Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Mint Madness!


(minty tats from ~silentsparrow~, minty bra and sweater from Pig, minty wings from Lazy Places, minty jewelry from Lolapop!, hair and mouth mint from MiaSnow)

March Mint Madness Poster

(those minty tattoos from ~silentsparrow~, those minty undies from Pig)

It's time for Mint Madness! MiaSnow invited a bunch of people to make mint themed items, and I was one of the lucky invitees. And lo, there was mint. From me, there's a corset, necktie, floofy skirt outfit, 2 sets of makeup, sparrow, and eyes. The mint Oxford is also there on sale, and one of the mint feather boas (which is totally a different shade of mint, but regardless!) Mint Madness starts 10am March 10, and runs until March 30 on Twomoons Island.

(more of the ~silentsparrow~ tats, SMERSH shoes, Split Pea head flowers for Project I can't spell Themeory, poses mostly by Lazy Places and some by Imperial Elegance and I think one by LAP, and the rest is random Schadenfreude stuffs)

And since hya and I both drew mint for the event, there's a pair of framed prints for decorating your home.

See the mint on Twomoons Island!

(After the event, selected items will be available on the Marketplace.)
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