Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seith and Viburnum

The rest of the colours for the Stumblebum exclusives! (These won't be going poof, I'm keeping them around.)

Viburnum is a sculpted leather top hat, laced down the back, brim laced to crown. Texture change with HUD with 10 options.

(unreleased skin; ~silentsparrow~ Lysander suit; Schadenfreude Tish and Thom hair, Skeletonflake eyes)

The Seith Jacket is a cousin to the laced sleeve jacket of Revenant, leathery to its cloth, cropped instead of long and tailed, and in a more colourful selection.

(on her: ~Scribble~ Folk Dance dress; Schadenfreude Tish hair, unreleased skin
on him: Nomine skin, Schadenfreude Moroi pants, Thom hair, Skeletonflake eyes, Viburnum Top Hat)

At the elephant, of course.

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