Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony for Motif*

(hair by lamb; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; shoes by lassitude&ennui; pose by Lolapop!; ears, skin, eyes by Schadenfreude)

Motif* is a group collaborative effort that brings a number of designers together with a shared theme and colour selection. This month it's ice cream! In a selection of pastels with brown. From me, there's an outfit, gluttony lingerie with an ice cream pattern (this colourway won't be seen again after the event, but there will be other ice creams later!), with the matching corset, a skirt to make it into daywear, and a brollie with ice cream pattern (you will need a mesh viewer to see the brollie!)

At Motif*, with all the other delicious matching things!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starlust Gacha Carnival

There is a Gacha Carnival on a beachy boardwalk going on at the Starlust. As a native Starlustian, I had to participate, of course. There are currently 3 things from me, and maaaaybe another will be happening soon, we'll see.

Garter belts and stockings to match the Cirque Intimates:

The booths at the carnival are in a gacha too:

You can also uberpack both of these, for everything (in the case of the booths, allll the choices in any combination, beyond the ones in the gacha) in copy form!

And balloons! There are a bunch of balloons in there, cheap. All the single balloons (currently! I'll probably change the balloons in there the next event it comes out for!) are tied to your finger, and there are some bunches of balloons to hold onto more traditionally.
(clothing and tattoos from ~silentsparrow~; boots from lassitude&ennui; poses aside from right arm from {TERHO} and (pda)- {TERHO} poses are on sale on the marketplace right now, because Sakuradaw just joined the Lolapop! team!)

At the Starlust Gacha Carnival!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flux: Taxidermia and Apothecary

Lastly, there are the wearable dead things- jewelry with preserved remains.

(clothing and tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; pose by Imperial Elegance; all else by Schadenfreude)

A Doomed Flock set is divided up into types of flocks, or the entire set- each piece is named after a word for a particular group of birds (a parliament of rooks or owls, a conspiracy of ravens, a skein of geese, a clutch of eggs, a congress of crows, a bazaar of guillemots, a flamboyance of peacocks)- but these birds have met unfortunate ends, with their skulls saved and studded with gems. The magnificent bird skulls were made by Radio Signals, a brilliant artist, in and out of Second Life.

(hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth; pose by {TERHO}; all else by Schadenfreude)

The Preserved Widow jewelry set features cameos set with real live (dead) widow spiders, preserved and secured attached. Both the aforementioned sets have a selection of texture options, controlled with a HUD, for metal and beads and gemstones and pearls and spiders.

And lastly, the Momento Mori pin, a large decorated safety pin, with a Jerry skull bead dangling down.

After the event, items will be available at the elephant, and on the Marketplace.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flux: Taxidermia and Apothecary

We all need more taxidermy, right? The new Flux event was a great excuse to do a few more mounted animal heads.

The mighty Polar Bear, in 4 or 8 prims (the 8 prim version is a little fuzzier):

Texture change mouse heads, to show off your mad hunting skills (or to show off what a proud parent you are of a furry little catchild, perhaps!):

And a framed painting with a preserved canary on a branch mounted on it. Note: this item is partial mesh. (And also 3 dimensional, the branch and bird are not part of the painting)

For your pleasure, all this and more, at Flux.

After the event, items will be available at the elephant, and on the Marketplace.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flux: Taxidermia and Apothecary

The new Flux event is all things dead and deadly. I've got a tiny history of taxidermy as it is, and now a few more things added to that. My releases could be divided into 3 separate bits, and to save photospamming the feed, I'll be dividing them up into separate posts.

The first is a selection of dangerous plants! The lovely hyasynth Tiramisu and I drew a number of pretty poisons for decorating your garden. My contributions are the foxglove (Digitalis purpurea in three colours), and the pitcher plants (a mix of various Sarracenia- the only not poisonous of the lot, but it makes it up with its carnivorous tendencies)- and from her there is wolfsbane (Aconitum nappellus), deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale), henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), and a species of Datura.

Each plant comes in three types: landscaping, single one prim plants; potted, a single plant in a texture change pot (2 prims); and ground cover, a selection of three single prim multiple plants together. Packs of all types of each are also available.

And here are hya and me, dancing in a field of a mix of them, in an anime movie! (Skybox is one of the hidden prizes in Drowsy, make sure to go this month to say goodbye, as it is leaving forever at the end of the month.)

For your pleasure, all this and more, at Flux.

After the event, items will be available at the potting shed, and on the Marketplace.
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