL has been becoming worse and worse for me lately, I regularly crash many times a day. They did something Very Wrong a few rolling restarts ago, and since then things have just been getting progressively worse (from the jira I'm thinking it's a memory leak, but the crickets heard on it from the Lindens doesn't inspire any confidence that it will be fixed any time soon). I've fallen back in love again with my collarbones, wearing the wide necked top from brokenhearts with no jewelry.

I decided I was feeling a bit Queen of Hearts, so I went to The Maze to show you this lovely set. The Maze is quite pretty, a sculpted hedge maze with some really nice stonework, couples poses scattered around, and do make sure you eat and drink things that tell you to.

"and what is the use of a book review," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

(Schadenfreude striped pants in ash, current jewelry project, and horribly ugly system unboots. Oh, and Miriel eyes, as she is my crack eye dealer of choice)

This set has the most brilliant detailing with the hearts, they're surrounded by lace, and the hearts themselves have the most delectable painterly texture. I'm utterly in love with the socks and gloves, as well- they were not neglected in the least. (69 Succubus pumps, of course)

Two skirts are included, short and long. I even finally broke down and made a skirt shape. I actually like system skirts in a number of ways- even scripted, flexi skirts only succeed in moving with you so much, and you can't spread a pattern like this across multiple skirt prims successfully. (That's a Long Awkward Pose pose)

It's also got the most wonderful knickers, so here you go. I've been wearing this corset underneath the blouse, and the knickers under my pants, the lace edging peeks out here and there. I'm generally not one for teh sexxxy, but I find it much more deliciously decadent than these teeny weeny things.


Achariya Rezak said...


I do love hyasynth's bloomers. A lot of them have ... for lack of a better term ... a "yoni patch." It's like she's putting a big arrow where the love is supposed to go :D

Anyway. Great post.

Allegory Malaprop said...

Haha yeah, even on the skirts there's the not so subtle LOVE GOES HERE.

And thanks :)

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