Monday, February 11, 2008


I think it's safe to say you've heard of Ghost by now- Triangle may be new, but she has a very distinctive style that's gotten a lot of notice.

I tried to attend the fashion show showcasing her work, as well as that of others, but glitchy SL crashed me, so I only got to see the beginning. I did pick up the gift she'd put out though, the Red Mid dress for Chinese New Year (which I'm sure you've seen, or you've been in a cave- but it's disappearing tomorrow if you haven't gotten it), as well as 7am which is quite a fab little thing.

Most of what she does are these gorgeous floaty dresses, softly chiffon, that fit the flexi skirt system perfectly- they breathe with you, and for once I actually like jellyfish skirts (I find many flexi skirts have way too much give for what they're trying to do- in these it's actually a plus!). The softness and the wildness fits her name perfectly, very ghostly. Her ads, with the long nails, often white hair, and exotic makeup, just add to this mystique for me, calling up all sorts of images in my mind of especially Asian ghosts. I suppose because it's way too stylish and exotic for the fuddy duddy Western ghosts with their sheets and chains.

If I look half this fabulous when I'm dead, I will be one happy (and gorgeous) shade.

My first exposure to Ghost was months ago, before she even had a location, with her freebies Prison Socks and the Dirty Snow dress. The prison socks are cute and quirky and unusual, and like all of Triangle's designs, verging into runway couture. Generally I'm not big on runway fashion and find most of it ridiculous and hideous- Triangle, however, pulls of a runway style that I actually like.

For Mardi Gras, I dressed up a bit (all dressed up and nowhere to go though, I didn't attend any of the parties going on, I just went flitting around the grid), with the Obscurita Femina free mask from Illusions (I positively adore the suggestion of bat wings), in her Zero dress:

(In Silent, of course. I grabbed the sock layer of my striped pants in, ha, Ghost, to cover up Alle's oh so white legs; the tats are Monstrosity from Etch'd, which is my current tattoo place of choice in large part due to liking her freebies, so when I was looking for something else it was the first and only stop I made; the gloves are from my Tuxedo Corset in Noir with the fingers ripped out, I'll have to do that properly sometime instead of using the messy sliders; and here again are the Succubus pumps from 69 that currently own me feet any time they aren't in big boots.)

Here I'm wearing both the prims for the tight miniskirt as well as the long tiered floofy skirt. It's sort of strangely ballgowny without being so stuffy, and unusually in a skirt this long, shows off a fair bit of leg with the way the skirt hangs. It's elegantly deconstructed, it's ruched and wrinkled and soft, the skirt fabric has a fair bit of ruching to it as well giving the whole dress a lot of interest without getting into a pattern. Curse SL for the transparency fighting, but it isn't anywhere near as disasterous or painfully obvious as it is in most skirts.

The red version of Mid's been blogged all over the place, being her new free release, and I've seen a bit on 7am as well. However, Dirty Snow here may be one of her first things, but it grabbed my attention.

(That fur coat may still be in my group archive, I did dawdle a lot on sending it out. I made it because I wanted to wear that dress, but wanted a jacket, feeling cold as I often do. The prims are quite fiddly for your shape, so it may take a bit of editing to look decent. With my Buckle Platforms, and an unreleased Digital Alchemy necklace that I've been dragging my feet on was actually "done" before I released the pendant pairs, when I first opened up shop at the Jewelry Expo.)

Seams may not be perfect, but we're looking at very early work here- it's amazingly ambitious to tackle something like that. Unless you're looking for them, the seams don't jump out as being miserable either, with the way the all over colouring works together.

Does anyone know of a good ice palace? This was the best I could find, and it isn't anything fantastic- there has to be something out there, doesn't there? Makes me miss my moo again, I built a little ice palace in it, although of course, being text the requirements were totally different. Because, see, this dress makes me want to sing:

He has agreed
To take me
To the ice hotel from the magazine

What we will need
Is a gleaming key
Made of ice as well
By the finest ice machine.

(In my tendency to run into the same words in this post, this is from The New Zero, by Rasputina)

Check out Ghost at Sensual Productions, currently the location that appears to have the most complete selection of her stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Allegory! Thank you so much! <333 I really really enjoy reading this post.

So far, i think you are the first one who tell me/read my minds about the ideal of GHOST! in my head correctly.

I really appreciate you acutually spent time observing my ads and details in it. I am so glad i ve met you and be friends with you!

Thanks for all the comments <3

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