Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Ornaments and Gingerbread Men

New ornaments for the wintery season, glass mushrooms to hang on your tree:

And some candles to clip on your tree- they do light up with little flames, but prim trees won't catch fire and burn your house down!

And this year, I finally got around to redoing the glass ornaments including the birds in mesh.  All ornaments are now 1 LI each (unless you scale them too large, and then, well, meshmath is funky like that).

Also, gingerbread men!  There are 3 styles, traditional with mesh icing buttons and cuffs, stitched FrankenGinger men, and a DIY set with and without eyes that lets you make your own icings for it (requires image editing skills- you have to be able to upload transparent textures for an icing overlay).  You can hold them in your mouth, you can hold and eat them, and you can rez a plate that distributes one to hold and eat to anyone.

All to be found in the elephant!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Creature Comfort Mugs

For my Collabor88's Snow Day, I decided to stay inside where it's warm and cozy and curl up with a nice drink in an oversized mug.  There are 5 different animal mugs: owl, rabbit, pig, fox, and hedgehog.  Each is texture change with 4 different ceramic options (all have pure white unpainted ceramic, and 3 painted options).  They all also come with a choice of tasty hot beverage: hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream, teas with a custom teabag for each, black coffee, and latte art of each animal.  They can be held in the left or right hand to drink from, and have an animation for each depending on where you hold it.

sofa by junk, clothing by pixicat for Collabor88, boots by The Secret Story, hair by lamb

At Collabor88 this month for Snow Day!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Piggies Return to The Arcade

The Piggie Wiggies have returned to The Arcade, and this time, some pigs fly!

Hair by Olive, skin and boots by fashionably dead, dress by katat0nik, socks by Schadenfreude

Seven of the piggies fly this time- Butterpig, Astro, Rocket, Wolpigtinger, Vampig, Pigaus and Pink Pigasus will fly with you when attached, or fly around where you rez them, instead of walking on the ground.  Pigmalion, Deviled, Tiger, Pigasarus, Windup, Juliana, and the Piggie Wiggie Bank can wander around on the ground or walk with you when attached, the Bank can also be used as a tip jar (when not walking!  Because having to chase a pig to pay him would be a little silly!)  The rares this time are a pig baby to carry around while it wiggles in your arms, and a little tiny pocket piggie who rides around in your pocket, which is tintable (and has a couple of base textures to choose from).  Astro and Rocket are 2 LI when rezzed, the rest of the piggies are 1 LI each.

Also at The Arcade, you can find a bunch of gifts under the tree!  My present to you is a plate of ginger pigs.  Rez them out on a table in your home, and anyone can touch the plate to get a ginger pig to munch on!  The plate of ginger pigs is exclusive to The Arcade, and will never be seen again after this round.

Snow monster by ~silentsparrow~ for The Arcade, milk bottles are also under the tree as a gift from 8f8 at The Arcade, vouboos and table by Schadenfreude

All to be found at The Arcade this month of December!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Digital Alchemy Pendants

lip stain by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, hair by tram

Collabor88 this month is Modern Alchemist.  Alchemy is something dear to my heart, it's this intersection of science and magic, with secret codes and symbols.  It's about physical and spiritual transformation, the search for perfection and eternal life.  In other words, it's a bunch of really neat things rolled into one.

I revisited some of the very very first things I made in SL- crouched in backyards behind people's houses who had rez on, because I didn't know what sandboxes were- necklaces with alchemical symbols.  Now they are meshed up (less building in places with rez on required!) with less seams and nicer shapes, and much nicer chains.  There are three lengths, with three variations of the two longer, so you can stack multiple necklaces in various combinations.  they also come with HUDs with ten metal options- 3 silvery, 3 golden, 2 coppery, 1 black, 1 darkened bronze- chains and pendants can be changed independently or together.

There are 16 symbols in the original Collabor88 release, more symbols to follow at some point!

The Seven Metals with the symbols of the heavenly bodies: Sun (gold), Moon (silver), Mercury, Venus (copper), Mars (iron), Jupiter (tin), and Saturn (lead)

The two other of the Three Principles (with Mercury): Salt, and Sulphur

The Four Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

The Philospher's Stone, the goal of the Work.

Phosphorus, trapper of light, provider of spiritual illumination.

Antimony, representing the wolf and beastial nature, and also a really great symbol all around (I prefer this more complicated one over the upside down Venus symbol!)

To be found at Collabor88 this month!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zirnitra boots

The Zirnitra boots are my offering for Seasons Story, the autumn session of which is running this month.  My favourite thing about them is the scaled clawfoot heel, inspired by the feet of bathtubs, with your choice of solid and glass balls to perch upon.

There's a fair bit of texture change action- the singles come with a HUD with one colour of leather upper and matching heel and sole, but you can add on extra pairs to mix them; but even just one also lets you change between 3 button metals, 3 metal heels, 3 wood heels, and 8 glass balls.

(hya made adorable little birds you can also find there.  We're both in the southeast corner.  The entire sim is full of lots of goodies to discover!)

on hya: hair by Wasabi Pills, top and newt by ~silentsparrow~, necklace by lassitude&ennui, eyeshadow/dress/socks/gloves by Schadenfreude
on me, undercover with dyed hair: hair by Clawtooth, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, dress and cape by katat0nik, bracelets by fashionably dead, rings by Yummy, necklace by lassitude&ennui, makeup/fishnets by Schadenfreude
trees and leaves by Schadenfreude

At Seasons Story until the end of the month!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treat Bucket

My very first year of Schadenfreude, not long after I started at all, I made a treat bucket to give away.  And I've made one every year since- this is the 8th bucket!

The bucket is waiting for you in the elephant, on the dresser.  Touch the empty owl bucket to get your own!  Then touch your bucket for sweets and silly toys!

At Havenhollow (hanging out in front of Jenkel's house)
tram hair, ~silentsparrow~ wings and tats, lassitude&ennui and Yummy jewelry, Curio Obscura tight dress AO standing pose (minus the holding out bucket), makeup/ears/mask/dress by Schadenfreude

This year, there are some sneaky extra buckets as well- a few VIP groups have special versions.  My group, of course, gets a bucket.  But there is also a bucket for hyasynth's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds, and the *katat0nik* group has a special bucket for you too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This round of Collabor88 is Spoopy Motel, spooking up the place in honour of my favourite holiday. I made a pair of nightstands and a pair of lamps for it.

Bed by Art Dummy!, modified.

There are normal versions, bare bones plain nightstands and simple turned wood lamps.  The nightstands include a HUD with 9 handle options, and 4 books- the drawers open and close on touch, one version also has a book inside the drawer, and you can choose any of the 4 books to be in the drawer.  The lamps have a HUD with 7 lampshade options, touch to turn on and off.

There are also a version of each for when you wake up on the fright side of the bed.  The nightstands have the same 4 books and optional book in drawer, but the handle has been replaced with a humerus, and the front feet are, well, feet.  The handle and feet change to 11 different options (2 colours of bone) with a HUD.  The lamp has the same 7 lampshades and also lights up on touch, but also lets you choose to make the bones match the base, or between two colours of bone.

Spoopy Motel is taking reservations at Collabor88 this month!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

RMK Gothic

There's an event going on at RMK Gothic right now, you do tasks and get coins to play a gacha for prizes.  You are an apprentice magician, and you have to learn how to do magic stuff!  One of the prizes is a witchy lil vouboo from me:

(You can see all the prizes at the official blog.)

Many people have been confused by how to do it, as RMK Gothic is a Japanese sim- there are some English instructions but you may not find them clear.  So I'm going to try to tell you what to do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miami Electric

In the 80s, I was into neon.  In a bit of a huge way- while most of my clothes were black (gee, how times have changed...), I had this weird horrible affection for don't-look-directly-at-it-or-you'll-go-blind neon pieces to go with that.  (Yeah...times really haven't changed THAT much.  I still have a few of those things...but not as many, and I don't wear them as much.)  This month's Collabor88 theme was all about that blinding neon in the 80s, though with more of a Miami angle (I never cared for Miami Vice, I preferred my cop shows to have talking cars and no actual cops).  I used it as an excuse to FINALLY finish something that's been pretty much done for years, but I didn't want to do the very last boring steps of to release: seamless fishnets. These come in leggings and gloves format, with Slink Physique appliers included for those of you mesh body addicts (and Slink hand appliers for the gloves, of course)- leggings means no fighting with your feet and having to stumble around in inventory finding the stocking HUD, though you're still stuck with fumbling for the HUD to show your gloves.

on pink: hair by lamb, necklaces and earrings by Yummy (one necklace and earrings for this round of collab), bracelets by Maxi Gossamer, dress by Nylon Outfitters (this round of collab), shoes/ears/makeup by Schadenfreude, pose by Label Motion
on blue: hair by Clawtooth (this round of collab), necklace by Maxi Gossamer, shoes/ears/makeup by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance
bed by Art Dummy, table by Trompe Loeil, phone by floorplan, purse by Baiastice, shirt with belt and organizer on wall by Lark (for this round of collab), notebook clutter by flowey, desk clutter/other floor clutter (which is mostly offscreen)/bookcase (also mostly offscreen) by Second Spaces, lamp by Schadenfreude

To go with, there are also a selection of fun bright eyeshadows in the colours of this round.

white boots from Fashionably Dead; jewelry not already credited in the previous picture on flickr from Yummy, Maxi Gossamer, and Schadenfreude; clothing not previously credited from The Secret Store, Pixicat, and Baistice; fuzzballs from MishMish

Fishnets in your choice of 6 colours and 8 packs of eye shadows in 4 colours at Collabor88 this month!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Forest Masquerade at The Arcade

Mask for The Arcade
Hair, Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Tattoos, ~silentsparrow~
Makeup, Schadenfreude
Kimono, Pixicat
Bracelets, lassitude&ennui
Shoes and Wings, Schadenfreude
Pose, flowey. (from chapter two: possessed pose prop)

The Arcade is running this month, and I made 9 masks to win for it.  Masks can be worn or hung on the wall as display.  Each display mask is 1LI, and when rezzed on the ground will have a hanger, hanging ribbons, and shadow prim.  Touch for options to hide hangers and ribbons, as well as changing ribbon colours from the ones I chose to match each mask.  Worn masks are just masks- there are ribbons to tie around your head available as a gift at the venue (plus some extra makeup bits and nose alphas).

hair by lamb, skin by fashionably dead

Each mask is texture change with 12 mask texture options (because 9x12 is toooo many for a gacha!)

wolf plushies from ~silentsparrow~, book stacks on table from vespertine, book on top of pig chair from Intrigue Co. from ~silentsparrow~&Schadenfreude, pigpunzel chairs and teacup piglet from Ohmai, coaster from MudHoney (yes, I'm one of THOSE people, don't mess up my nice wood table with your water rings!), table from RazzBerry Inc.

At The Arcade this month!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Beware the Sirens

"First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and children will never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a great heap of dead men's bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them."

-Homer's Odyssey, book XII

Blue siren's tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, lips and brows by Buzzeri, hair by little bones, earrings by adoness, bracelets by Yummy and LOULOU&CO, hair feather by Scribble (unavailable), necklace/ears/gloves by Schadenfreude
Dark siren's skin by tres blah, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, lipstick by Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88, necklace by Yummy for Collabor88, hair by Scribble (unavailable), bracelet by Schadenfreude
poses by marukin and Luth (I think Luth is closed now)

This month, Collabor88 is an extra big birthday round: all the guests from the past year have been invited back, and we are holding it in the larger venue from last year.  There's a lot to see!  The birthday theme is Homer's Odyssey, and I drew my inspiration from the Sirens who lure sailors to death with their songs.  While they've become equated with mermaids, the Sirens were actually bird women, not fish women, companions of Persephone who failed to save her from abduction by Hades.  Their song is their lament at their loss of her, achingly beautiful but full of terrible longing that breaks the hearts of all who hear it.

From Collabor88: hair by lamb; short necklace by Cae; makeup and dress by Schadenfreude
skin by tres blah; long necklace and bracelets by lassitude&ennui; pose by Imeka

From Collabor88: hair by Nylon Outfitters; skin by Glam Affair; necklace, earrings, and tiara by Yummy; makeup and dress by Schadenfreude
bracelets by lassitude&ennui; pose by ~N~ (no longer available)

Feathers hint at scales in a mermaid skirt style, referencing both their avian and aquatic natures.  The dresses are materials enabled and come in 9 colours for the event: the 6 solids of the colour palette and 3 colour combinations, each named after a goddess with a connection to the three patron gods of this round- Athena, goddess of wisdom and daughter of the god of the heavens, Zeus; Amphitrite, goddess of the saltwater seas and wife of the god of the waters, Poseidon; and Persephone, goddess of the death and rebirth cycle of nature, and the Queen of the god of the underworld, Hades.  They come in the 5 Standard Sizes for women, and also include VERY EXPERIMENTAL Fitted Mesh versions for men and women.  Fitted mesh is VERY picky around certain areas where this dress is cut (it may move and resize...but not in the direction or to the same degree as the avatar), so it will not fit properly unless you adjust yourself to suit it in those areas!  Gentlemen, I imagine you're used to nipping and tucking as if your life depending upon it if you want to fit into a dress as it is, but these are more for the Milk than for the Divine.

(left skin by Belleza, middle skin by Tres Blah, right skin by Birdy,
layered hairbases by Ohmai and Nylon Outfitters)

(left skin by Belleza, middle skin by Tres Blah, right skin by Birdy,
layered hairbases by Ohmai and Nylon Outfitters)

(left skin by Belleza, middle skin by Tres Blah, right skin by Birdy,
layered hairbases by Ohmai and Nylon Outfitters)

From Collabor88: hair by Olive; horns by Half-Deer; tiara and necklace by Yummy; dress and makeup by Schadenfreude; pose by Kirin
bracelets by Balderdash

To go with the dresses this round are tattoo layer makeup in a matching colour palette, named after the sorceress Circe, who turned Odysseus' crew into swine upon their visit to his island.  Each makeup pack contains three colours- one each of the solids to represent that realm in the palette of the round, and one to match the goddess chosen for it.  All come with and without forehead and cheek contouring (the forehead and cheek contouring also come separate for more laying options), and with and without strong flat black brows.

All to be found at Collabor88 this month.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


skin and boots (with socks) from Fashionably Dead; hair by Ohmai!; dress by katat0nik; jewelry by ~silentsparrow~/~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude

Received Items is holding a Where the Wild Things Are gacha event that I am a part of- I made animated wombat pets for it.  They are along the same lines as the piggies: wear and they will hang out with you and follow you as you walk around, rez then and you can pick to have them stand around or wander in a set area.  The Magic wombat matches hya's roo rats for the same event (no great surprise: we are next to each other at the venue), as does the flightless wom-bat a little bit (the wings are just for show, he doesn't fly, like a kiwi!)  Rosa, of course, uses hya's hand-drawn floral fabric and matches the other critters in the Rosa pattern from hyasynth and myself.  You can find a key of the gachas at the event at the Received Items page.

The wombats can be found at Where the Wild Things Are until August 10!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival

Like the Cupcake Festival, the Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival is a bake sale with "art food" that will only be available for the duration of the event.  A bunch of people applied to make donuts for it, so there are lots of fun baked goods to be had!  I made stacked and decorated donuts inspired by matryoshkas, Russian nesting dolls.  You can also see hya's donuts here, with birdy donut holes!

The Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival runs from July 13 to July 27, after which all the donuts will be gone forever.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

WildThing Satchels

This round of Collabor88 is "safari" with a bunch of browns (I'm not into brown, sorry.  I've tried, it's just not my thing).  I had a bunch of competing ideas ( always) but this won out- well, I just wanted to do it because it was more FUN.  Though I'm laughing a little bit about all the "obvious" ideas that I avoided expecting multiple people to do them...and no one did!

(on Zebra: hair and mask by Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88, dress by katat0nik, jewelry by lassitude&ennui, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, stockings by Schadenfreude, pose by !bang
on Tiger: mask by Nylon Outfitters for Collabor88, hair by Milk, shirt by C'est la vie!, skirt by ISON, necklace by adoness, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, tights by Atomic, pose by PURPLE POSES for Collabor88
curtain by Relic [closed], chairs by Trompe Loeil for Collabor88, deer skull and painting by Scribble [closed], suitcase with books by vespertine, steer skull by TESLA [free amazing gift even!], boxes by barnesworth anubis, table and lamp by Schadenfreude [not currently available])

Anyway.  Bags!  Stuffed animals fashioned after big cats, made of hand dyed fake fur to bring out the character of the inspiration.  There are three: a golden leopard, an orange tiger, and a black panther.

The bags are rigged with fitted mesh, in versions to fit the male and female base avatars (the boob slider works impressively well!), and there are also two modify enabled unrigged versions for more adjustment.

wall hanging and map with binnoculars (and compass) from floorplan&theosophy, mirror from tarte., mask from Nylon Outfitters, chair and trunk table from Trompe Loeil, table and lamp and bag from Schadenfreude)

At Collabor88 this month!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Kraken] To the Lighthouse

Collabor88 this month is To the Lighthouse- but these boats days of actually going to the lighthouse is over, they've been repurposed into furniture.  Bookcases in two sizes, and a coffee table (proper boats will happen eventually, but I'll need the time to futz around with scripting and posing and such first).

Loveseat by floorplan, also for Collabor88, house by Trompe Loeil.

The large bookcase comes with three clusters of books, the smaller comes with two clusters- each is a separate piece so you can redecorate your shelves as you wish, they just start you off with some low prim things to fill some of the space.  All are sly references to Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse (the books with the R, for instance, are books for each of the Ramsay children), the lantern that comes attached to one of the book sets with the small bookcase can be lit and extinguished on touch.  All pieces come in three colours, each colour has the books and pieces retextured a little.  The Silent set are all greyscale- aside from one purple book (which is always purple, Tansley's book).  All pieces come with two variants, with and without darker coloured trim.

skybox and repurposed shipwheel by tarte. for Collabor88
Vintage End Table by Trompe Loeil for The Arcade
antique telephone by floorplan. (past Arcade)
Beachcomber Shelf for Collabor88 and Maritime books (past Arcade) by Lark
Seahorse Candlestick by BALACLAVA!! for FLF
Nikka leather sofa by [ARIA] for Collabor88
Betta Fish Plush by ~silentsparrow~
Wolf sketch by Wilds of Organica for The Arcade
Slon Rug by ANE for The Arcade
[Kraken] To the Lighthouse shelves and table for Collabor88, Tako Tea Set, sunscreen bottle, vouboo, bunbit, sparrows in bircage, and rustic chandelier by Schadenfreude

To be found at Collabor88 this month.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Vestday and some motivation

Vestday again!  The vests this time have been joined by motivation on a string- food dangling from sticks to carry around with you.  Five variations are included: two flavours of cake, two types of apple, and a carrot.  They can be held in the left or the right hand, for whatever luring is most convenient!

And vests!  The leopards' last hurrah, snow and black.

On him: Dura hair, Clef de Peau skin, ~silentsparrow~ trousers, Schadenfreude ears and shirt, Luth pose
On her: lamb hair, Fashionably Dead skin and makeup, Balderdash short necklace, Yummy long necklace, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos and jeans, lassitude&ennui boots, Schadenfreude ears, PurplePoses pose

At the elephant, this Friday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to The Arcade

Another round of The Arcade is upon us!  All this month, Archie has again opened up his seaside arcade full of gacha machines of all sorts of wonderful things for you to win.  I made pigs!

hair by Clawtooth for Collabor88, skin by Fashionably Dead, glasses by katat0nik for The Arcade, necklaces by Balderdash and lassitude&ennui, shirt by Tee*fy for Collabor88, pants and tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, boots by lassitude&ennui, pose by Luth, edited

All common Piggie Wiggies can be worn, and they will follow you around, running on their chubby little legs to keep up when you walk around (they won't fly with you though!  Because pigs don't fly....YET.  I failed in my attempts to teach these piggies to fly, but I have some more pigs who are still trying to learn, who you may see at a future round!  Yes...there were originally more pigs, but I was running into problems figuring out the scripting, so a bunch of them will wait until later...and this is really enough pigs for one machine anyway!), and stand around with you when you are standing around, because they love you.  You can also rez them, and choose how they act- they can stand around still in your choice of 7 poses, they can stand around and fidget a little bit, and they can wander around in a radius you set.  Touch to set Home, and the radius, and they will wander around randomly in their chosen area.  I'm kinda super proud of myself for FINALLY figuring out how to script the movement- I've been putting it off for years, finding other workarounds so I didn't have to do it, so even if I didn't crack flying yet, I'm calling it a win.

Technical notes: animated mesh glitches sometimes, and it's really annoying.  It happens to all of it (even sometimes when it's not animated!), and I've minimized it as much as possible, but if you have problems with your piggie glitching out and disappearing, choose Wander (Still) for walking instead, and he will still move around but his little legs won't run back and forth, he'll glide.  This is mostly provided as an extra paranoid possibility, as they aren't disappearing for me anymore, but since it's not a consistent issue and depends on a bunch of factors, I included this just in case!

Rosa Piggie Wiggie has the same Rosa pattern drawn by hyasynth Tiramisu that you can find on some of the other stuffed critters from both of us.

Teddie from ~silentsparrow~ (regular release, in shop), Pwnie from ~silentsparrow~ (previous Arcade, in shop), Storybook Crown from me (previous Arcade, in shop), Dragon from ~silentsparrow~ (current Arcade, opens in a few hours!), Piggie Wiggie from me (current Arcade, opens in a few hours!), Chibi Cat from me (previous Arcade, in shop), Deer-ee from ~silentsparrow~ (in the Schadenfreude Christmas stocking last year- you'll have to find someone with it and click forever to get it!)

This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to Market is a rare little piggie in a shopping bag, as he returns from his market trip.  You can carry him around in his bag, or you can unlink him and carry him around (he's a little wiggly, but he hasn't managed to escape!)  You can also click him to make him stay still for photos.
The Mounted Pigalope is not animated, after all, he's a head on your wall. You can touch for texture change options of 2 woods and 6 antlers, and if you have a HUD from the Ceryn antlers, you can also choose an option in the menu to make him listen to that, for more antler possibilities.

You can visit the piggies on Nouveau, a few of them have gotten loose on our side of the island!  And there's a mounted pigalope inside Pig (there's a giant pig statue out front, hard to miss)- Miss Hammerer had something to do with the pigalope (and, really, the pigs entirely, I decided we needed pigs for Pig).

The Dragon Picnic <3

(I'll leave you with a picture hya took of some of the stuff you can find at The Arcade!)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

You'd better duck, when I show up, the GooGooMuck

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, I turn into a teenage GooGooMuck.

For Collabor88 this month, a pair of shoes and matching purse.  Both come in white polka dots on this month's theme colours, and 5 other patterns (poodles in pink and blue, skulls, retro fishies, and vintage Starlust- those of you who've been around a while might recognize some of the Starlust landmarks of days past: Fashionably Dead's dinosaur, the Pudgeburger, and one of the many incarnations of Thimbles).

Our hair by Clawtooth for this round of Collabor88.  The drape's in glasses and a necklace by Yummy, sweater by C'est La Vie, scarf by Katat0nik, skirt by Maitreya, stockings by Luxuria, pose by Luth.  The square's outfit and glasses are as well, skin by Fashionably Dead, pose by ploom.
Plant by artilleri, sideboard and lounge by floorplan, lamp and flamingo by Schadenfreude

The shoes come with a HUD- with just a single shoe, you have the option to change the soles between black and tan, and the heels between the pattern and a solid fabric.  If you have more than one, then you can start getting more creative- all HUDs will interlock (you can choose Add instead of Wear, and they will stack around each other), giving you the ability to change the base of the shoe and the trim as well.  There's also a pack of all 10 in one HUD for all the options for this round.  The shoes include versions for Slink feet, and versions for System feet, so you're covered either way (both pairs are also modify, so you can adjust them if you need to for a different foot size).

The purses also come with a HUD- if you just grab one, it's useless though!  If you have more than one, or the pack of all the options, you can mix purse base fabric and straps, so you aren't just locked into my choices.  The purses come with 5 hold options, left and right arms down, left and right hooked over the crook of the arm, and left holding up in the hand.  There are also 2 versions to rez, with the straps down instead of the purse hanging down from them, one closed, and one open.

This round of Collabor88 ends the 6th, to make room for the next!
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