Monday, September 3, 2007

Irmina necklace and earring set

Saint Irmina was the daughter of Dagobert II, whose betrothed husband died on their wedding day. She became a Benedictine abbess, and died in 716 C.E. at monastery of Weissenburg.

Irmina is a cathedral inspired set, with semi transparent gems and window inset, reminiscent of stained glass. Irmina currently comes in a light version with white pearls, and a dark version with black pearls, which also features more aged silver. Irmina actually features two necklaces, as the links were too prim heavy to be completed around the entire necklace in one attachment. There is a version with a spine and a chest attachment, that features the links for the entire necklace, and a version with just a single attachment that has a simple chain across the back (the links go far enough back that both look identical from the front).

Both versions are scripted to change colours. The gems and glass change, between red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, black and white- for instance, type /49 necklace red to turn it red, alternately you can type /49 all red, which will also change other items in the Cathedral set. Telling it to change to clear will set the window open, without the glass, leaving the rest set to its current colours. The earrings do not change colour.

A key for the colour changing is included.

To give a better idea of why there is the two attachment version, on the single necklace, this is the chain across the back:

On the double attachment version, this is the back instead:

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