Friday, December 14, 2018

Recycled Beads of Ghana

recycled beads of ghana

Christmas Around the World features Christmas goods and traditions from countries around the world.  I was assigned Ghana as my country- but it's not a country I know much at all about, so I had to rely on the great librarian M. Google, PhD.  I learned that it's a time to dress up and eat, but, well, it's that everywhere, isn't it?  I also stumbled across these Fair Trade ornaments, and being a bit less confident about the culture, I went with a pretty faithful recreation for the stars.  There is an ornament set, and they each come in a jewelry set of earrings and two necklaces- one with the large pendant hanging from a bead necklace, and one of the bead necklace alone.

At Christmas Around the World until December 22

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