Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flux: Taxidermia and Apothecary

Lastly, there are the wearable dead things- jewelry with preserved remains.

(clothing and tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; pose by Imperial Elegance; all else by Schadenfreude)

A Doomed Flock set is divided up into types of flocks, or the entire set- each piece is named after a word for a particular group of birds (a parliament of rooks or owls, a conspiracy of ravens, a skein of geese, a clutch of eggs, a congress of crows, a bazaar of guillemots, a flamboyance of peacocks)- but these birds have met unfortunate ends, with their skulls saved and studded with gems. The magnificent bird skulls were made by Radio Signals, a brilliant artist, in and out of Second Life.

(hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth; pose by {TERHO}; all else by Schadenfreude)

The Preserved Widow jewelry set features cameos set with real live (dead) widow spiders, preserved and secured attached. Both the aforementioned sets have a selection of texture options, controlled with a HUD, for metal and beads and gemstones and pearls and spiders.

And lastly, the Momento Mori pin, a large decorated safety pin, with a Jerry skull bead dangling down.

After the event, items will be available at the elephant, and on the Marketplace.

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