Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starlust Gacha Carnival

There is a Gacha Carnival on a beachy boardwalk going on at the Starlust. As a native Starlustian, I had to participate, of course. There are currently 3 things from me, and maaaaybe another will be happening soon, we'll see.

Garter belts and stockings to match the Cirque Intimates:

The booths at the carnival are in a gacha too:

You can also uberpack both of these, for everything (in the case of the booths, allll the choices in any combination, beyond the ones in the gacha) in copy form!

And balloons! There are a bunch of balloons in there, cheap. All the single balloons (currently! I'll probably change the balloons in there the next event it comes out for!) are tied to your finger, and there are some bunches of balloons to hold onto more traditionally.
(clothing and tattoos from ~silentsparrow~; boots from lassitude&ennui; poses aside from right arm from {TERHO} and (pda)- {TERHO} poses are on sale on the marketplace right now, because Sakuradaw just joined the Lolapop! team!)

At the Starlust Gacha Carnival!

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