Saturday, September 8, 2007

Digital Alchemy pendant pairs

The first set of alchemical symbols are below- more are certainly to come. Alternate designs with the symbols will also be released, although only some of the below will be sold at the Jewelry Exposition, and none of the other assorted pieces (which I haven't gotten around to getting decent photographs of yet). These are pairs of necklaces, one attached to the spine, one to the chest, so different ones can be worth together. They all can be changed between 5 metals at command.

The alchemical symbol for the Sun is also the symbol for gold, the purest of all metals in alchemical practice, representative of perfection of all matter and beyond matter to the astral. Gold is associated with the action of Coagulation, the seventh and last operation in alchemical transformation.

The alchemical symbol for the Moon is also the symbol for silver. Silver is associated with the sixth operation in alchemy, Distillation, a process of concentration. Luna was the female balancing aspect to Sol.

The alchemical symbol for Mercury is the symbol for the metal of the same name, also known as quicksilver. Mercury is seen as transcendent- solid and liquid, live and dead, heaven and earth, male and female. Mercury is associated with the fifth operation in alchemy, Fermentation. The god Hermes was the fleet messenger, guide to the Above and Below, and often seen as a hermaphrodite. In it's encompassing of all states, Mercury is the soul, the working force in the Great Work.

The alchemical symbol for Venus is also the symbol for copper. Copper is associated with the fourth operation in alchemy, Conjunction. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and the female aspect.

The alchemical symbol for Mars is also the symbol for iron. Iron is associated with the third operation in alchemy, Separation. Ares was the god of war and the male aspect.

The alchemical symbol for Jupiter is also the symbol for tin. Tin is associatated with the second operation in alchemy, Dissolution. Zeus was prized for his optimistic characteristics, to offset Saturn's darkness, and also represented the higher mind.

The alchemical symbol for Saturn is also the symbol for lead, the oldest and basest metal, of dark prime matter. Lead is associated with the first operation in alchemy, Calcination. Cronus represented order as well as his darker nature in consuming his children, and plays a great part in more nefarious alchemical processes.

The Seven gods, metals, and processes also correspond to the seven days of the week.

Earth was not one of the Seven, but our planet has its own symbol.

Sulphur aided in the process of Fermentation, and is one of the three heavenly substances of the Great Work, along with Mercury and Salt. Sulphur is the spirit of life, and associated with the Sun by some alchemists.

Salt is the third element in the Great Work, the form. In its base form, salt is bitter, as self-knowledge can be bitter.

The Philosopher's Stone is perfection, the goal of the alchemical work. Turning lead into gold was less the literal goal of alchemy than the figurative, it was an allegory for taking a base substance and transmuting it into a perfect form- including taking the base substance of man, the alchemist himself, and purifying him into a Perfect Man.

Antimony is the animal nature of man, symbolized primarily as the wolf. In Latin the name means "anti-monk", as the discoverer fed it to monks in a Benedictine monastery, after which they became violently ill, some dying from the exposure; as well as the fact that monks must suppress their own animal natures.

Potassium Carbonate, potash, was widely used in alchemical processes, and obtained from the ashes of burnt plants.

All are current available at onRez, and a selection are available in shops (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre').

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