Friday, December 28, 2018

Schadenfreude Winter Aeshma Horns

aeshma winter horns

A store release!  The Aeshma horns, all dressed up for the winter.  All horns have 16 texture options of naturals and icey blues.

Illuminated horns are lit by candles, which can be changed to all matching or mixed each individual to the ones of your choice.  The candles can be lit and extinguished, all at once, or each by touch.

Ornamental horns have a variety of texture options for the balls, which can be all set to match or selectively changed individually.  There are 3 sets included- one is all intact balls, one is all broken balls, and one lets you touch individual balls to break or fix them.
Fairy Lights horns have light bulb and string options (the string can also be bloodied if you've been goring people), and can be lit, dark, or blink in two different modes (one alternating on off, one more chaotic).

Frosted horns have a light dusting of snow atop them.
Until December 31, you can get four antlers for the price of one!

At the elephant!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Schadenfreude Kimono Piglets

Little piglets to carry around with you at Japonica.  You can also rez them, they will stay 1 LI to a bit bigger than they come.

kimono piglets

Each piglet is texture change on touch, and can be a pink piggie, a heart spotted piggie, or a stripey baby wild boar.  The piglets in the happi coats have a tomoe symbol on the back (triple swirling comma shape), which can be changed to a crest you create and upload if you desire (templates for download and scripted to change by UUID in the menu, so you don't have to worry about retexturing the wrong bit).

happy new year

Japonica is open until January 14 at 8am SLT.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Schadenfreude Cozy Fable Hoods

Heavy knit hoods to keep your avatar's head warm at the Okinawa New Year Festival- you go to the same place as the Winter Festival to start, but then use the teleports at the torii gates instead.  There is also a free boar shaped cookie at my stall in the shopping arcade, because soon it will be the year of the boar!  Continue on to the shrine to find an area with discounted gacha machines for the festival too.

cozy fable hoods

The hoods are unrigged mesh, modify for fitting.  They work best with short hair- they are pretty forgiving, but you may still need to tweak a little!

At the Okinawa New Year Festival until January 7 @ 6am SLT

Friday, December 14, 2018

Recycled Beads of Ghana

recycled beads of ghana

Christmas Around the World features Christmas goods and traditions from countries around the world.  I was assigned Ghana as my country- but it's not a country I know much at all about, so I had to rely on the great librarian M. Google, PhD.  I learned that it's a time to dress up and eat, but, well, it's that everywhere, isn't it?  I also stumbled across these Fair Trade ornaments, and being a bit less confident about the culture, I went with a pretty faithful recreation for the stars.  There is an ornament set, and they each come in a jewelry set of earrings and two necklaces- one with the large pendant hanging from a bead necklace, and one of the bead necklace alone.

At Christmas Around the World until December 22

Friday, December 7, 2018

Schadenfreude Dance of the Sugarpunk Fairy

An outfit at the Okinawa Winter Festival, the Sugarpunk Fairy comes in gacha and uberpack format (so you can play for a little or take it all home with you right away).  It is fitted for Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Maitreya Lara bodies- the tops will switch between the Petite chests for the Slink bodies and the V-Tech chest and regular chests with the included HUDs.  The dresses consist of 3 pieces- top, with texture change plaid side panels with 11 options with the HUD; skirt, with texture change plaid over piece, texture change ribbons, and texture change underskirt; and undies.  The rare corset changes to all 11 colours of both the corset and included undies, and be be worn with the common skirts.  The shoes texture change with HUD with 11 colours of ribbons, toe, and tongue; an optional ankle lock; and optional platform to turn from ballet dance to ballet fetish shoes.  The rare boots and slippers have all the options of the shoes in one.  The slippers REQUIRE Slink Pointe feet, as no other feet go up on pointe like that!

sugarpunk fairy

 If this set was designed for a real ballet, the corset would have a flesh toned leotard under it to prevent wardrobe malfunction, and the shoes and boots would be made out of a stretchy material that only looked satiny.

There is also a free gift at the festival, a punk nutcracker with a few texture options.

At the Okinawa Winter Festival until January 7 @ 6am SLT

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Schadenfreude Street Boogie Sunglasses

Rhinestone encrusted sunglasses for this 70s Flashback Collabor88.  Texture change with 9 plastic frame options (black, white, grey, brown, orange, yellow, red, pink, and blue), 4 lenses (black, purple, blue, and brown fades), and a bundle of rhinestone options to customize to your desires.

Collabor88 (November 8 - December 6)
hair: #Besom Salem (kattington)

eyes: {S0NG} :: Andi~ Eyes (funeral.plutonian)
head: LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Neve (mallroy.cowen)
skin: LAQ ~ Valentine skin (mallory.cowen)
body: Slink Physique Original (siddean.munro)

This November at Collabor88 until December 6th!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Schadenfreude Treat Bucket!

This year's treat bucket lives!  Every year I give away a treat bucket full of candy and weird toys (we're talking full flexi flippity floppity witch hat and other similarly ridiculous things).  This year, it's a candy cauldron, because my general theme has been witchy!  The regular plain treat bucket is free for all, waiting for you to touch the empty treat bucket on the dresser in the elephant.

You are looking for EMPTY buckets- the ones you get will be full of candy like these!


The last few years, I've made some alternates for groups- and that's happening again this year.

You are looking for EMPTY buckets- the ones you get will be full of candy like these!

For Schadenfreude Enterprise groupies, you can also get one with overflowing green goop- wear your tag, after you get your treat bucket on the dresser, go up the steps into the elephant's head and sit on the mini elephant to get to the sekrit group room, where it will be waiting.

For I <3 The Starlust groupies (that's a free group to join!), you can get one with purple goop- leave the elephant and walk towards the middle of the sim to the trailer, where it waits for people with that group tag.

hya's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds get blue goop- somewhere inside her house, there is a bucket waiting for you. (It's in plain sight, not hidden inside of any cabinets or anything).

If you head on over to *katat0nik*'s sim, her groupies get pink goop! You'll have to jump out of her store onto the ground, as she's still using a temp sky build. The treat bucket is somewhere outside, on the ground. A hint: I like dotting the grassy stars. Not a good hint- there are a lot of stars. (I'm not a hard ass on the hunting for these, area search will make it easy if you need it!)

And at the Arcanum Maze of Madness- if you find your way to the end, you can get orange goop, no group required!

Schadenfreude Aeshma Horns

A quartet of decorated horns for SaNaRaeAeshma is a name for the Zoroastrian demon of wrath, who was adopted into Judaeo-Christian demonology as Asmodeus; king of earthly spirits, king of the Nine Hells, one of the seven princes of Hell (depending on who you ask- weirdly he moved from wrath to lust in that last classification, too).

Okinawa's Panic of Pumpkin (October 12@8am SLT - November 1@7:59 am SLT)
hair: KMH Hair F103 (kumibou.mayo)
eye and cheek makeup: violetta. - under the weather makeup (nanao.violet)

necklace: lassitude & ennui Pentacle pendant (jackal.ennui)
lipstick: Lovely Disarray - Soiled Lips (
eyes: {S0NG} :: Yagi~ Red Eyes (funeral.plutonian)
tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ Alchyme tattoos
head: *6DOO* Human mesh head HUCI-01 (ondo.mode)

All horns include 16 texture options- in white, bone, brown, black, and red, with some colour fades between.  The Pentachain horns feature wrapped chains that, viewed from the side, form pentagrams, and include a bunch of metal options.  The Slimed horns are gooped with, well, goo of varying sorts, in 17 colours (black, white, gold, brights, pastels, and a pale blue lightly glowing ectoplasm).  The Fungal horns have 10 options of mushrooms- choose with mushrooms you wish for each, and can grow out of dirt accumulated on your horns, or green slime.  The Ruska horns are wrapped with ivy- the leaves can be mixed with up to 3 options on each horn, in greens, autumnal reds/oranges/yellows, blues and purples, and black/white/grey.

There are also gifts this round- if you join the (free) SaNaRae group.  At my booth, you can find a glowing mushroom cupcake.

At SaNaRae, October 26 at 7pm SLT to November 17.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Schadenfreude Vaasa Boots and Mourir Coffin Jewelry

Okinawa has another Panic of Pumpkin!  New release from me there, boots with moon and star cutouts.

vaasa boots

There are 21 colours of Vaasa boots to choose from- each comes with a HUD to choose from 5 options for heels, options for moon and star inset colours, and a variety of ribbon colours.  Rigged for boys and girls, they will fit most standard ankle bodies, mesh and System.  Unrigged versions as also included.

And there's also a gift!  Panic of Pumpkin has a daily gift event running (note: on Japan time, so the gift is available 8:00 am SLT to 7:59 am SLT the following day)- each day there will be 2 or 3 gifts only available that day.  My gift of coffin jewelry will be available October 29 Japan time- so October 28 8:00 am SLT to October 29 7:59 am SLT.  After that, it can be purchased at the event for 50L.

mourir coffin jewelry

The Mourir Coffin Jewelry is a necklace and earrings- 5 metal options for the hardware (the fittings include teeeny tiny bones gripping the coffin gemstones) and a bundle of gemstone options.

At the Panic of Pumpkin, which is open until November 1 at 7:59 am SLT.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Schadefreude Nevermore Necklace

A Superstitious Collabor88 brings a bejeweled raven skull necklace.  Texture change with 7 skulls (bleached, yellowed, silver, gold, rose gold, copper, and black), a range of silver/gold/rose gold/copper metals, and a bundle of gemstone options.

nevermore necklace

This October at Collabor88 until November 6th!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Schadenfreude Witch of the Forest Hats and Masks of the Death

The Arcade is having a special October round for the Halloween season!  I have two gachas at it, side by side.

The Witch of the Forest Hats are scrunched witch hats, grown over and decorated with bits of home.

witch of the forest hat key

Exclusively at this October round of The Arcade, on your 25th play of the machine, you will also get a special copy/no trans undecorated witch hat, with a texture change HUD of 15 options (the colours seen in the decorated hats, plus a tealish, pink, and a darker grey).

forest witch hat reward

And the second machine features skull masks, for finishing off your costume- or rezzing as decor, each is 1 Land Impact at wearing size.

mask of the death key

At The Arcade this October!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Schadenfreude Nebthet Ankh Choker

Fallen Gods is another year older!  And like last year, a bundle of people have been invited to celebrate.  There will be activities and hunts, and there's a market on the roof, that I am a part of.

My god this year is Nebthet, more often known by the Greek form Nephthys, Lady of the Temple, Excellent and Useful Goddess.  Fallen and misremembered as are all the ancient Egyptian gods, having outlived their congregation, but even more so for her- a translation error having relegated her to the position of housewife, when she is remembered at all.  Her three siblings still retain some fame, but she has been all but forgotten.  She is the goddess of the death experience, as her sister Isis is of birth; sister and wife of Set, co-ruler in his benevolent aspect as protector of Ra and killer of the chaos serpent Apep before his demonization as a god of evil; joining Isis in the gathering and reassembly of the body of her brother Osiris after his dismemberment at the hands of her brother-husband.  As a goddess of death, she is associated with the ankh, the symbol of life.

nebthet ankh choker

The choker is rigged for male and female bodies- it sits at the neck seam between mesh bodies and heads, so it will fit most mesh bodies and heads (with neck fix turned off) as well as System.  There are 2 versions included, one with the ankh and strings flared out a lil bit- those are more appropriate for most System bodies, as System necks are WEIRD and stick out all funny.  There are also unrigged versions included if you need to do more tweaking on position/size (and if you have a very wide neck, the stretching on the rigged version might be a little too much, especially with the way male necks stretch, so you might want to wear the unrigged instead- attached to Neck, it will still move with you through most poses just fine).  Texture change, as I do- 5 metals (silver/gold/rose gold/copper/blackened gunmetal) and 24 strings (white/silver/black/some blues/red/orange/yellow/gold/copper/some greens/some pinks/some purples/some browns/etc.)

At the Fallen Gods Anniversary event this month of October!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Schadenfreude Goat Skull Ring

goat skull ring

For Salem, a goat skull ring to wear on the finger of your choice.  Rings are rigged to be worn on index, middle, ring, or pinkie finger of left or right hand, for Slink male and female hands, Maitreya Lara hands, and *katat0nik* wooden prosthetic hands (for boys and girls).  An unrigged ring to wear on left or right Ring Finger attachment point or with non Bento hands is also included.

Texture change with options, of course!  There are 5 metal options (silver, gold, rose gold, copper, and blackened gunmetal), 2 bones (bleached and yellowed), and 11 plastics (black, white, pink, darker pink, mint, sky, lavender, red, green, blue, and purple).  You can change the entire ring, or mix the horns with any of the choices you desire.

At Salem, open until midnight Halloween night.  I'm in the outer ring, towards the northeast.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Schadenfreude Ombre Banshee Heels

banshee ombre heels

Plain stiletto heels in the same "texture family" as the Strapped Banshee Heels (HUDs for both sets work with each other!), there are 2 sets of shiny Ombre heels as there were just too many options!  23 shoes in each set, set 1 is more blacks and brights, set 2 is more navies, browns, and pastels.

All shoes come with a HUD that lets you pick from your choice of 22 colours of sole, and let you mix and match body and heels if you have a pack or multiple singles.

This September at Collabor88 until October 6th!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Chipmunks!

Little autumn chipmunks for The Arcade, most are 1 land impact.  The Tea Party is 2 land impact as it is made of 3 separate objects (each 1 LI on their own) linked together- you can unlink them so those chipmunks can hang out other places than on that stump.  The Bowls of Peanuts are also 2 land impact, as they are 2 separate objects (chipmunk and bowl), each individually scripted so the texture change functions work even when not connected (as do the Tea Party chipmunks).

All chipmunks are scripted with texture change options- Natural chipmunks include 2 shades of brown and a white albino, Fantasy include Bones!, a spacey Cosmos, and pink- rares include all 6 fur options for those chipmunks.   Many of the accessories they come with also have texture options to choose from as you desire. The bowls for the bowls of peanuts match the dishes for a previous Arcade set, Autumn Bounty.

chipmunk key

Exclusively at this September round of The Arcade, on your 25th play of the machine, you will also get a special copy/no trans bowl of acorns, which also matches the Autumn Bounty set. It has the 6 acorn options that the acorn the chipmunk holds can be turned to.

chipmunk reward

At The Arcade this September!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Schadenfreude Monstera deliciosa in Medusa Planter

monstera deliciosa in medusa planter

For Collabor88's Rainforest birthday, a delicious monster plant (also known by many other names, but delicious monster wins) potted in a stone head planter.  There are 2 finishes on the head- stone and mossy stone, and the plant and head are separate so you can plant something else in there if you prefer.  1 Land Impact with plant and planter linked together at "actual size."

This August at  Collabor88 until September 6th!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Schadenfreude Fruits of Summer

The Okinawa Summer Festival started this morning!

fruits geta

The Fruits Geta are round おこぼ/ぽっくり下駄 oboko/pokkuri style geta clogs (with the center hollowed out, instead of the teeth) laquered with 13 fruity options (no rares).  Unrigged and modify, you can move and resize them as needed for your feet.

fruits wagasa

The Fruits Wagasa are 和傘 umbrellas to match them, with the same options as all Schadenfreude Wagasa- 2 colours of canopy (each fruit comes with a matching colour fade version), assorted options for sections to customize your umbrella as you prefer, open versions to hold and closed versions to rez (all 1 LI each), transparency and wet settings. HUDs can be used across all Schadenfreude Wagasa for more options.

okinawa summer festival

The Okinawa Summer Festival opens August 3 at 8am SLT, and closes August 31 at 8am SLT.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Kokeshicha and Daruma Coffee

Vending machines and drinks at the last round of KURENAI- canned teas with packaging designed after traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls, and canned coffee after Daruma dolls.

kokeshicha vending machines

The 自動販売機 vending machines come in three aged finishes- new and clean, a lightly dirty rusted version, and a much rustier older machine that's been out in the world for a while.  Each also comes in 2 languages- Japanese こけし茶 with the prices listed in yen, and English KokeshiTea with the prices listed in L$ (which, as the prices are more analogous to USD, I'm going to call Lustian Dollars, and some day make more currency than just the imitation Hammerer piggy penny).  On touch, each machine will give a random can of tea to whoever touches it.  You can replace the ad board with the kokeshi dolls with your own choice- the shade map is included so you know what parts will be on display.  Each machine is 2 land impact at the display size, including the removable feet and concrete base (I land impact if you remove that for an interior installation!)

kokeshicha cans

There are also display versions of each of the seven flavours of tea (Ocha- green tea, Matcha, Kukicha, Mecha- bud tea, Hojicha, Genmaicha- popcorn tea with added rice, and Mujicha- barley tea).  Each piece is 1 land impact, and it includes an open can, a closed can, a can that opens and closes on touch, 3 crushed cans (one crushed down, two squished on their sides), a can "doll" that is 2 cans on top of each other with the front/back of the can design making the kokeshi doll, 3 clusters of 4-5 discarded cans, and a can to wear and drink from (with opening can animation and sound, as well as drinking).  The uberpack lets you texture change the cans, so you can mix clusters- and also includes 2 more can "dolls"- a 3 can tall and a 7 can tall.

daruma coffee

There is a game to play at this round of KURENAI too, catch fairies to exchange for prizes!  You can get this set of Daruma Coffee 達磨コーヒー cans in exchange for game points.  There is an open can, a closed can, an opening can, and a worn can to drink from, each in 3 flavors (Sweet with no eyes, Black with one eye filled in, and Ultra with both eyes).

Find them at KURENAI until August 31 8am SLT!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Schadenfreude Flip Flops

flip flop gacha

Flip flops (thongs for those of you down under, but that means something else elsewhere!) for SaNaRae, in candy coloured and spookyass patterns.  The three rares are texture change on touch to your choice of three options, and have strap decorations (flowers on Flower, shells on Mermaid, and spikes on Bones- the spikes also let you choose between silver, gold, and black).  All are unrigged and modify, so you can move them around and resize them and make them fit your feets, whether you have big dude feet or tiny child feet (I may no guarantee on paws or hooves, but who knows, you might be able to make them work).

At SaNaRae, July 26 at 7pm SLT to August 17.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Schadenfreude Honeycomb Tights

honeycomb tights

Stockings for Collabor88- a tasty hexagonal geometric honeycomb pattern to adorn your legs.  Omega and Slink appliers, plus clothing layers (because always- but also because baked on mesh is in beta now, so sometime we'll get to wear clothing layers on our mesh bodies!)  They come in 2-packs, most with a colour with darker lines and then a cybery lines on black- black and white sets instead come with an open fishnet and a net on sheer.

At this July round of Collabor88 until August 6.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Schadenfreude Teuthology Side Table

teuthology side table

For this Collabor88 of ocean breezes, a tentacled side table to hold your drinks (and other things) and probably not steal them.  It's a lot of arms to have to trust.  21 colour options, the top can be changed separate or together, and the legs can also be set to alternating colours if desired.

At Collabor88 until July 6.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Schadenfreude Boston Dog Days of Summer

The past few years I've celebrated the Chinese Zodiac year by making it my first Arcade of the year- this year I'd sort of planned to do Year of the Dog even earlier for a different event (that I didn't end up doing, and then someone else did close enough to the idea for it!), but didn't.  So, a bit late, Happy Year of the Dog!  With Boston Terriers enjoying the summer fun at The Arcade.  Each dog is lightly animated and texture change with 3 colour options for the dog and the collar (the collars can also be hidden), and many of the accessories also have 3 colour choices.

boston dog days of summer key

Exclusively at this June round of The Arcade, on your 25th play of the machine, you will also get a special copy/no trans terrier holding a bone, waggling his little bum- and a HUD with bonus Bones coats for all dogs (the HUD works on all the dogs in the gacha, too, so they can all be Bones if you wish!) and more collar options (that also work on all the dogs).

boston dog days reward

At The Arcade this June!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Schadenfreude Big Brellas

big brellas

Big standing umbrellas for SaNaRae.  They come with a few variations- one with a connected umbrella stand, one without the stand, a tilted version for shoving in the ground at an angle, and a separate stand- each 1 LI for umbrellas a bit over 3.5 meters tall.  You can choose different panels to change- panels on opposite sides change together (so it can all be one piece with the pole and all- as there are only 8 texture faces per object allowed in SL), so you can have a matching umbrella or mix as you please.
 There are 4 texture sets available (or a big pack of them all) for a bunch of different options!

Solids are the 26 colour palette used for all of the sets, there is matching optional edge piping along the canopies in all these colours as well (plus silver, gold, and rose gold).  The rainbow options let you have all panels different, since otherwise opposite panels change together.

There are 60 stripes to mix and match, with black or white, and a few mixes.

64 polkadots, which also include a few options with shiny dots in silver, gold, and rose gold.

And 64 stars, mostly in silver, gold, and rose gold, and a few colours mixes.

At SaNaRae, May 26 at 7pm SLT to June 17.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Schadenfreude Metal Arrows

metal arrows

Metal arrows for Collabor88, curved arrows to wear as jewelry- choker, arm bands, and bracelets- and straight decorative arrows to rez as decor or do whatever you want with them.

The jewelry features gently curving arrows to wrap around your neck or arms, and include versions mirrored to reverse them (including the choker if you wish the arrow pointing one direction in particular!).  The decor arrows come in 6 lengths, and also include microprim versions for shrinking them way down.  All come with 9 metal options, controlled with a HUD- shiny platinum, silver, gold, rose gold, copper, gunmetal, and hammered verdigris, bronze, and iron.

At this April round of Collabor88 until May 6.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Strapped Banshee Stiletto Heels and Baudelaire Ankle Boots

For Shoetopia, April 2-16, two pairs of shoes.

banshee heels

The Banshee heels are available in 21 colours- each single colour comes in a single colour upper, with a HUD to let you choose from 21 colours of sole (to match all the single colours), and assorted metal options for studs and buckles.  The studs can also be hidden, and there are versions with and without the top ankle strap.  With multiple colours or the pack, you can also change the straps and heel independent of the base shoe, to mix up even more possibilities.

baudelaire boots

The Baudelaire ankle boots are also available in 21 colours- each single colour comes in a single colour upper, with a HUD to let you choose from 21 colours of sole (to match all the single colours), and assorted metal options for studs and buckles.  The studs can also be hidden for plain straps.  With multiple colours or the pack, you can also change the straps, toe, and heel independent of the base shoe, to mix up even more possibilities.

At Shoetopia!
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