Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amortentia Stockings and Aqua Koi Corset

(hair by Calico Ingmann, beta skin, Lucent heels, Strix skirt. Cheesy extra Valentine a silly reference to the name of the Stockings (which are in turn the most obvious of the theme to the Stumblebum items' naming choices!))

Striped mid-thigh stockings, in pairs of sheer and opaque- the Rose stockings from Stumblebum make a reappearance in other colours (with a bit of restriping of the feet...). 12 colours to match a little bit of everything!

(Schadenfreude Lucent Heels, and a combination of bottoms from Scribble, ~silentsparrow~, and Schadenfreude. Tail you can barely see from Gritty Kitty. Poses from Luth and LAP)

New room time! I excavated a new room in the basement because I ran out of space, oh, months ago and just hadn't gotten to opening up a room yet. Aqua koi wallpaper in the room, which means a matching corset to wallpaper yourself:

(Fashionably Dead hair, which is AWESOME, Toast is amazing at the sculpting hair. Schadenfreude Koijini necklace and Bixin trousers, unreleased skin)

Out at the elephant!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seith and Viburnum

The rest of the colours for the Stumblebum exclusives! (These won't be going poof, I'm keeping them around.)

Viburnum is a sculpted leather top hat, laced down the back, brim laced to crown. Texture change with HUD with 10 options.

(unreleased skin; ~silentsparrow~ Lysander suit; Schadenfreude Tish and Thom hair, Skeletonflake eyes)

The Seith Jacket is a cousin to the laced sleeve jacket of Revenant, leathery to its cloth, cropped instead of long and tailed, and in a more colourful selection.

(on her: ~Scribble~ Folk Dance dress; Schadenfreude Tish hair, unreleased skin
on him: Nomine skin, Schadenfreude Moroi pants, Thom hair, Skeletonflake eyes, Viburnum Top Hat)

At the elephant, of course.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Stumblebum Valentine

This time Stumblebum is a whole week (it ends Friday!), so I've been tardy telling you about it, what with other things! Once again, hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ have been Stumbling together, with coordinating dusky rose pieces. There are lovely Kurai Tart pieces (bodice, skirt, and armwarmers) from her, and a quartet of items from me.

The Viburnum Top Hat and Seith Jacket in Rose- other colours were also released this weekend, but the Rose will never be seen again after Friday:

The Amortentia Stockings are alone, for now: there will be similar striped stockings at some point in the not too distant future, but these particular ones won't be appearing again!

And the Conqueroo trousers are a hybrid between the pants found in Moroi, and those in Bixin.

This week's Stumblebum exclusives will disappear forever on Friday, from all the shops involved (and there are quite a few!) Stop by the elephant for this week's list of participants!

Friday, February 12, 2010

50L Friday!

It's Fifty Linden Friday at Schadenfreude again. And in honour of the most sickeningly pink of all holidays, it's time for...more pink!

You can get these, and a list to all participants this week, at the elephant.

There's also the Second Annual Starlust Valentine's Day Hunt going on! So you might want to talk over to the lobby and grab your HUD to get started while you're there.

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.
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