Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Geoffrey Monocle

I've desperately got to actually get my skin to where I'm happy with it, so I actually make a male version I can stand. This is, er, rather obviously from the eye makeup, not exactly a guy skin (and the only reason the lips aren't covered in lipstick is due to a little photoshop splicing). Ok, I also have a severe weakness for guys in makeup, I admit, but I'm not sure I really need all my ads to feature drag queens, so eventually I'll get around to something.

(Freebie tuxedo from, er, somewhere. Phat Cat? Caledon Steamcity backdrop.)

The Geoffrey Monocle is a somewhat decorative monocle with odd little fiddly accents for those who want something with a touch more character than a more simple one.

Now when you touch the monocle a dialog menu will come up offering you the choice to change the lens or the rim, and then more options as to what colours you can pick for either. This way you don't have to refer back to the instructions contantly, or simply remember all of the options. The rim now changes between gold, old gold, copper, silver, pewter, gunmetal, black, and iron. The lens still changes between the nice common and useful clear, but also features amber, brown, smoke, a lovely bottle green, and the yet more odd solid shiny black (for all of your extreme villain needs!), and pink and baby blue (for those manly enough to pull it off- or girly, as the case may be). You can also still tell the lens to change to a particular shade by the vector value, and it will remind you how when you choose the "Custom" option in the lens menu. /55 <1.0, 0.0, 0.0> will turn the lens red. (The rest of the vector instructions below still hold, but now it's /55 instead of /49 monolens .)

It changes colours on my regular channel 49: monorim addresses the metal rim, changing it between gold, silver, copper, pewter, and black, and monolens addresses the lens, changing the tint. It has the nice common and useful clear, but also features amber, brown, smoke, a lovely bottle green, and the yet more odd solid shiny black (for all of your extreme villain needs!), and pink and baby blue (for those manly enough to pull it off- or girly, as the case may be). You can also tell the lens to change to a particular shade by the vector value- /49 monolens <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> for instance, will tell it to be a semi transparent black, whereas /49 monolens <1.0, 1.0, 1.0> will tell it to be a semi transparent white. To figure out other values, take the colour in the colour picker, and divide each variable by 256, and plug in the values. Of course, it's also mod, so you can simply edit it straightforwardly, but some might find the vectors to be useful for colours that they use often. (Do note that /49 all will not address this item at all, unlike other items.)

Available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Black pearl necklace with cameo

Looking around the Exposition, I found out cameos are very in this year, so apparently this is my contribution to the trend.

(Tuli Asturias had nice things to say about it! I guess that yeah, the majority I saw were chokers.)

Available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jewelry Exposition Treasure Hunt

To give you an idea of how dastardly the treasure hunt is:

The boxes are all tiny! You have to be right on top of them for them to rez in! They're pretty well hidden, too- if I ever have an Easter egg hunt, Jackal Ennui is who I enlist to hide things!

I've found all of the boxes but one- as have most people, now there's a list going around. I had help finding a couple, and I found one last one with that list (and I had looked both where that one was, and some of the ones that I had help finding, as I sort of expected some of them to be potential hiding places, and they simply didn't rez in when I was looking the first time!), but most of them I found on my own, but still, that one last box either doesn't exist, or is truly evil!


The Jewelry Exposition is ending, so I'll be back to being a gypsy until I actually figure out a place to rent (I hate tier. I'd be willing to put down silly amounts of money on land if I could just never have to worry about it ever again, because I just know I'll forget to pay rent). But! I got blogged! Tamiko Kenzo wrote an article in Japanese (my Japanese is about the level of "your shoe is big" so I can't read it), and it gives me the warm fuzzies.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Freebies: Pirate Hat, Helios

Incentive to join the Schadenfreude Enterprises group: I've released my first work-free freebie (since you have to find Helios, and really I have already been slowly distributing this to people for a while). A sculpted tricorne hat. I'm freebieing it because while it is still not too bad, it isn't perfect. The loss of detail with the JPEG2000 compression irks me horribly, and it was my first sculpty after all, so it was expected it wouldn't be perfect. I'll probably release head scarves for it at some point, but I doubt I'll texture it. However, anyone can request the sculpt map, and they can export it to texture their own (I do ask that you not reup the sculpt map just so you can sell the hat yourself, because that's rather tacky). I rather like my shiny black vinyl pirate hat, but that's because I actually have a shiny black vinyl pirate hat.

Picture taken on board The Black Sparrow in the Blackspot Shipyard on the Isle of Tao, one of the finest ships you might ever have the opportunity to sail upon.

I've been searching for treasure hunt items at the Exposition (and is it a pain! While most follow the in plain sight rule, the boxes are tiny!), and discovered that Helios is being distributed no modify. That was not intended, I must have accidentally given her the wrong permissions. Please contact me to get full mod versions of what you've found. (That goes for everything I've released so far, by the way- so if you've got something that's no mod, please let me know so I can fix it!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My Jewelry Exposition booth is set up. The Exposition does not start until Saturday, however. I needed to set up early because I have to take a trip out of town. I should be back Sunday, barring new disasters.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Scarabs earrings and ring

Simple Egyptian scarabs, as earrings and ring. Both can be switched between silver and gold with chat commands.

Available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Large Ankh on Leather Thong

A large ankh on a leather thong necklace, a basic staple.

Available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.

Flewksbriar and Heortecaeg necklace and earring sets

Flewksbriar is a pair of keys on a chain with matching earrings, and Heortecaeg is a collar with a heart shaped key, and matching earrings. Both change between metal colours of silver, gold, copper, pewter, and black with chat commands. /49 all metal will change all of the items you are currently wearing of either set, and to change pieces individually, /49 earrings metal, /49 necklace metal, and /49 collar metal can be used.

Now moved to a dialog with options that comes up on touch, so you don't have to remember the list of chat commands. Metal options: gold, old gold, copper, silver, pewter, gunmetal, black, iron, pink, and hot pink.

(Hair: HCT Melrose)

Hoertecaeg has a buckle on the back of the collar:

Available in shops (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre').

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Digital Alchemy pendant pairs

The first set of alchemical symbols are below- more are certainly to come. Alternate designs with the symbols will also be released, although only some of the below will be sold at the Jewelry Exposition, and none of the other assorted pieces (which I haven't gotten around to getting decent photographs of yet). These are pairs of necklaces, one attached to the spine, one to the chest, so different ones can be worth together. They all can be changed between 5 metals at command.

The alchemical symbol for the Sun is also the symbol for gold, the purest of all metals in alchemical practice, representative of perfection of all matter and beyond matter to the astral. Gold is associated with the action of Coagulation, the seventh and last operation in alchemical transformation.

The alchemical symbol for the Moon is also the symbol for silver. Silver is associated with the sixth operation in alchemy, Distillation, a process of concentration. Luna was the female balancing aspect to Sol.

The alchemical symbol for Mercury is the symbol for the metal of the same name, also known as quicksilver. Mercury is seen as transcendent- solid and liquid, live and dead, heaven and earth, male and female. Mercury is associated with the fifth operation in alchemy, Fermentation. The god Hermes was the fleet messenger, guide to the Above and Below, and often seen as a hermaphrodite. In it's encompassing of all states, Mercury is the soul, the working force in the Great Work.

The alchemical symbol for Venus is also the symbol for copper. Copper is associated with the fourth operation in alchemy, Conjunction. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and the female aspect.

The alchemical symbol for Mars is also the symbol for iron. Iron is associated with the third operation in alchemy, Separation. Ares was the god of war and the male aspect.

The alchemical symbol for Jupiter is also the symbol for tin. Tin is associatated with the second operation in alchemy, Dissolution. Zeus was prized for his optimistic characteristics, to offset Saturn's darkness, and also represented the higher mind.

The alchemical symbol for Saturn is also the symbol for lead, the oldest and basest metal, of dark prime matter. Lead is associated with the first operation in alchemy, Calcination. Cronus represented order as well as his darker nature in consuming his children, and plays a great part in more nefarious alchemical processes.

The Seven gods, metals, and processes also correspond to the seven days of the week.

Earth was not one of the Seven, but our planet has its own symbol.

Sulphur aided in the process of Fermentation, and is one of the three heavenly substances of the Great Work, along with Mercury and Salt. Sulphur is the spirit of life, and associated with the Sun by some alchemists.

Salt is the third element in the Great Work, the form. In its base form, salt is bitter, as self-knowledge can be bitter.

The Philosopher's Stone is perfection, the goal of the alchemical work. Turning lead into gold was less the literal goal of alchemy than the figurative, it was an allegory for taking a base substance and transmuting it into a perfect form- including taking the base substance of man, the alchemist himself, and purifying him into a Perfect Man.

Antimony is the animal nature of man, symbolized primarily as the wolf. In Latin the name means "anti-monk", as the discoverer fed it to monks in a Benedictine monastery, after which they became violently ill, some dying from the exposure; as well as the fact that monks must suppress their own animal natures.

Potassium Carbonate, potash, was widely used in alchemical processes, and obtained from the ashes of burnt plants.

All are current available at onRez, and a selection are available in shops (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre').

Alcmund cross on velvet ribbon

St. Alcmund was a bishop miracle worker, who died in 781. In the eleventh century he appeared to a parishioner, telling him to move his bones, which had been forgotten. His remains were later gathered together with other Hexham saints, and they were all destroyed in 1296 when the region was attacked by Scottish Highlanders.

The Alcmund cross has a single gem in the centre, and is on a velvet ribbon, tied with a bow in the back.

(Hair: HCT Melrose)

The colour key:

A view of the back bow:

Available in shops (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre').

Fleur de Lys earrings and bracelet

The fleur-de-lys is a stylized iris design, that was especially utilized by French monarchy, although it also featured prominently in heraldry in general as well.

The Fleur de Lys set is a bracelet and ring with the design, and assorted colour changing ability. The earrings have gem drops or pearls, or can be without drops entirely with /49 earring clear. The bracelet has the normal assortment of Cathedral gems and pearls.

The colour key:

Monday, September 3, 2007

Prouille ring

A church in Prouille in France is where the apparition of Mary of Our Lady of the Rosary appeared to Saint Dominic in 1208.

Prouille is a ring, scripted with my regular hand scripts, that features a rose window, of the early Gothic style associated with Our Lady of the Rosary, with a pearl in the centre.

The variation keys:

Irmina necklace and earring set

Saint Irmina was the daughter of Dagobert II, whose betrothed husband died on their wedding day. She became a Benedictine abbess, and died in 716 C.E. at monastery of Weissenburg.

Irmina is a cathedral inspired set, with semi transparent gems and window inset, reminiscent of stained glass. Irmina currently comes in a light version with white pearls, and a dark version with black pearls, which also features more aged silver. Irmina actually features two necklaces, as the links were too prim heavy to be completed around the entire necklace in one attachment. There is a version with a spine and a chest attachment, that features the links for the entire necklace, and a version with just a single attachment that has a simple chain across the back (the links go far enough back that both look identical from the front).

Both versions are scripted to change colours. The gems and glass change, between red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, black and white- for instance, type /49 necklace red to turn it red, alternately you can type /49 all red, which will also change other items in the Cathedral set. Telling it to change to clear will set the window open, without the glass, leaving the rest set to its current colours. The earrings do not change colour.

A key for the colour changing is included.

To give a better idea of why there is the two attachment version, on the single necklace, this is the chain across the back:

On the double attachment version, this is the back instead:

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Arachnophobia I necklace, earrings, and ring set

This spidery set is a recreation of something I made with beads and wire. The original is blue, although I plan to make a red version if I ever find good beads for it.

Again, inquire directly for different permissions, separate pieces, other colour versions.

Both the set, and the matching tiara, are available in stores (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre') and OnRez.
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