Friday, December 28, 2018

Schadenfreude Winter Aeshma Horns

aeshma winter horns

A store release!  The Aeshma horns, all dressed up for the winter.  All horns have 16 texture options of naturals and icey blues.

Illuminated horns are lit by candles, which can be changed to all matching or mixed each individual to the ones of your choice.  The candles can be lit and extinguished, all at once, or each by touch.

Ornamental horns have a variety of texture options for the balls, which can be all set to match or selectively changed individually.  There are 3 sets included- one is all intact balls, one is all broken balls, and one lets you touch individual balls to break or fix them.
Fairy Lights horns have light bulb and string options (the string can also be bloodied if you've been goring people), and can be lit, dark, or blink in two different modes (one alternating on off, one more chaotic).

Frosted horns have a light dusting of snow atop them.
Until December 31, you can get four antlers for the price of one!

At the elephant!

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