Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony for Motif*

for Motif*

(hair by lamb; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; shoes by lassitude&ennui; pose by Lolapop!; ears, skin, eyes by Schadenfreude)

Motif* is a group collaborative effort that brings a number of designers together with a shared theme and colour selection. This month it's ice cream! In a selection of pastels with brown. From me, there's an outfit, gluttony lingerie with an ice cream pattern (this colourway won't be seen again after the event, but there will be other ice creams later!), with the matching corset, a skirt to make it into daywear, and a brollie with ice cream pattern (you will need a mesh viewer to see the brollie!)

At Motif*, with all the other delicious matching things!

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