Monday, September 10, 2007

Flewksbriar and Heortecaeg necklace and earring sets

Flewksbriar is a pair of keys on a chain with matching earrings, and Heortecaeg is a collar with a heart shaped key, and matching earrings. Both change between metal colours of silver, gold, copper, pewter, and black with chat commands. /49 all metal will change all of the items you are currently wearing of either set, and to change pieces individually, /49 earrings metal, /49 necklace metal, and /49 collar metal can be used.

Now moved to a dialog with options that comes up on touch, so you don't have to remember the list of chat commands. Metal options: gold, old gold, copper, silver, pewter, gunmetal, black, iron, pink, and hot pink.

(Hair: HCT Melrose)

Hoertecaeg has a buckle on the back of the collar:

Available in shops (La Reina, Area 51, and Le Cadre').

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