Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flux: Taxidermia and Apothecary

We all need more taxidermy, right? The new Flux event was a great excuse to do a few more mounted animal heads.

The mighty Polar Bear, in 4 or 8 prims (the 8 prim version is a little fuzzier):

Texture change mouse heads, to show off your mad hunting skills (or to show off what a proud parent you are of a furry little catchild, perhaps!):

And a framed painting with a preserved canary on a branch mounted on it. Note: this item is partial mesh. (And also 3 dimensional, the branch and bird are not part of the painting)

For your pleasure, all this and more, at Flux.

After the event, items will be available at the elephant, and on the Marketplace.

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