Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zirnitra boots

The Zirnitra boots are my offering for Seasons Story, the autumn session of which is running this month.  My favourite thing about them is the scaled clawfoot heel, inspired by the feet of bathtubs, with your choice of solid and glass balls to perch upon.

There's a fair bit of texture change action- the singles come with a HUD with one colour of leather upper and matching heel and sole, but you can add on extra pairs to mix them; but even just one also lets you change between 3 button metals, 3 metal heels, 3 wood heels, and 8 glass balls.

(hya made adorable little birds you can also find there.  We're both in the southeast corner.  The entire sim is full of lots of goodies to discover!)

on hya: hair by Wasabi Pills, top and newt by ~silentsparrow~, necklace by lassitude&ennui, eyeshadow/dress/socks/gloves by Schadenfreude
on me, undercover with dyed hair: hair by Clawtooth, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, dress and cape by katat0nik, bracelets by fashionably dead, rings by Yummy, necklace by lassitude&ennui, makeup/fishnets by Schadenfreude
trees and leaves by Schadenfreude

At Seasons Story until the end of the month!

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