Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vestday and barrette

It's Black Vestday this week, but neither of the vests are actually black.  Also accompanied by a plaid rose hair barrette (which can be sort of black so I guess that kind of counts in a way?)

(skin by Essences, makeup by Miss Shippe's Studio, hair by Clawtooth, necklace by Yummy)

And finally the last two of the vests started at Wizarding faire:

(her: skin by Essences, hair by lamb, newts by ~silentsparrow~, pants by Pig, pose by Exposeur
him: skin and eyes by Plastic, book collab with ~silentsparrow~, pose by Lazy Places)

At the elephant, this Friday!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bethlem Apothecary Cabinets

The 8th is once again upon us, as is another round of Collabor88.  This month the theme is Industrial Chic, and I went with furniture- an antique apothecary cabinet rescued from a doctor's office.  The cabinets come in 2 versions, distressed by age old chipped enamel, and a repainted and restored option.  The front door swings open and shut on touch, and you can choose to remove any or all of the glass shelves to adjust the interior for what you wish to keep in there.  They are materials enabled, with a bit of dynamic shine to the enamel and yet more to the glass.

The Apothecary Cabinets are only to be found at Collabor88 the month of November!

 The full release of the Bethlem cabinets is now available at the elephant.
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