Friday, September 21, 2007

Jewelry Exposition Treasure Hunt

To give you an idea of how dastardly the treasure hunt is:

The boxes are all tiny! You have to be right on top of them for them to rez in! They're pretty well hidden, too- if I ever have an Easter egg hunt, Jackal Ennui is who I enlist to hide things!

I've found all of the boxes but one- as have most people, now there's a list going around. I had help finding a couple, and I found one last one with that list (and I had looked both where that one was, and some of the ones that I had help finding, as I sort of expected some of them to be potential hiding places, and they simply didn't rez in when I was looking the first time!), but most of them I found on my own, but still, that one last box either doesn't exist, or is truly evil!

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